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Alphabet releases Google’s Q1 2016 earnings: $4.2 billion income on $20.2 billion revenue

Alphabet has released its Q1 2016 earnings report, showing strong year-over-year growth once again with $ 20.25 billion in revenue leading to $ 4.2 billion in net income for the quarter.

After the formation of Alphabet, earnings for Google as we know it — search, ads, YouTube, Chrome, Nexus, Google Play, etc. — have been separated from some “Other Bets,” such as Google Fiber and Nest. We’ll break down how each segment performed, where applicable.

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Sony aims for a profit of $4.2 billion by 2018, will focus on image sensors and games

In its three-year corporate strategy plan, Sony has highlighted that it is aiming to attain an operating profit of 500 billion yen ($ 4.2 billion) by focusing on profitable divisions within the company, such as the image sensor, gaming and entertainment businesses. While its mobile division has seen a turn for the better in recent quarters, a sale may not be out of the question as Sony looks to consolidate its offerings and focus on niche  [Read More…]