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LeEco hits another snag in building its global empire, won’t acquire Vizio

This time, regulations have stopped it from acquiring the US’s biggest TV maker.

LeEco hasn’t had an easy time lately and things don’t seem to be perking up. Both LeEco and Vizio have announced that the merger agreement for the former to acquire the latter will not proceed.

Both companies sent out a tandem email with the following statement:

LeEco Global Group Ltd. and VIZIO Inc. announced today that the merger agreement to acquire VIZIO will not proceed due  [Read More…]

Samsung to acquire U.S. cloud service provider Joyent

Samsung has announced that it will acquire U.S.-based cloud service provider Joyent. The South Korean vendor will leverage Joyent’s cloud platform for the Internet of Things, and powering its cloud-based services and software for mobile.

On Joyent’s blog, CEO Scott Hammond wrote:

As a result of this acquisition, Samsung will become an anchor tenant for Joyent’s Triton and Manta solutions, and will help fuel the growth of our team and the expansion of our worldwide data  [Read More…]

Microsoft enters into agreement to acquire LinkedIn for $26.2 billion

Microsoft has announced the company has entered into talks with LinkedIn to acquire the work-focused social networking platform. Shares have halted at the time of writing and the company has published a press release with further details. The deal is valued at $ 26.2 billion, but the LinkedIn brand, culture and overall independence will remain in tact.

CEO Jess Weiner will retain his position and report to Microsoft’s Nadella, and the deal is fully backed by chairman, controlling  [Read More…]

Samsung rumored to be in talks to acquire Jay Z’s Tidal music streaming service

The troubled music streaming service Tidal could have a buyer. A new, but unconfirmed, report claims Samsung is currently in talks to acquire Tidal, which was launched in October 2014 and bought in early 2015 by hip-hop artist Jay-Z.

The New York Post reports:

“Samsung is re-engaging; they are working on something really big, and they’re keeping it very quiet in case it leaks,” said a source close to the talks. A spokesperson for Samsung said:  [Read More…]

Shaw Communications announces plans to acquire Wind Mobile

Canada’s Shaw Communications has announced plans to acquire Wind Mobile, aiming to dip its toes into the wireless market. Shaw, which currently provides cable and internet services, says that it hopes the $ 1.6 billion deal will help it tackle an increasingly “mobile-first” media landscape:

“The global telecom landscape is quickly evolving towards ‘mobile-first’ product offerings as consumers demand ubiquitous connectivity from their service providers. The acquisition of WIND provides Shaw with a unique platform in the  [Read More…]

Fossil to acquire fitness wearable tracker company Misfit for $260 million

Fossil is making a bigger play in the connected wearable space. The watchmaker, which recently announced its Android Wear-based smartwatch, the Founder, will acquire the fitness wearable tracker company Misfit for $ 260 million, with the deal expected to close by the end of Fossil’s 2015 fiscal year.

Western Digital to acquire SanDisk for $19 billion

Western Digital has announced plans to acquire SanDisk to form a powerhouse in consumer memory. The deal will set WD back by $ 19 billion in a combination of cash and stock. With SanDisk under its wing, WD would become a storage solutions company with massive scale on the global stage.

Razer may soon acquire OUYA and its game console

Android-based game console maker OUYA’s fate may soon be sealed as a new report claims Razer is in talk to acquire them.

It looks like OUYA, the makers of the Android-based game console, may be close to a deal that will allow it to be acquired by Razer.

Verizon to acquire AOL for $4.4 billion

Verizon has announced that it will acquire AOL for $ 4.4 billion, with the deal expected to bolster the carrier’s advertising efforts in the mobile video segment.

Nokia agrees to acquire Alcatel-Lucent for $16.6 billion

Nokia’s acquisition of the French telecommunications equipment company for $ 16.6 billion is now confirmed, following reports from earlier this week.