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5-pack of Powrtabs: Disposable microUSB power for emergency situations, just $19.99

Nobody likes a low battery, especially when you know you won’t be getting to an outlet any time soon. You can use an external battery, but what happens when that runs out of juice? Today’s Deal of the Day is a five-pack of Powrtabs – extremely portable, disposable little batteries to give your phone a quick […]

Back that thing up: Lifetime of iDrive unlimited encrypted mobile backup only $19.99 (Deal of the Day)

Imagine the horror of a bricked or water-damaged phone and the sudden realization that all of your valuable photos, contacts, and sensitive information are drifting away in the digital wind. We think that years worth of collected data is invaluable. Luckily for you, iDrive does, too. Our Deal of the Day aims to put your […]

Grab a pair of sweatproof Bluetooth headphones for $19.99 (Deal of the Day)

As the year winds down and we start looking ahead to the new year, many of us begin forming game plans for resolutions. A common one for a lot of people is to lose weight. This means getting to the gym or putting in a few miles each day or week. If you’re looking to get

Get a two-pack of the inCharge Keychain charging cables for only $19.99! (Deal of the day)

If you’ve ever been away from home and needed a quick charge up, you may have benefitted from owning an inCharge micro USB keyring charging cable. We’re constantly on the go and with the ever more power hungry displays and processors in our phones. That can lead to some uncomfortable times at the end of

(Deal) Get this 6-port Charging Station for only $19.99

Let’s face it, you own a lot of devices. Today it’s no longer about having that one smartphone to charge at night. No, now we’re doing our best to keep the tablet and smartwatch charged, too. Oh, and let’s not forget about Bluetooth headphones or the devices our spouse or children have. Real talk, it’s

iMaze Fitness Heart Rate Strap & Armband Combo, $19.99

So, uhh… how’s that New Years Resolution coming along? A perfect companion to today’s MMOVE Bluetooth Earbuds, this wearable from iMaze is perfect for our fitness-folks first looking to whip themselves into shape or keep their bodies in prime condition.

This strap, worn around the chest, tracks your heart rate, speed, distance, time and a plethora of other pieces of information and seamlessly integrates them into your workout thanks to the iMaze Fitness App. With a sweat-proof design and included armband  [Read More…]

ExoMount Touch Universal Car Mount, $19.99

Living in a big city, I don’t drive much and take public transportation to most of my destinations. It’s not until I visit family in the Midwest and get behind the wheel of a car again that I quickly realize just how fragile every second on the road is. One moment with your eyes fixed on your lap to read your notifications could cost you the ability to ever walk again… or worse. Driverless cars are the wave of the  [Read More…]

Android Bot Collection + Plush Bundle, $19.99

Who said toys are reserved solely for snot-nosed kids or overly obsessed adults with no friends? The rest of us demand representation. As a well-adjusted contributing member of society, If I want to collect a set of action figures, comic books, or even sneakers, I’m going to do it. Be it Jordans, Star Wars memorabilia, or WWE wrestlers, there’s a great sense of pride and fulfillment that comes from hunting and gathering. Now, you can represent your allegiance to the  [Read More…]

Orbit 3-in-1 speaker, camera shutter, and speakerphone, $19.99

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Let’s say you’re out for a bike ride and want to jam some tunes but don’t want buds stuffed in your ear canals, preventing you from hearing the possible dangers of the road. Your phone’s speaker is surely going to pale in comparison to the ambient noise and bringing along even a lightweight Bluetooth speaker will probably be more encumbering than helpful. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a powerful little  [Read More…]

Oontz Angle Bluetooth speaker, $19.99

Bring the power of Bluetooth audio into your home with this portable speaker from Cambridge Soundworks. The Oontz Angle is compact, features a 10 hour battery life, and has a ton of great reviews. You’ll find it difficult to narrow down a better Bluetooth speaker for under $ 20 (Prime eligible)!

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