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The earbuds that come with the Samsung Galaxy S5 are actually pretty good

You might be pleasantly surprised by what comes in the box with your new Galaxy S5

Something that we don’t usually pay much attention to when reviewing new phones like the Samsung Galaxy S5 is the stuff that’s actually in the box with the phone. Like the earbuds. Sometimes that’s with good reason, but in the case of Samsung’s latest we maybe shouldn’t be so hasty.

Ok, so if you’re using a high-end pair of cans  [Read More…]

Moto G Forte launches in Mexico, is actually just a Moto G with a Grip Shell

Rumors of a ‘Moto G Forte’ for certain markets started swirling last week, leading many to believe that a more rugged version of the budget phone was destined for Latin America. Motorola quietly took the wraps off of the phone today, confirming that the actual device is far less exciting — it’s simply a Moto G with a rugged Grip Shell case pre-installed.

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‘Product Engineer’ Ashton Kutcher will actually be designing phones for Lenovo

Ashton Kutcher

Two-and-a-half special-edition smartphones

It was back in October that Lenovo signed up Ashton Kutcher as their newest “product engineer”, a move that was more marketing stunt than anything else. Or so we thought.

Lenovo Chief Marketing Officer David Roman says that Kutcher actually is going to be designing phones for Lenovo. He might not be a technical engineer that works with chipsets, sensors, and the like, but he’s also going to be  [Read More…]

Actually, Android has more than just 200 million devices and it’s growing just fine

At Wednesday’s Google Music event, Google shared that it has activated more than 200 million Android devices, with more than 550,000 devices added to that count each day. Some people took that to mean that Android has exactly 200 million. Some people took that to mean that Android has peaked and might be in trouble. Oh, you silly gillies.

Before we get into the  [Read More…]

Site that sells phones gets early SEO love by posting unannounced device at a higher price than you’ll likely actually pay

Galaxy Nexus

Make sense?

This happens a lot, folks, so let’s explain it again: A website that sells phones — a third-party retailer, if you will — knows just as well as you or I that the Galaxy Nexus (aka the Nexus Prime, aka the Samsung GT-i9250) is going to be announced next week. So it takes a leaked picture and slaps it up on its site, and gets us all to write about  [Read More…]

Google Wallet available for Nexus S 4G, shows signs that it will actually be worth a damn


Google Wallet is officially available beginning today. While the NFC-based mobile payment solution has been in testing in a handful of cities in the United States, the Wallet app is now rolling out to all Sprint Nexus S 4G phones through an over-the-air update.

Wallet is still very much in its infancy, however. The near-field communication (NFC)  [Read More…]

Actually, U.S. residents MIGHT get the Samsung Galaxy Note and Tab 7.7 after all


People on the net have been in a tizzy since word spread that Samsung would not be releasing the just-announced Galaxy Note phone and Galaxy Tab 7.7 tablet in the United States. Android users were intrigued by the massive screen and pen input of the Note, and the Tab 7.7, which is the first Honeycomb tablet with  [Read More…]

Raise your hand if you actually want a dual-screen device

Two is always better than one. Except when it’s not. We’ve all seen cases where something was unnecessarily doubled and wondered if one might have been the better option, and I get that feeling whenever I see phones or tablets with two screens.

Ever since the Kyocera Echo debuted in February, I’ve been dismissive of the dual-screen gadget concept. The Echo struck me as  [Read More…]