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Google is shutting down Spaces after only nine months

The messaging app was no match for Google’s confusing messaging strategy.

Remember Spaces? The group messaging app that was sort of, kind of aimed at developers? It launched last May around the time of Google I/O and featured a bright, colorful tile interface. Each tile would have a bevy of Chrome, YouTube, and Google search links attached to it.

Well, Google’s retiring Spaces to the old app farm in the sky, as confirmed by Google’s John Kilcline.  [Read More…]

After Verizon, AT&T now launches “revised” Unlimited Plan

Verizon surprised everybody this week when it announced its new Unlimited Plan for $ 80 a month. Now the competition is tempting users with offerings of their own. AT&T just announced it has revised its unlimited data plan option and is now prepared to offer a package worth $ 180 a month for those with four lines […]

ZTE considers cancelling Project CSX ‘Hawkeye’ smartphone after poor response

ZTE continues to trip over its own proverbial feet by assuming that a crowd knows what it wants.

The crowdsourced, crowdfunded ZTE Hawkeye, which in just under three weeks has raised only $ 35,000, has come under fire for ostensibly thinking that its potential audience would be willing to concede to a mid-range spec sheet after lobbying for the device to be a pie-in-the-sky project from the get-go.

Despite the fact that two features — eye-tracking  [Read More…]

After the Galaxy Note7, the Galaxy S7 edge is now causing major headaches

Samsung has barely concluded the nasty Galaxy Note7 chapter and already another issue has reared its ugly head. This time the device affected is the Galaxy S7 edge – one of Samsung’s two remaining flagship models in 2016. It seems that users from all over the globe are reporting the presence of a vertical pink

Samsung’s acquisition of Harman might not happen after all

Back in November, Samsung made headlines when it announced it was in the process of acquiring car and audio giant Harman. Samsung agreed to pay $ 8 billion or $ 112 a share in cash while allowing Harman to become a standalone subsidiary under its wing, a 28% premium over the share price of the day which

A month after spyware scandal, the BLU R1 HD returns to Amazon for $50

US-based cheap smartphone BLU maker came into the spotlight lately, after it was revealed that some of its smartphones housed a spyware that sent users’ private information to China. Following the discovery, class action lawsuit firm, Rosen Legal started inviting BLU customers to file legal action against the smartphone company. BLU played the innocence card,

Amazon resumes BLU R1 HD sales after taking it down over spyware controversy

The BLU R1 HD was previously taken down from Amazon after a controversy over Chinese spyware being installed on many devices, including the R1 HD.

BLU has updated the R1 HD to remove the spyware, and now Amazon has put the device up for sale once again. The 1GB+8GB model is $ 100 while the 2GB+16GB model is $ 110. If you don’t mind ads, they go down to $ 50 and $ 60, respectively.

If you still want a  [Read More…]

Verizon changes its mind and will kill the Note 7 after all

My fellow Americans, our long national nightmare is over.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is once again in your news feed. The lone holdout among U.S. carriers who have decided to disable the phone — Verizon — has changed its mind and will be killing the Note 7 come January 5, 2017.

When AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile announced the path to the end for the Note 7, Verizon didn’t go along with it and instead insisted  [Read More…]

After more than six months with iOS, Android users finally get to use GBoard

It was back in May that google released its GBoard keyboard for iOS phones. This was a huge leap in technology for iPhone users who had little to no app or search integration within their stock keyboard. Today, over six months later, Google is quietly releasing this as an overlay to its already popular Google Keyboard.

Canadians won’t be able to use a Note 7 on any network after December 15

Time to give it up, Canada.

Samsung Canada is following New Zealand’s lead by cutting off network access for all unreturned Note 7 devices as of December 15.

The company has announced that although 90% of the approximately 39,000 Note 7s sold through Canadian channels have been returned, the remaining 4,000 or so outstanding units will lose access to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on December 12, along with cellular abilities three days later, on December 15. An update will also  [Read More…]