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How to adjust your Oculus Go privacy settings

The Facebook-owned headset has some unique ideas about what you want enabled by default.

One of the coolest things about the Oculus Go headset is its focus on social VR. The ability to jump into a virtual room with someone to share a video or play a game together is impressive, and something developers are continuing to embrace with new games headed to the platform. These social features are largely managed through the Oculus Home system, which  [Read More…]

Will my phone adjust to Daylight Saving Time automatically?

Let’s do the timewarp again …

Twice a year the clocks change (for most of us). We “spring forward” and “fall back,” and depending on where we live that happens on a different day. It’s all sort of convoluted. And this inevitably leads to folks wondering what they have to do to their Android phone so things work right after the switch. If this sounds like you, we’ve got good news:

You don’t have to do anything.

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How to adjust Do Not Disturb settings in Android Oreo

Android Oreo gives you options for your Do Not Disturb settings.

Android Oreo has made a few changes to what you can do with Do Not Disturb mode, and what it looks like. Whether you just want to make sure you don’t get hit with notifications while at the movies, or you want to know that certain notifications will always ping for you, there is a good bit going on here.

That’s why we’ve put together how  [Read More…]

How to adjust screen brightness and sleep settings on Android

How do I adjust screen brightness and sleep settings on Android?

On top of changing your phone’s brightness, you can also customize the sleep settings, which allows you to choose how long it takes for your screen to shut when you’re not using it. Here’s how to adjust your brightness and sleep settings.

How to adjust your screen brightness on Android How to turn off Adaptive brightness on Android How to turn on Ambient display on  [Read More…]

Facebook will adjust your News Feed based on how long you look at articles

Facebook has started rolling more changes to its News Feed. It will now take into account how long a person spends looking at an article.

Facebook stated:

We are adding another factor to News Feed ranking so that we will now predict how long you spend looking at an article in the Facebook mobile browser or an Instant Article after you have clicked through from News Feed. This update to ranking will take  [Read More…]

Adjust your screen color in the Android N Developer Preview

You spend hundreds of dollars on a new phone. You take it out of the box and the display looks yellow. What do you do?

Your options used to be limited: you could take the shiny new phone back and hope the second one doesn’t have that tint, assuming that the store will let you do the exchange. You could root it and use a color calibration tool in a third-party ROM or root app. Or  [Read More…]

Samsung to ‘adjust’ pricing of the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge to maintain sales momentum

In its Q2 2015 earnings report, Samsung announced that it will keep sales momentum going for the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge into the latter half of the year by “adjusting” their pricing:

How to adjust video auto-play settings in the Facebook app

Facebook changes a lot of things on us automatically, whether it’s on the web or on your phone, and one of the more annoying “features” turned on automatically is auto-play videos. From Facebook’s perspective auto-play videos seem great — videos are loaded in the background so they play instantly, and as you scroll through your timeline they catch your eye since they’re playing without your interaction.

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How to adjust vibration strength on the LG G3

We’ve all been there, missing calls, texts, emails while our smartphone is in our pockets because we didn’t feel the vibrate go off. Or perhaps you’re tired of it shaking your desk to pieces every time it goes off. Fortunately, if you’re the proud owner of a new LG G3, there’s something you can do about it pretty easily.

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HTC Gallery lets One M8 photographers adjust their UFocus blur intensity

HTC Gallery has been updated today, adding a new feature for HTC One M8 owners: adjustable UFocus Blur. The feature, which takes advantage of the Duo Camera setup on the One M8 to add depth-of-field blurring effects to photos, allows users to now control just how much blur is applied.