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Moto Folio is an inexpensive folio case Moto Mod that costs $14.99

The Moto Folio protects your phone and has a slot for holding a credit card or ID.

Since the first Moto Z came out in 2016, Motorola’s been building its Moto Mod collection at a pretty steady rate. Motorola used CES 2018 to show off two of the most interesting Mods to-date, but ahead of that, it’s released another one that might be one of its most practical – the Moto Folio.

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Three years of Zemana Mobile Antivirus Premium, just $14.99 (Deal of the Day)

You carry your phone with you everywhere you go, right? The last thing you need is for it to get compromised or come down with a virus. Despite all of the assurances from Google, there are instances where you can become a victim of malware. This is especially going to be the case if you […]

3-pack of Samsung 10ft. microUSB cables, $14.99

In the market for a charger but want to add a little bit of range to your cord length? Our Deal of the Day is an ultra-handy 3-pack of 10-Ft Samsung Micro USB Cables. Now you don’t have to be on your hands and knees next to an outlet just to get a charge on […]

Power Dot Pro Rapid Car Charger: Two ports charged super quick, only $14.99

Do you have a car charger to keep your phones juiced up on the daily commute? No? It’s time to fix that. If you answered yes to the question, it’s time to replace that old thing with something faster and more powerful. Our Deal of the Day is a car charger that’s designed to power […]

Protect your online identity with TrackOFF, just $14.99

Just about everywhere you look today you’ll find discussions about privacy, security, malware, hacking, and other scary topics. Indeed, it can be pretty rough out there. Moreover, it’s rather tough to go anywhere online without leaving a trace. Between cookies, cache, and browsers, there’s a trail following you everywhere. Why not take the offensive and […]

Fidget away! Snag a stress block for $14.99 (Deal of the Day)

When you were young, you had Silly Putty or Legos. Pick either of those up and you’d find your mind would ease up and you could focus. Now that you’re older, though, we might need something a little different to relieve stress. Our Deal of the Day is a portable fidget designed to help you […]

Spotify Family now offers up to six accounts for just $14.99 per month

Spotify has announced some big changes to its family plans, now scoring you up to six premium accounts on a single plan for just $ 14.99 per month. This follows in the footsteps of Apple Music and Google Play Music, making it more affordable for families. Previously, you could have up to five accounts on a plan, and it ran upwards of $ 30 per month for all of them.

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Deadpool movie makes its R-rated digital debut in the Google Play Store for $14.99

Deadpool, the surprise box office hit superhero box movie starring Ryan Reynolds as the Marvel Comics character, is now available to own as a digital download in the Google Play Store for $ 14.99.

The R-rated movie made a huge splash when it was released in theaters in February, and it’s now available on digital download a few days earlier than first announced.. Just in case you have been under a rock for the past few  [Read More…]

Google Play Music family plans are official, up to six users for $14.99 per month

Google has announced that its Play Music family plans are official, and will be available in the coming days. First announced back in September, the family plans will allow up to 6 users to be on the same account with a monthly fee of $ 14.99.

The new Google Play Music family plan is here for just $14.99 per month

There are way too many music streaming services and some are free while others charge monthly fees. Google has been leading the pack at offering incredible value for its standard $ 9.99 music plan with a huge selection of music. You can play music from your Android smartphone, tablet, TV, or even your computer while you’re at work.

If you have a family that $ 9.99 subscription plan can quickly add up to be quite expensive.

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