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Spotify’s ‘Add to Queue’ is a lie

When you see Add to Queue in Spotify, think Play Next instead.

Sometimes you don’t want to hassle with playlists or radio stations; you just want to throw a few songs together in the queue and get the tunes flowing. Unfortunately for Spotify users, the queue behaves differently — and awkwardly — in ways that can make simple tasks difficult, if not impossible. Chief among the awkward and different ways Spotify’s queue works is “Add to Queue,”  [Read More…]

How to turn off ‘add icons to home screen’ in Android Oreo

Oreo introduces a new way to disable app icons from being automatically added to the home screen.

Android gives you a lot of options to restore apps and settings when you’re switching from an older phone, but if you’re looking to set up your phone as new, you’ll have to go to the Play Store and download apps individually. And that means turning off the option to add app icons to your home screen as you download  [Read More…]

Instagram’s Android app gets ‘add a comment’ button in main feed

Now you can tell your aunt how cute her cat is even faster.

Instagram’s added a heap of new features to its app throughout the year (both big and small), and the latest addition to it aims to make commenting on photos/videos easier than ever.

As part of a server-side update that’s rolling out to the Instagram app now, Android users will start to see a new “add a comment” button below posts that enables you to  [Read More…]