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Curious about the Destroy All Humans remake? Here’s what you need to know

THQ Nordic is back with a remake of another cult classic, Destroy All Humans! and with it they’ve given us one of the most entertaining game trailers I have recently seen. It’s a great example of the humor we’ve come to expect from any DaH! title. Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming Destroy All Humans! game:

Alien Invasion! Destroy All Humans!

$ 40 at Amazon

And flying cows?

THQ  [Read More…]

Everything you need to know about Watch Dogs: Legion

Start brushing up on your accents.

Surprising absolutely no one thanks to Amazon leaking its existence and details beforehand, Watch Dogs: Legion was announced at Ubisoft’s E3 2019 press conference. Get ready to travel across the pond because players are going to London.

Post-Brexit Watch Dogs: Legion

$ 60 at Amazon

Save all of London

Ubisoft is taking us to post-Brexit London with Watch Dogs: Legion. Play as anyone and recruit resistance fighters  [Read More…]

Worried about your kids? Here’s how to adjust parental controls on the PS4.

Do you have young ones around the house? Would you like a little more control over the various types of media that they are consuming on your PlayStation 4? You have options. Sony has provided a good amount of parental setting,s which can be pretty easy to adjust once you know what you’re doing. One handy tool provides the ability to create profiles for each member of your family and adjust control settings for each of them individually.

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Everything you need to know about Arkane’s Deathloop

Die, die, and die again.

It’s not Dishonored 3 or Prey 2, but a new IP is always welcome. On Bethesda’s stage at E3 2019, Arkane Studios introduced Deathloop to the world. It looks awesome and trippy in all the right ways, and we can’t wait to get our hands on it.

What is Deathloop?

Deathloop is a new IP developed by Arkane Studios. According to the studio, it will be a 1st-person action game that  [Read More…]

Everything you need to know about LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

A galaxy far, far away is coming to your living room again very soon.

The recent Star Wars resurgence thanks to Disney’s acquisition of the franchise and the new sequel trilogy of movies has caused an explosion in the number of Star Wars fans around the galaxy. Many of these newer fans didn’t grow up on the original Star Wars, but this generation of younglings can still experience them in other ways. When a dated movie just  [Read More…]

Learn about the ECG feature in the Withings Move ECG

Best answer: The ECG in the Withings Move ECG enables users to take an on-demand electrocardiogram right from their watch. This test records your heart’s electrical activity, which can determine if you’re experiencing an irregularity that could lead to something more serious.

Monitor your heart: Withings Move ECG ($ 130 at Withings, Coming Soon) Instant Results: Health Mate App (Free at Google Play) How does it work?

An electrocardiogram (ECG) records your heart’s electrical activity and can  [Read More…]

Everything you need to know about Dauntless for PlayStation 4

Slay the Behemoth and wear its corpse as a hat. That’s the game.

If you have been playing games this past year, you likely know who Epic Games are. They made the most famous game around right now, Fortnite. Well, Epic has teamed up with Phoenix Labs out of Vancouver to create a free-to-play RPG based on the Monster Hunter style of gameplay called Dauntless.

Free-to-play fun Dauntless

Free at PlayStation

Take down monstrous  [Read More…]

Everything you need to know about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Modern Warfare is being rebooted, the same basic idea, different execution.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a gaming institution. The original single-player story and the multiplayer experience was a masterclass in how to make a first-person shooter and now Activision is hoping it can make lightning strike twice.

Information is still scant, but here’s everything we know so far!

What is Call of Duty Modern Warfare? Is this a sequel? What kind of gameplay is it?  [Read More…]

OnePlus 7 preview: It’s all about that value

The OnePlus 7 is essentially the OnePlus 6T with upgraded hardware, and that’s a potent combination in 2019.

Make no mistake here: the OnePlus 7 is not a new phone. It is the OnePlus 6T that we know and like, but with upgraded internals for 2019. OnePlus’ strategy this year is pretty interesting: the OnePlus 7 Pro is aimed at those that want the latest features, and the OnePlus 7 continues the brand’s ethos of delivering excellent  [Read More…]

Never worry about passwords again – Two years of RememBear now only $40

If there’s one rule in the world of passwords, it’s that you shouldn’t use the same one for every app, service, or account. Get compromised in one place and you risk having yourself exposed elsewhere. No, you need individual, strong, secure passwords.

The problem, though, with having so many diverse and tough passwords is remembering them. What you’ll want is a password manager that handles your forms and accounts with one single, master password. This way you just enter the  [Read More…]