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Off-Facebook Activity rolling out to all users in the coming months

“One of our main goals for the next decade is to build much stronger privacy protections for everyone on Facebook.”

What you need to know Facebook has announced that its new Off-Facebook Activity feature is now rolling out to all users. Originally announced in August of 2019, it lets you see what information websites and apps share with Facebook. It also gives you the option to disconnect yourself from all of it, or specific apps and websites.

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This fitness and activity tracker looks like a certain smartwatch but costs just $35

Buying an activity tracker or fitness watch doesn’t have to cost hundreds of dollars. In fact, many excellent models come in considerably lower than that.

While the prices have dropped for these types of wearables, the tech has gotten better. Every once in a while one comes along that gives us everything we need and which has a price tag that’s surprisingly low.

Such it the case with the Smart Fit multi-function wellness and fitness watch from Go Gadgets. Available  [Read More…]

How to auto-delete your Google location and activity history

Google has a ton of data. About you. About me. About almost everyone. It’s the gift and curse surrounding its services. The company is consistently linked to things on Android like voice search, web browsing, data usage, and even your location.

How to get Android 10’s Focus Mode for your phone now Android 10 now available for Pixel phones

For most people, location logging is the one topic that freaks them out enough to worry or consider changes. It’s important  [Read More…]

Netflix wants to use your physical activity data to improve video quality

Netflix hasn’t revealed exactly how a user’s physical activity data will help it improve video playback quality, but it’s trying anyway.

What you need to know Netflix is currently running a test that aims to improve video playback quality when someone is on the go. To track a member’s physical activity, the Netflix app on Android is requesting access to physical activity data from some users. The company says it has no plan to roll out the  [Read More…]

How to automatically delete your Google Location and Web & App Activity

Back in May, Google, as part of a commitment to give its millions of users more control over their privacy and data retention, said it would soon allow certain sets of data to be deleted automatically after a certain period.

That feature is now live, and it’s available for Web & App Activity, along with Location data. Here’s what you need to know about the service, and how to set the data to be deleted automatically.

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Google now lets you auto-delete your location history and activity data

Available right now in the Google app for Android and iOS.

What you need to know Google now allows users to auto-delete location history and web/app activity data. You can schedule it to be deleted every 3 or 18 months. The tool is available now in the Google app for Android and iOS.

Privacy and security are of ever-increasing importance, especially when large companies like Google store so much of our personal data. Google gets a lot  [Read More…]

Samsung Galaxy Fit review: Daily activity tracking with no hassle

A viable alternative to the Fitbit Inspire HR for basic activity tracking in a small package.

Samsung has tried several different wearable form factors, bouncing around in the middle ground between fitness band and smartwatch over the years. But in the latest generation, it has a clear delineation between three tiers of products with a full-featured Galaxy Watch at the high-end, a fitness-focused Galaxy Active in the middle, and now the Galaxy Fit fitness band at the  [Read More…]

How to share your PS4 activity with your Discord pals

Sharing your PlayStation activity through Discord’s PC app is pretty easy when you know how.

If you’re a PC or Xbox gamer, sharing your current activity with your Discord pals comes pretty easy, but there’s no official connection for PlayStation. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do it, you just need a little help from the Discord developer community.

Thanks to the ability to push custom Rich Presence information through the Discord desktop app, you can display all  [Read More…]

Google’s allowing users to automatically delete location and activity data

The feature is rolling out over the coming weeks.

A new feature from Google now allows your location and other data to be auto-deleted every 3 or 18 months. While Google has always allowed you to disable the tracking of your location and searches or erase your location history, there are often many benefits to Google having this data.

By keeping track of your location and search habits, Google is able to make suggestions about a restaurant  [Read More…]

How to create Activity Zones for your Nest Camera

It can get really annoying to have your Nest notify you every time something approaches your doors or windows, especially if you have a yard with some animals roaming. That’s what Activity Zones are for, and the process of setting these up is pretty simple, straightforward, and extremely convenient as you can do it from anywhere in the Nest app.

Products used in this guide Amazon: Nest Cam ($ 178) Nest: Nest Aware (From $ 50/year) How to  [Read More…]