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Ara’s Favorite Tech of 2017

Ara’s Favorite Tech of 2017

It’s been a year with a lot of fun tech in it, but the amount that’s passed through my hands is relatively small compared to my colleagues. So many new phones and an explosion of smart home devices have meant that there’s never a moment technology is not touching our lives. There are some new toys that have grown near and dear to my heart, and I’m here  [Read More…]

Tom’s favorite tech of 2017

Tom’s Favorite Tech of 2017

2017 was big year for me. At the beginning of the year, I was living in Texas, working and administrative job and completing my Bachelor’s of Science in Information Technology. It’s the end of the year, and I’m living in Indiana, working an IT job during the day and writing for Android Central at night (and sleeping…sometime). The tech I’ve used has changed drastically over the course of  [Read More…]

Alex’s Favorite Tech of 2017

Alex’s Favorite Tech of 2017

The past year has brought us bountiful quantities of new gadgets, and not just in the smartphone space. Whether it’s the tech I use to do my job, to relax at the end of a busy day, or to capture special occasions and everyday moments, 2017 has been a year of many upgrades for me. So here, presented below for your perusal, are a few of my favorite  [Read More…]

What’s new on Amazon Prime Video in October 2017

There’s a lot to watch on Amazon Video. Here’s what’s coming up in October 2017.

Amazon Prime Video has is one of the go-to destinations for on-demand content, thanks in no small part to devices like the $ 50 Amazon Fire Stick, the $ 90 Amazon Fire TV, and now the $ 229 Amazon Echo Show. (That said, we’re expecting new hardware from Amazon any day now, so maybe hold off on buying something new if you’re  [Read More…]

DxOMark revamps its mobile testing for the phone cameras of 2017

New testing method will take into account dual cameras, selfie performance, and other recent trends.

The way we use our phones’ cameras has changed a lot since 2012, back when DxOMark first started testing smartphone shooters. Until today, the firm’s scores only take into account a limited subset of the capabilities of modern smartphones — but that’s about to change.

In recent months, DxO has embarked on an extensive data-gathering mission to find out how people use their smartphone  [Read More…]

Huawei unveils AI-equipped Kirin 970 processor at IFA 2017

Mate 10 CPU features 10nm process, Neural Processing Unit, first Mali G72 GPU, 1.2Gbps 4.5G modem.

At the company’s IFA keynote in Berlin, Germany, Huawei CEO Richard Yu officially unveiled the new Kirin 970 processor, which will feature in its upcoming Mate 10 flagship phone.

Huawei is focusing on AI in the new processor, an octa-core chip built on a 10nm manufacturing process, with 5.5 billion transistors. Kirin 970 will enable AI on the Mate 10 and  [Read More…]

Watch the LG V30 launch at IFA 2017 — live at 3:00 a.m. ET Aug 31!

LG is hoping to make a splash just a day ahead of the IFA 2017 trade show in Berlin.

We’ve seen the leaks, checked all of the latest information from LG and set our expectations — it’s time for the LG V30. Coming just a week after the Galaxy Note 8 was announced, and several months after the LG G6, it’s more important than ever that LG get this one right. All indications are that it’s going  [Read More…]

Amazon Echo Dot review 2017

Amazon’s smallest and least expensive Echo is the one most folks should start with — and for many folks it’s all they’ll need.

Ed. Note: We first reviewed the Amazon Echo Dot in April 2016. In that time it’s undergone a hardware revision, and Alexa — the brains inside every Echo device — has continue to gain functionality. So we’re taking a fresh look at the Echo Dot in the context of where it stands at this point in  [Read More…]

Follow the Android Central team at IFA 2017!

There’s the show, and then there’s the show.

IFA 2017 is quickly approaching, and before you know it Android Central is going to have people on their way to Berlin to cover one of the larger trade shows of the year.

It’s shaping up to be a great show, and there are always twists and turns beyond what we’re expecting. Even though the show technically starts on September 1, we’ll be on the ground from August 28  [Read More…]

Gear Sport 2017 leaks with replaceable watch bands

Samsung’s Gear S3 Frontier and Gear S3 Classic have both made positive waves among Android users, since Samsung gave the Gear S2 Android compatibility back in 2015 and continued this commitment last year. And, for all its success, we’ve not yet seen a Gear S4 in the works. What we have seen so far is […]