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Moto G5S Plus available for pre-order, sales go official September 29th

The Moto G5S Plus was just unveiled last month, but pre-orders had yet to commence. That all changed yesterday, as Motorola announced pre-orders for the Moto G5S Plus. The device is a larger version of the Moto G5, but the sheer size of the Moto G5S Plus doesn’t do justice to the new features and […]

10 of the best unlocked Android smartphone and Android Wear deals from Amazon (April 29th)

The days where we walk into a carrier store to purchase a subsidized smartphone are fading. This trend, bundled with the aggressive prices that we’re beginning to see in unlocked phones, makes purchasing a phone full price a more viable option. Carriers will tell you that you are getting a discount when you sign up

HTC to launch updated One M9+ and Butterfly 3 at Sept. 29th event

If you were disappointed to hear that the promising HTC A9 (Aero) will end up being a modest midranger rather than beastly flagship, you may like today’s news a little better.  It seems that HTC has a couple more smartphones up its sleeves for the Sept. 29th event.

The tip comes from an HTC-focused ROM developer on Twitter, @LlabTooFeR.  Not much is shared, only that we should expect updates to two well-known HTC flagships:  the Butterfly 3 and HTC One M9+.

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Google to reportedly show off two Nexus devices on September 29th

Google users are about to be very happy customers, if this report from CNET is found to be true. According to the report, Google will introduce the new Nexus device(s) on September 29th. Yep, that’s right, Google may be showing off TWO new Nexus phones, instead of only one.

Rumors have been flying around the next device in the traditional Nexus lineup, with reports coming everywhere that this device will be manufactured by the folks over at Huawei. There are  [Read More…]

Canadian pre-orders for Nexus 6 to begin on October 29th


For those north of the border, don’t think Google has forgotten about you when it comes to the Nexus 6. The device will be available for pre-order in Canada on October 29th and will cost $ 749 for 32GB and $ 799 for 64GB.

Unfortunately that’s a $ 100 markup on what the US will be charged.

Whilst it doesn’t justify the price hike for  [Read More…]

Aereo to support Chromecast starting May 29th

Aereo, the service that lets you watch terrestrial over-the-air TV on other devices via the internet, has announced that its Android app will support Chromecast streaming starting May 29th. The functionality will come with an update to its app, which is currently in beta on the Play Store.

While Aereo is already a pretty neat idea and a great value — if you happen to be in a market where it’s available — at $ 8  [Read More…]

HTC Rhyme launching on Verizon September 29th for $199


At their event in New York City this morning, HTC announced the mid-range HTC Rhyme, which will launch on Verizon Wireless September 29th for $ 199. The HTC Rhyme is the official name for the HTC Bliss, and the Rhyme is certainly largely targeting the ladies out there. The Rhyme comes in a Plum color, inspired by a suite of applications and wallpapers designed by the HTC team.

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