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IMDB ‘Freedive’ brings ad-supported movies and shows via Amazon

It’s more shows and movies, only with advertising.

Amazon has teamed up with IMDB (insofar as Amazon, which owns IMDB, probably said “Hey, IMDB! We’re going to do a thing) to bring free movies to the Internet Movie Database.

It’s a free service called “IMDB Freedive.” (Which first was rumored to be coming back in August.) And on it you’ll get movies like Memento and True Romance, TV shows like Fringe and *Quantum Leap (oh, boy …)  [Read More…]

TubiTV is basically Ad-Supported Netflix Lite, minus the subscription (Review)

Everyone loves Netflix. It’s a universally accepted fact at this point. (Universally, I say – and if you say otherwise, you’re wrong.) Everyone loves binge-watching series (serieses?) and having moviethons and chilling whilst Netflixing. But sometimes – sometimes – Netflix doesn’t have what we want to watch.  Maybe – maybe – TubiTV will have it. TubiTV is very much […]

Google Play Music expands free, ad-supported radio to Canada

Google has announced that Google Play Music’s free, ad-supported radio streaming is now available in Canada.

Google Play Music introduces free ad-supported Radio

No need to worry if you’re not a Google Play Music subscriber but want to listen to some music, since a free ad-supported radio feature has just been introduced to the service in the US.

No matter what you want to listen to, Google Play Music can now be listened to without an active subscription, just like Spotify.

The feature utilises the technology acquired from Songza to create stations personalised to something specific, whether that be an occasion, mood, or  [Read More…]

Amazon reportedly prepping ad-supported video streaming service

Amazon is reportedly preparing a new video streaming service that would undercut its rivals, particularly Netflix. The service would not be attached to Amazon Prime, and though it would have ads, it’s likely that consumers would still pay a subscription fee, however one significantly lower than what they pay now for Amazon’s rivals like Netflix and Hulu.

[Read More…]