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Microsoft will soon make accessing your Android phone on Windows 10 easy with app mirroring

Mirroring or accessing your Android phone’s screen is on your computer is nothing new. There have been ways to do this in the past with other apps on Windows. However, Microsoft is about to make this process a lot easier by building it directly into Windows 10.

Beginning with the October update you will be able to use the Your Phone app to sync your Android phone with your Windows 10 computer. This comes after Microsoft was forced to ultimately  [Read More…]

How to prevent your Android apps from accessing your location

These days a staggering amount of apps require access to your location when common sense dictates they don’t really need it. Understandably, most Android users don’t welcome the idea of being tracked by their apps. If you are among those who are concerned about your privacy, the good news is that there are ways to […]

Pokémon Go developer reveals why it is banning third-parties from accessing its servers

Pokémon Go developer Niantic Labs has offered an explanation on why it has decided to ban third-party apps and services from accessing its servers.

Many developers have tried to access that data ever since the popular augmented reality game launched in July. Some of those apps were made for cheating in Pokémon Go. In a blog post, Niantic says those efforts actually delayed the launch of the game in Central and South America  [Read More…]

Nextbit makes accessing your pictures easier with Web Client Beta

Nextbit has just unveiled its first piece of beta software, Web Client. This will allow you to view your pictures, their metadata and even download them on your computer with ease. Recently, Nextbit put out a call for Robin owners who may be interested in testing unreleased software, and this is the first thing to come from that.

From Nextbit’s announcement post:

When you log into the client and click on a picture, it zooms in  [Read More…]