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TomTop’s selling a 2-din, 7″ touchscreen car stereo for just $42.99

Every now and then, a deal comes across our desk that’s a little too good not to pass on to our readers, even if it isn’t inherently Android related. This is one of those items. Normally $ 112, this 2-din 7″ touchscreen car stereo is just $ 42.99 for a limited time. Features: 7″, 2-din HD Car […]

The water resistant Braven 705 Bluetooth speaker is nearly 60% off at $42.99 (Deal of the Day)

Looking for a solid portable speaker to tote around? You’ll definitely want to check out our Deal of the Day. The Braven 705 Bluetooth speaker is currently available for only $ 42.99, or a savings of some 57 percent. It’s a heck of a bargain to be sure, and one you’d be silly to pass up.

Accessory of the Day: Active noise-cancelling headphones $42.99

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Sometimes you need to just drown out the sound of the world. Enter the Audio Technica QuietPoint headphones with 90% background noise-reduction. Living in a big city, I can’t wait to put these through their paces. While Audio Technica also offers an over-the-ear option, these in-ear buds are rated 4/5 stars with over 800 positive reviews and a price point of only $ 42.99 (Prime  [Read More…]