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Amazon’s 2nd-gen Echo is back down to just $80 today

Buy today and save!

Right now you can pick up the 2nd-gen Amazon Echo for just $ 79.99 at Amazon, which is $ 20 less than it normally sells for. We’ve seen the price move around a bit this year, but . only a few times has it ever dropped down to this low, and only once (on Prime Day) was it ever more affordable than this. The discount applies to all the fabric versions of the  [Read More…]

Lock your door from your phone with the $100 August 2nd-gen smart lock

The door should be the smartest part of your home.

The 2nd gen August Smart Lock is down to $ 99.99 on Amazon. This is a match of Best Buy’s daily deal, bringing it back down to the lowest price we’ve seen on the popular smart lock.

The third generation August Smart Lock is more than $ 200 right now, and even when it goes on sale doesn’t drop below $ 180. You’re still getting plenty of  [Read More…]

eero 2nd-gen mesh Wi-Fi system: Everything you need to know

Mesh Wi-Fi used to be complicated, but eero made it simple. Now it wants to make it faster.

A little more than a year ago, eero burst onto the consumer market with a propitious offer: to solve the problem of messy, unreliable and dumb Wi-Fi routers that most people have in their homes. It would take a well-worn idea — mesh routing — and bring it down to an accessible, customer-friendly level.

Not only did eero make  [Read More…]

This bumper case for the 2nd-gen Moto E is $3.95 today only!

Made from a flexible polycarbonate, this durable bumper case wraps around the edges of the 2nd-generation Moto E and helps to absorb impacts when they occur without bulking up the device. Grab one today and save 60%.

2nd-gen Moto 360 rumors

As the release for the hugely anticipated successor to the Moto 360 smartwatch nears, more and more buzz is naturally surfacing.  And why shouldn’t it be?  The original 360 blew up with a large fan-base right from the bat.  It set the standard of how a quality smartwatch should be built, look, and feel.  Motorola did it right.

But like typical with first-gen devices, it wasn’t perfect.  The 360 was criticized for its lackluster internals, such as the old TI OMAP 3 SoC running it,  [Read More…]