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You might be able to use your Xbox One Elite controller on Android soon

You could be using your Elite controller on Android devices soon.

What you need to know Right now, some controllers are supported on Android devices, whether through Bluetooth or wired connections. The Xbox Elite Controller Series 1 is not currently supported. That may be changing soon, as a recent note in the Android Open Source Project suggests support is coming. The White Xbox Elite Controller Series 1 is currently $ 170 on Amazon.

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You won’t be able to disable the status light on Nest cameras anymore

Going forward, you’ll only be able to dim the status light on your Nest cameras.

What you need to know Google is getting rid of the option to disable the status light on all Nest and Dropcam cameras. The status light will always be on when a Nest or Dropcam camera is recording. You’ll be able to dim the light from settings, but there will always be a visual indicator when the camera is on.

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Google Fit will soon be able to track your sleeping habits

Google Fit will also be able to map your workout route on the iPhone soon.

What you need to know Google Fit will be rolling out sleep tracking this week. The app will not track your sleep automatically, but will allow you to connect third-party sleep-tracking apps. iOS users will also be getting the ability to map their workout routes.

Last August, after working with the American Heart Association and Worth Health Organization, Google incorporated Move Minutes  [Read More…]

You may be able to grab 50K bonus points with the Amex Gold Card

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If you followed our last post about the CardMatch Tool’s select elevated bonus for the Platinum Card® from American Express, we’re also pleased to report an elevated bonus for the American Express® Gold Card. As a refresher, the CardMatch Tool matches users to credit card offers in seconds  [Read More…]

Non-Premium subscribers will be able to watch YouTube Originals with ads

Want to watch Cobra Kai but don’t have YouTube Premium? Patience, Grasshopper.

As YouTube continues to shift away from scripted YouTube Originals and focus on unscripted content — including musical content and a renewed focus on learning and personality-driven content — YouTube has confirmed that it will be allowing non-Premium users to watch YouTube Originals like Cobra Kai for free with ads in the future.

The original content market is getting increasingly crowded, expensive, and downright  [Read More…]

You can’t change your PSN ID yet, but you will be able to soon

Best answer: Not yet. For the longest time it was impossible to change your PlayStation Network ID, but Sony announced late in 2018 that the ability would come to PS4 soon. It just hasn’t happened yet.

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Why can’t I change my PlayStation Network ID yet?

While the popular belief behind the inability to change your PSN ID lies within technical  [Read More…]

Thanks to Google Photos, I’ll always be able to remember the best dog ever

No matter how hard you try, saving every memory is an impossible feat. Let Google Photos do it for you.

Sammy was a good boy. He would snuff to get my attention and toss me a high-five to try and get a piece of my sandwich (it always worked). He’d also remind me when it was bedtime if I stayed up too late. He was also well-mannered and would patiently walk alongside my slower-than-dog self while sitting  [Read More…]

The Google Assistant gets some unique voice commands, but not everyone will be able to use them

The Google Assistant is one of the most popular and well-known virtual assistants out there. Taking advantage of Google’s search function and knowledge base, the Assistant can do a lot of things.

From opening apps with your voice to cueing up your favorite Netflix shows and movies, the AI-infused virtual helper is a force to be reckoned with. But did you know there are some unique Google Assistant commands that aren’t available to everyone?

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You’ll soon be able to talk to your Google Home in Hindi

You’ll be able to seamlessly switch between English and Hindi when conversing with your Google Home.

Google introduced the Google Home and Google Home Mini in India a few months ago, and while the smart speaker didn’t have a lot in the way of features when it launched in the country, that’s set to change soon. At the latest Google for India event, Google has announced that the smart speaker will pick up Hindi support shortly.

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YouTube for Android is testing its dark theme, and you might be able to use it right now

Rejoice, my friends; soon we can binge YouTube all night without getting blinded by the bland white interface!

YouTube brought a dark theme to its desktop website last year and back at the beginning of the year, the same glorious dark theme was announced for its iOS and Android apps. Apple users got that dark theme just a few brief weeks after the announcement, but Android users were left waiting, and waiting, and waiting for theirs. We  [Read More…]