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Samsung’s Two Piece case is actually kind of perfect

I’m not sure I’d call this a case, but I love it and want one for every phone.

A common thread alongside the unveil of the Galaxy S8 was a critical side-eye at the Two Piece case that would be sold for both sizes of the phone. Samsung didn’t spend a lot of time explaining how this case worked, only that it had a top and a bottom that didn’t connect and several color options that didn’t  [Read More…]

Samsung Galaxy S8 Pirates of the Caribbean Special Edition is actually a thing

Want to buy the Samsung Galaxy S8, but you don’t want to go for the standard models? How about getting the Microsoft Edition? No, it does not come with any special engravings, it just contains a bunch of Microsoft apps, but at least you will be able to tell your friends you have the Galaxy […]

Your unlimited plan is probably ripping you off: How much data Americans actually use

The numbers are in and you probably don’t need an expensive unlimited data plan.

Unlimited data plans are back. Here’s some insight into why that happened as well as a look at how much data we really use every month.

We’ve recently seen all four major U.S. carriers introduce or revamp their unlimited LTE data plans. Multiple times. For some of us, this is great news: The folks who use upwards of 10GB of data on a  [Read More…]

Google’s Chief Game Designer leaves company, wants to actually design games again

Sometimes you realise it’s just time to move on.

Noah Falstein has left his post as Google’s Chief Game Designer after four years with the company, making the announcement official in a post on his blog. Falstein explains that he’s leaving because “the opportunity to actually build the big, consequential games” had “failed to materialize”.

While you might be thinking “Why would Google design games themselves?”, keep in mind the historical context at the time of Falstein’s  [Read More…]

This bizarre iPhone case is actually an Android 7.0 Nougat handset

Kickstarter is a place that hosts a lot of weird projects and ideas, but the one we’re going to be talking up next probably takes the crown. The battle between iOS and Android has been going on forever, but the Eye aims to show iOS users that Android isn’t half bad by strapping an Android […]

Sony’s XZ Premium is a spec sheet beast, but will you actually be able to buy it?

You may have noticed that this week has been chalked full of new product announcements. You can thank the industry’s largest trade show, Mobile World Congress happening right now in Barcelona, Spain for that. We’ve seen the return of the G series from LG (LG G6), a new entry into the G series from Motorola (Moto […]

I got a new Places Live Case for my Pixel and it actually works!

Yes, a redemption story.

In case you hadn’t seen, I wasn’t a huge fan of Google’s own Places Live Case I ordered for my Pixel XL. Not only did fulfillment and shipping issues lead to it taking nearly a month to arrive, but when it finally showed up the notoriously poor case didn’t even work properly.

Loving the look of the case and hoping it was just an anomaly, I took a plunge and ordered another Places Live Case,  [Read More…]

Battery was actually to blame for Samsung Galaxy Note7 disaster, investigation finds

Remember how earlier this month we told you about a rumor emerging from Asia which said Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S8 will be powered by Samsung SDI batteries? Since Samsung SDI batteries also powered the now defunct Galaxy Note7, we speculated that Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note7 investigation report will show the batteries weren’t to blame for

WhatsApp’s alleged „backdoor” is actually a design feat

If you own a smartphone you’re probably familiar with WhatsApp – the popular mobile messaging service used by over 1 billion persons on a daily basis. The success seen by app has been attributed to a number of things, but one of them is security. Back in April, the company announced it was enabling end-to-end

The LG V20’s Second Screen is a gimmick that actually works

Is the LG V20’s second screen a reason to buy the phone?

The LG V20 is a big phone with a twist — a second “ticker” display just above the main LCD panel that LG calls the “Second Screen.” In reality, it is just a small extension of the main display, but thanks to improvements in battery efficiency and some software smarts, it is able to stay on all the time.

But is the Second Screen  [Read More…]