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Best Accessories for Samsung DeX

Equip your desktop-wannabe with the right peripherals for taking it on the road with the Galaxy S8.

The Samsung DeX helps unlock the desktop experience that’s hidden deep within the code in your Galaxy S8 or S8+. If you’ve purchased one with the intention of getting work done on the road, however, you’ll want to equip it with the right stuff. Here are some suggestions on what to grab if you’re grabbing the Samsung DeX.

Logitech MX  [Read More…]

How to manage accessories, goals, and more with Samsung Health

Samsung Health offers you everything you need to get started on the right track to a better, more healthier version of yourself. However knowing how to manage everything this app delivers is absolutely crucial. While there are a lot of moving pieces, it’s easy to stay in control.

Stay in control with Samsung Health

As you may have guessed by now, there are a lot ways to control your Samsung Health experience. Once you have gotten  [Read More…]

The Best Accessories for Daydream

Get the most out of Daydream with the right accessories.

A Daydream headset can transport you to new worlds, and deliver amazing experiences, all with just the help of your smartphone. To really get the absolute best experience though, you’ll definitely want to consider throwing down a few dollars for the right accessories. From headphones that will ensure you really get to immerse yourself in a game, to the travel case that keeps your headset safe when  [Read More…]

Gear Up: Bezalel has your back with charging accessories

In today’s world of tech, you can’t turn a virtual corner on the internet without running into some new gadget, charger, cable, or something related to our ever expanding mobile lives. Amidst the struggle of accessory companies trying to make a name for themselves, Bezalel is working hard to carve out their little piece. To […]

Best Accessories for Moto G5 Plus

What are some of the best accessories available for the Moto G5 Plus?

Motorola’s latest budget phone, the Moto G5 Plus, is shaping up to be quite the successor to the Moto G4. It’s faster, shinier, and equipped with an improved rear-facing camera.

You’ll want to take advantage of everything the Moto G5 Plus can do, including procuring accessories that can make life with your new mid-range mobile device more dynamic. Here are a few accessories to  [Read More…]

Save on Bluetooth headphones, charging accessories and more with Anker’s Easter Sale

Our friends at Thrifter are back again, this time with some great deals on Anker accessories!

Anker, one of our favorite accessory makers, is currently discounting a bunch of its accessories ahead of Easter. Whether you are looking for some new headphones or a wireless charger, there is a solid variety of discounts here. These discounts are 15% or more off the regular price of the items, so you’ll want to look through them and see what you need  [Read More…]

Save up 20% on the Honor 8 or get the Honor 6X with some free accessories

Following Honor’s Beta Program announcement yesterday, the Huawei sub-brand also revealed a few new promotions it has currently running. For starters, the tripod selfie stick which Honor unveiled at CES 2017 is now available for purchase in the US for $ 19.99 a pop. If you’re looking to buy a phone, between April 3 and April […]

Verizon is offering trade-in deals on your favorite tech accessories

Verizon wants to help upgrade your tech accessories this April.

Carriers frequently offer trade-in deals to upgrade your smartphone, but Verizon is looking to extend that offer to some popular accessories by offering a pretty sweet trade-in deal on select products.

Running until the end of April, you can get a $ 30 Visa prepaid card when you spend over $ 149.99 on a new smart thermostat, fitness tracker, or speakers and recycle your old gear. With  [Read More…]

Best accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S8 (so far)

A brand new Samsung phone requires some fresh accessories!

With the Samsung Galaxy S8 now official, next comes the seemingly never-ending wave of accessories. From cases to screen protectors to chargers, there’s no shortage of ‘things’ to wrap around and attach to your new phone to get the most out of the experience.

As always, we’ll be providing full coverage of all the accessories you need to know about as we get closer the S8’s ship date,  [Read More…]

Gear Up: Unitek charging and productivity accessories

Do you live in a house with multiple smartphone users? Or, maybe you own a handful of devices that need charged via USB. It’s not uncommon to have a tablet, smartwatch, digital camera, Fire TV remote, phone, Kindle, etc. It isn’t hard to find yourself with more than a few things fighting for the plus […]