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Acer to pre-install Microsoft apps on select Android phones and tablets

Acer will begin pre-installing Microsoft productivity apps on its Android smartphones and tablets, thanks to a new deal between the two companies. Microsoft made the announcement, noting that Acer tablets and smartphones will come with Microsoft productivity tools on board starting in the second half of 2016.

As for what you can expect to see pre-installed, Microsoft names seven apps, including those from its Office suite: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, OneDrive and Skype. The announcement  [Read More…]

Acer announces new Chromebase 24 with sleek design, Intel Core processors

Chromebases haven’t seen the same number of models hit the market as Chromebooks have, but Acer’s new Chromebase 24 is a fresh option to replace its current model. The screen size is bumped up now to 23.8 inches diagonally, the biggest of any current Chromebase, and it also has a sleek new design with a tilting display that can move from five to 30 degrees.

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Acer announces fresh Chromebook 11 (CB3-131) with sturdy build, $179 starting price

Acer is working to keep its leading position in Chromebook sales with a refreshed Chromebook 11 (CB3-131), and while it isn’t spectacular it’s sure to hit the spot for a lot of Chromebook buyers out there. This is really the same proven setup that’s sold very well for Acer previously — an 11-inch 1366×768 display, good enough specs and a solid build.

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Acer announces new Chromebox for meetings CXV2

Acer has announced a new entry into its Chromebox lineup with the Chromebox for meetings CXV2.

Acer launches the sleek and affordable Liquid Jade Z in Ecuador

Acer has launched the Liquid Jade Z in Ecuador. The smartphone starts on prepaid plans from just $ 15 a month, offering an affordable quad-core processor-powered experience in a sleek package.

11-inch Acer Chromebook is on sale at Amazon for just $95

Acer’s 11-inch Chromebook is currently on sale at Amazon for just $ 94.99. If you’re on the hunt for a new laptop and would like to give Google’s Chrome OS a go, this machine is well worth picking up should you not require anything powerful. $ 95 for a sleek-looking and light laptop is a solid deal for the festive holidays.

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Acer Predator 8 gaming tablet pre-orders go live for $300

As promised earlier this year, Acer is now taking pre-orders for its Predator 8 Android gaming tablet. The price for the Intel-based 8-inch tablet is $ 299.99.

Acer launches new Android smartphones, tablets, and Chromebook at IFA

Acer is off to a huge start for its 2015 showing at the annual IFA trade show. Today sees the company introducing a whole slew of new consumer products, a handful of which happen to fall into the AndroidGuys wheelhouse. Among the fresh crop are four Android smartphones, an Android tablet, and a convertible Chromebook.

Liquid Smartphones

Whereas each of the smartphones has its own unique specs or selling point, they all share several features. Acer BluelightShield, for instance, limits  [Read More…]

Acer shows off the Predator 6 gaming smartphone with a 10-core processor

How many cores does your smartphone CPU contain? Two, four, possibly even eight? Acer says this isn’t enough. The company today teased the Predator 6 at IFA, a new Android-powered smartphone with a 10-core processor. It’s an absolute beast of a phone and shares the same branding as Acer’s gaming products, so this thing is clearly designed for those who enjoy the heavier side of mobile gaming.

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Acer releases a pair of unlocked Liquid series smartphones in US

Acer on Thursday announced a pair of new “Liquid” smartphones which are to be released in the US. Offered as unlocked handsets, the duo are powered by Android 4.4 KitKat and offer 4G LTE connectivity.


The Liquid Jade Z is available today and features a 5-inch HD display, 13-megapixel (F1.8) rear camera, and front-facing 5-megapixel selfie shooter. The device draws power from a 1.5GHz quad-core processor and comes in two options. At $ 229 you  [Read More…]