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GE Kitchen Hub: Meet the 27-inch smart display for above your oven

GE Appliances thinks the future of connected homes includes a $ 1,200 Kitchen Hub that sits above your range. The company has come to CES with the 27-inch smart display which features Google Assistant and works with all sorts of connected and smart devices.

As if we didn’t see this coming, we’re finally knee-deep in the Jetsons-like era that with automation and remote control over our home life. And if this latest announcement is an indicator, it won’t exactly cost  [Read More…]

This $8 Moto G6 case punches way above its price tag

For less than $ 8, it’s hard to go wrong with the Cimo Slim Grip.

When it comes to budget smartphones, the Moto G6 is one of the best options that’s available right now. It’s built well, has a more than capable processor, decent camera package, and a fantastic software experience. Add that together with a $ 249 price tag, and you end up with one heck of a bargain.

The glass back of the Moto G6  [Read More…]

TaoTronics Active Noise Canceling Headphones review: Punching way above the price tag

TaoTronics’ headphones are comfy, kick out powerful sound, and come with a free (albeit huge) carrying case.

If you’re in the market for a new pair of headphones, the only ones you should seriously be considering are noise canceling Bluetooth ones. The combination of freedom from pesky wires and being able to block out the noises of the world around you is fantastic, but more times than not, headphones that offer this combo end up costing a  [Read More…]

Verizon announces new Above Unlimited plan, mix-and-match option for families

Verizon this week unveiled a new “Above Unlimited” plan which will become available starting Monday, June 18. On top of that, the nation’s biggest carrier also announced that from now on subscribes on a family plan will be able to mix and match unlimited plans to suit their own personal needs.

Joining the previous Go Unlimited and Beyond Unlimited, the Above Unlimited plan starts at $ 95 per month for a single line. Comparatively, the others start at $ 75  [Read More…]

Nokia 7 Plus vs. Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro: A cut above

The Nokia 7 Plus costs almost twice as much as the Redmi Note 5 Pro. It’s time to find out if it’s twice as good.

The Nokia 7 Plus represents a lot of firsts for HMD Global: it is the first phone from the manufacturer to feature an 18:9 panel, the first to offer the Snapdragon 660 chipset in India, and the first mid-ranger from the manufacturer to make its way to global markets.

There’s clearly a  [Read More…]

YouTube mobile live streaming is here, starting with channels above 10,000 subscribers

You can now go live with just a few taps.

YouTube has been talking about live streaming straight from your phone since mid-2016, and now it has expanded to make it available to everyone … who has more than 10,000 subscribers on YouTube. Thankfully, this is only a limited-time restriction, as the ability to live stream directly from your phone will expand to everyone very soon.

Live streams can start up right away with just a few  [Read More…]

Mee Audio’s X7 Plus stereo Bluetooth sports earbuds are a cut above the rest

I’ve been a huge fan of audio and music since I was a kid growing up in the 80’s. In my time I saw the evolution of record players and tape decks move to compact disks. From CDs to mp3 players, like the Rio Player and iPod, the one thing that stayed consistent over that

Shadow Quest: a step above other mobile RPG’s [Review]

Overview – Shadow Quest RPG sets itself apart from other mobile RPG’s by making character positioning relevant. It also has a new take on dungeon crawling that I have not seen employed on mobile devices. Author: Magicindie Price: Free to download (In-App Purchases) Highlights Attacks based on unit position Turn based gameplay On par graphics high power

Amazon UK has £10 off any order of £50 and above for one day only

For one day only, Amazon UK is offering £10 off any order of £50 and above. All you need to do to avail the discount is add products totaling £50 or above to your cart, and use the promo code BIGTHANKS at checkout.

The retailer is offering the promotion after coming out on top in the UK’s customer satisfaction survey for January. The only limitations to the deal include digital items — such as Audible  [Read More…]

Tests show the Samsung Galaxy S6 screen is a class above the rest

Ignoring the recent discovery of the touch input issues that plague the Galaxy S6 (or at least the units on display at MWC 2015), DisplayMate has conducted their own analysis of the screen technology and are suitably impressed.

After looking at a number of factors of the Galaxy S6 screen, DisplayMate concluded that the device has the best display they have ever seen on a smartphone.

Here’s the full summary:

Display resolution:

The Galaxy S5 had a  [Read More…]