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How to get Android 10’s Focus Mode for your phone now

Android Q, or Android 10 as it will be officially known, is right around the corner. Google’s next-gen platform is about ready to make its debut in the coming months as part of the Pixel 4 experience.

With Android 10 there figures to be quite a few handy features and options available to users. Key among them is a new option known as ‘Focus Mode’, a setting that essentially turns off all distractions.

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Explaining the Galaxy Note 10’s Fast Charging issues

I’m fascinated by batteries. The very idea of a battery is interesting: this silent, static object that holds within it power, electricity — light, movement, energy. Batteries, especially rechargeable ones, are fascinating because they are both simple — stored energy released as components need them, and then filled back up through another source — and incredibly complex. The very makeup of today’s modern lithium-ion battery is something to behold, and requires a considerable amount of engineering prowess to  [Read More…]

The Note 10’s frame is actually made out of aluminum, not stainless steel

Samsung hasn’t confirmed the reason for the change in material.

What you need to know Samsung’s early marketing material for the Note 10 mentioned a stainless steel frame for the phone. Today, the company updated its marketing to say it’s actually “polished metal.” In other words, the Note 10’s frame is aluminum.

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Hands-on with Windows 10’s new ‘Your Phone’ Android SMS features

SMS sync is now available in the Your Phone app, and we’ve gone hands-on with its new features.

Last week, Microsoft rolled out a second new feature to the Your Phone app on Windows 10 that further integrates your smartphone and PC. Now, Windows Insiders can test out SMS capabilities in addition to Photos sync, allowing you to send, receive, and read SMS conversations that you’re having on your Android phone in the Your Phone app.

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How to set up and use Windows 10’s Your Phone app with Android

Your Phone for Windows 10 is currently in testing, so here’s how to set it up.

Want to try out the new Your Phone app on Windows 10? We’ve got you covered with a quick how-to showcasing all the steps you need to take to get things set up and ready to go.

How to use the Windows 10 Your Phone app

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Windows 10’s Timeline feature is coming to Android

Windows Timeline will be coming to Android devices later this year via the Microsoft Launcher app.

At Build 2018, Microsoft has today announced that it is bringing support for Windows Timeline to Android and iOS later this year. Edge activities are already logged on Windows 10 PCs from the Edge app on your phone, but coming soon is the ability to see that same timeline directly on your phone for resuming web browsing activities and more.

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SquareHome 2 launcher brings Windows 10’s Live Tiles to Android

There’s a range of interesting Windows phone-like launchers for Android available. Today, we’re taking a look at SquareHome 2.

Previously, we took at a look at Launcher 10, which does its best to emulate Windows 10 Mobile’s Live tiles and app drawer, mimicking animations and styles while bringing in some of Android’s rich customization features. Thanks to recommendations from you guys, I picked up SquareHome 2, which seems to be popular with other Windows phone refugees.

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An ode to the HTC 10’s SIM card tray

I love the SIM card tray on the HTC 10. Enough that I wrote a Haiku about it.

My SIM card is old

It falls out of most trays

Thank you HTC

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The HTC 10’s features get showcased in official videos

Now that HTC has officially revealed its next smartphone, the [HTC 10(/./htc-10), it has wasted no time in posting a series of official videos showing off the phone’s various features.

As posted on HTC’s YouTube channel, the videos begin with a longer clip, showing Chialin Chang, the company’s President, Smartphone and Connected Devices Business demoing the HTC 10. There’s also a sizzle reel for the phone, and the rest of the videos show long time  [Read More…]

Apple’s Sept. 9 event streamable on Safari and Windows 10’s Edge browser — but not Chrome

Apple’s doing things on Sept. 9 in San Francisco — our pals at iMore will be there and all over that one. For those of us not at the event, it’ll be livestreamed. But unlike previous events, you won’t have to be using Safari to watch it.

Yes, Apple has finally done the right thing and increased its livestream support to another browser. One other browser.

And it’s not Chrome.

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