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The 3-year old NVIDIA SHIELD TV gets its 20th update

Owners of the NVIDIA SHIELD TV must be feeling pretty lucky right now, as their device is currently receiving the 20th update since it was released.

The Android TV, which is among the best product in its category, was released back in 2015, so the fact that it’s currently getting its 20th update today is mighty impressive.

Titled the SHIELD Software Experience Upgrade 7.1, the new build offers an impressive list of new features and improvements that will refine your  [Read More…]

Trouble sleeping? Grab a 3-year Pzizz Pro plan for just $49.99 and rest easy

Pzizz is the world’s most advanced sleep and power nap system, helping you to fall asleep fast, stay asleep, and wake up feeling completely refreshed.

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3-year license to OfficeSuite Premium for $9.99 (Deal of the Day)

As much as we love Google Docs for productivity, sometimes we run into instances where we can’t perform a certain function. Every so often we encounter a situation where Google Docs comes up short or doesn’t work as easily as we’d like. What to do? There are a variety of software solutions that work for

AndroidGuys deal of the day: 3-year subscription to Privatoria VPN (97% off)

Imagine a world where anonymous communication, anonymous surfing, and secure file transfers exist in one easy-to-use service. The team at Privatoria made this a reality, helping your data to stay safe and confidential while you browse the Internet. Privatoria doesn’t require an ounce of tech background to set up, and doesn’t keep any logs of

HTC signs 3-year deal with Nexus, report suggests

Google’s approach has always been to partner with manufacturers to create their Nexus line of devices. Google’s own Pixel brand is a notable exception, with the recent release of the

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[Deal] Grab this 3-year subscription to JustUnblock for only $50

When it comes to watching your favorite TV shows and movies, you may be subject to blackouts when you’re not in the country. Or maybe you’re trying to watch your favorite sports team, but are subject to a blackout and can’t for whatever reason. Today’s deal from AndroidGuys and StackCommerce is here to help combat those issues.

JustUnblock is a service that allows you to watch any TV or movie channel, without having to worry about where you are at.  [Read More…]

Last chance for 3-year Anonymizer VPN, $55

There are plenty of reasons for one to want to keep their internet connection private. It’s possible that you have a dose of distrust for your government and want to ensure your sense of privacy while online. Maybe you’ve made enemies or inadvertently endeared yourself to some over-infatuated stalker and want to safeguard your activities. Perhaps you travel frequently for business and spend a significant amount of time connected to unsecured public Wi-Fi and want to immunize yourself  [Read More…]