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VeeR VR Editor is the best editing app for your 360-degree photos

VeeR VR Editor delivers an excellent editor for your 360-degree photos.

After you’ve captured the amazing panorama of your vacation spot or an epic shot of a snowball fight in action, you may take a look and decide that you want to make a few adjustments to your 360-degree photos. Whether this means adjusting the orientation of the photo or tweaking the light balance to make sure everything is clear and easy to see, having the right  [Read More…]

Pair the Essential Phone with its 4K 360-degree camera for just $499 today

Some say that saving money is Essential.

We’ve seen Android phones push the limits over and over in 2017, and one of the bolder moves was the near edge-to-edge display that Essential introduced. While the phone received some mixed reviews, people have fallen in love with the look and feel of it, and now owning one just got a bit more affordable.

Right now you can pick up an unlocked Essential Phone from Amazon with the 4K 360-degree camera  [Read More…]

4k 360-degree camera accessory going for $499 with the Essential Phone

The Essential Phone was somewhat of a design standout when it came to comparable smartphones but early reviews couldn’t warrant the price tag. But with the major price job it put the device back on the charts for a pretty decent purchase. The deals keep coming with the Essential Phone as you can pick up […]

360-degree videos to help get you ready for the holidays!

Replace your world with something a little more Christmas-y.

Some people hit the day after Thanksgiving and immediately flip into Christmas Mode, and some feel that excitement at friends and family opening their gifts a little closer to the holiday. It’s a great feeling when it comes naturally, but a handful of folks out there need something to kick start that Christmas spirit with a specific event. Sometimes it’s that first glass of egg nog, or seeing  [Read More…]

Veer VR offers a solid new way to edit 360-degree videos

Editing your 360-degree videos is a breeze with VeeR VR Editor!

After you’ve gotten some excellent 360-degree videos, what you want is to share them with friends and family. If you want to make them look even better before anyone else gets eyes on them, then you’re going to want to look at a good video editing app. VeeR VR Editor was built to give you control over exactly how your videos look from within a headset.  [Read More…]

The best 360-degree stories on YouTube

Here is a chance to see something truly magical and fun

When Google first released Cardboard we got our first view of a “360 Story” from Motorola. It featured a cute mouse looking for his hat and was so endearing it spawned a host of other stories. We will take you through some of them today. Here’s our top 5.

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Best 360-Degree Cameras

Best Overall Best runner-up Best value

Best overall Samsung Gear 360

See at Amazon

Not only is Samsung’s latest 360-degree camera smaller, thinner, and lighter than its predecessor, but it’s also cheaper and faster! The Samsung Gear 360 is one of the easiest 360-degree cameras to use, making it possible for you to either quickly snap a photo with friends while holding it or remotely access the camera from an app loaded up with advanced features for  [Read More…]

Get your own 360-degree Android camera attachment for just $80!

Get your own 360-degree Android camera attachment for just $ 80!

360-degree cameras are still a bit of a niche product, with the best cameras still priced at a couple hundred dollars. Sure, that’s a cool product to have, it might not be something you’re willing to drop a few hundred dollars on just for the novelty. And yet…


If you want to check out a 360-degree camera sooner than later, Android Central Digital Offers has the deal for  [Read More…]

This 360-degree camera snaps onto your Android phone, $79.99 (Deal of the Day)

Panoramic photos are really quite awesome, but they’re not always that easy to capture. Sure, some camera apps are helpful and walk you through the process, but it’s not guaranteed to have true 360-degree images. Our Deal of the Day is a camera that plugs into your phone’s USB Type-C or microUSB port and which captures […]

Acer introduces two LTE-connected 360-Degree cameras

Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve wanted to instantly share 360-degree footage you’ve taken but had to wait till you found an internet connection? Or perhaps been in a situation where a livestream would be amazing, but you forgot your smartphone to stream from? Acer has today introduced two 360-degree cameras that […]