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Best ten accessories for the OnePlus 6

Thinking of getting the new and shiny OnePlus 6, perhaps in red? Or, maybe you prefer the other, more traditional options? Whichever the case, you might want to consider investing in a few accessories for the device as well.

While OnePlus offers a range of official OP6 accessories on its website, third-party manufacturers also offers some compelling extras that will help you make the most of your phone.

For this article we’ve rounded up ten of our favorite OP6 accessories  [Read More…]

Join the Dodocool VIP Club to save up to 50% on some great accessories (Promoted)

A few weeks ago we detailed a new VIP club from the folks over at Koogeek. This Club made it possible to save up to 50% on an array of products.

Well, it seems that Dodocool is getting in on the fun with a VIP Club of its own. As is the case with the Koogeek option, this Club from Dodocool is also offering at least 50% off of various accessories.

Dodocool VIP Club Discounts

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Best Accessories for BlackBerry KEY2

We’ve got cases, screen protectors, chargers and more!

BlackBerry is back with the KEY2: Everything that was great about last year’s KEYone is still here, and everything that wasn’t awesome has been improved. Even if you had last year’s KEYone, there’s more than enough reason to upgrade, which means it’s time for new accessories.

BlackBerry will have a few first party accessories on offer, but third parties have some that are already available. And of course, there  [Read More…]

Best BBQ and Grilling Accessories for Android

Take your barbecue to the next level with these great grilling gadgets.

For most Americans, the Fourth of July is about spending time with family and friends, firing off a couple fireworks, and grilling up some delicious food. Check out these great gadgets that offers supreme control over your BBQ and allowing you spend less time watching the grill and more time entertaining your family and friends.

GrillEye Smart Meat Thermometer iGrill2 by iDevice Refuel Smart Propane  [Read More…]

Best Accessories for OnePlus 6

Get more from your new phone, for less.

The OnePlus 6 is another great phone release for 2018 that did a good job of adopting some of the latest trends (that screen notch tho) while avoiding others (still got that 3.5 mm headphone jack).

With a new phone comes the need to stock up on some accessories. OnePlus does a fine job supporting its own devices with a wide range of accessories available from their store. We’ll  [Read More…]

Is it safe to use third-party charging accessories with your phone?

For the most part, the answer is yes.

As a general rule of thumb, we recommend charging your phone with the cable and power brick that come included with it out of the box. These accessories were designed specifically for your phone, and as such, will generally offer the best experience possible.

However, if you happen to lose them or just want a second charging setup without spending an arm and a leg, there are a number  [Read More…]

Best Accessories for the LG G7

Keep your new G7 fresh with a protective case and other great accessories!

The G7 ThinQ is LG’s latest flagship, and despite its ridiculous name it’s shaping up to be one of the best Android phones of early 2018.

You can make a great phone even better with great accessories, and there are already quite a few to choose from for the G7! These are some of the best cases, battery packs, and general accessories we could  [Read More…]

Koogeek is having a sale on its smart home accessories – and a giveaway! (Promoted)

From now until May 15th, Koogeek is having a sale on its Smart Home Products. In addition, it’s giving away three of its smart bulbs – enter today!

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Master & Dynamic introduce new USB-C and Lightning digital accessories

Master & Dynamic announce new USB-C and Lightning digital accessories for their wired audio products. Also publishes a week-long, half-off sale on all digital accessories.

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Best lighting accessories for Android photography

Light up your life, or at least your selfies!

Have you ever tried to shoot some video or photos with your Android phone in lower light, only to have them come out dark and blurry? Then when you turn on the flash, suddenly they’re all over-exposed and washed out?

An external light source is a great tool to keep in your pocket if you want to have more control over the amount of light that floods into  [Read More…]