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Google defends itself against unfair Android business practices accusations

Another day, another chapter in Google’s never-ending feud with the European Commission. Back in April, competition commissioner Margrethe Vestager sent the search giant a Statement of Objections. In it the Commission accuses Google of unfairly using Android to serve its own smartphone market domination purposes.  Today Google issued a formal reply to allegations and naturally,

Mobile Nations Weekly: Rumors, acquisitions, and accusations

Everything is crazy.

For being in the weird pre-MWC quiet time, it was a busy week. The biggest news was a surprise acquisition: Microsoft snapped up keyboard app company SwiftKey for $ 250 million. The slow burn leading up to MWC got a little bit hotter with Sunday, February 21, being the official day for Samsung’s next big event — *cough*Galaxy S7*cough*. Speaking of the GS7, it’s backside got leaked, we asked what you want in  [Read More…]

Vector 41: Mergers and accusations

Vector is Mobile Nations technology news and analysis show featuring the biggest stories, the hottest trends, and the most interesting guests in the industry. On this week’s show, Ben Bajarin of Techpinions talks with Rene about mergers, including the just-completed Microsoft and Nokia, the ongoing Comcast and Time Warner Cable, the just announced AT&T and DirectTV, and the rumored YouTube and Twitch and Apple and Beats deals.

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