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Lifetime subscriptions to Rosetta Stone are $189 for Black Friday

Everyone has a bit of wanderlust in them, but one thing that holds many people back is the language barrier. Understanding the language of the country you’re visiting can give you the confidence to finally book your travel plans, and Rosetta Stone is here to help. In fact, you can get a lifetime subscription to Rosetta Stone this Black Friday for just $ 189.

Rosetta Stone is an award-winning language learning service that uses practical exercises to teach you  [Read More…]

Get a lifetime subscription to Rosetta Stone for just $189

Most people have wanted to learn a new language at some point in their lives. Aside from making foreign travel far more enjoyable, learning a new language is a great way to keep your mind active and healthy as you age.

But far too many language-learning programs rely on boring memorization tactics that don’t engage their users. Rosetta Stone, however, makes it incredibly easy to learn a wide range of languages the way you learned your native tongue, and  [Read More…]

Mid-range Nokia 4.2 now available in US for just $189

HMD Global this week announced it has started taking pre-orders for its Nokia 4.2 smartphone. Initially announced at Mobile World Congress back in February, the phone features a 5.71-inch display and dual 13-megapixel cameras on the rear.

The Nokia 4.2 is a budget device and carries just a $ 189 price tag. It features mid-range hardware such as its Qualcomm Snapdragon 439 processor and 3GB RAM. Internal storage is 32GB and the battery is rated at 3,000mAh.

The Nokia 4.2  [Read More…]

Nokia 4.2 officially launches in the U.S. for just $189 on May 14

The phone brings face unlock and a Google Assistant button.

At this past MWC in February, Nokia unveiled a heap of new smartphones for its 2019 lineup — one of which was the Nokia 4.2. The Nokia 4.2 looked quite promising at the time as a really competitive budget handset, and a few months later, Nokia’s confirmed that it’s launching in the United States on May 14 for $ 189.

From a design point of view, the  [Read More…]

Ockel Sirius B: Windows 10 computer in your pocket for $189 (Deal of the Day)

As much as we love Android and its continually expanding capabilities, sometimes we need a different platform to serve our needs. If you’re a student or work in an enterprise environment, chances are you might rely on Windows 10 or Office for your needs. Our Deal of the Day is a miniature computer that fits […]

Amazon Fire Phone $189 with 1 year of Prime starting now


Amazon Fire Phone

You might have heard about the Amazon Fire Phone which debuted are this time last year (if you didn’t, we don’t blame you). It was a mid range device that ran Amazons Fire OS, had a quad-core processor, 2 GB of RAM, a 13 MP camera and some Amazon exclusive features such as Firefly, Mayday, Dynamic Perspective. The device was supposed to help propel Amazon into  [Read More…]

Unlocked Amazon Fire phone now $189 dollars

Amazon Fire phone

You all know the sad story of the Amazon Fire phone, we all had high hopes but were sadly let down especially when Amazon tried to charge full flagship prices for its phones.  We’ve seen the price move up and down over the past couple of months, and today the price has dropped to its lowest ever at $ 189.00 dollars.  1-year of  [Read More…]