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Galaxy Fold dies after 120,000 folds in CNET torture test

The Galaxy Fold is rated for 200,000 folds by Samsung.

What you need to know CNET put Samsung’s Galaxy Fold through a folding torture test. It used a machine made by SquareTrade in order to test how many folds the smartphone could withstand. Samsung rates the Galaxy Fold for 200,000 folds, but during CNET‘s test, it only made it through 120,000 before failing.

To say the Samsung Galaxy Fold has had a rocky launch would be putting  [Read More…]

After Google/Amazon peace accord, YouTube TV is now available on Fire TV

Available on the Amazon Appstore for customers in the U.S.

What you need to know YouTube TV is now available on Fire TV devices. Support has been added for most Fire TV devices except for the first-gen Fire TV stick and Fire TV. The new addition is the result of an agreement Amazon and Google came to earlier this year.

Amazon announced via a blog post today that YouTube TV is finally available on Fire TV devices.  [Read More…]

It appears The Last of Us Part II won’t have multiplayer modes after all

It appears The Last of Us Part II won’t include multiplayer, despite the first game featuring multiplayer and the co-directors confirming it would return.

What you need to know The Last of Us Part II recently had a media event, with different outlets allowed to play a couple of hours in the game. An interview with USGamer indicates that multiplayer will not be a part of The Last of Us Part II, information re-confirmed by Sony PR  [Read More…]

Here’s how OnePlus continues to perfect OxygenOS year after year

OxygenOS is the best third-party skin on Android, and that’s unlikely to change anytime soon.

Over the weekend, OxygenOS hit a big milestone: it completed 1,500 days. As part of the celebration, OnePlus partnered with the World Wildlife Fund to plant trees for every tweet posted using the OxygenOS hashtag. Over the years, OxygenOS has evolved to become the best third-party skin on Android, striking an ideal balance between simplicity and customization.

A large part of OnePlus’  [Read More…]

Huawei drops lawsuit after U.S. agrees to return seized equipment

The U.S. government has detained Huawei’s telecommunications equipment for two years.

What you need to know Huawei has dropped its lawsuit against the U.S government after it agreed to return equipment that was seized in 2017. The equipment has been detained for the past two years for “unidentified export violation concerns.” After filing the lawsuit on June 21, 2019, the U.S. determined in August the equipment did not require an export license and will be shipping the  [Read More…]

Brighter, whiter Google Play redesign rolls out after months of testing

This new store is cleaner, brighter, and absolutely killing my eyes during midnight app binges.

What you need to know New Google Play UI is rolling out on Android and Chromebooks. New design is cleaner, uses new font, and moves the section carousel to bottom tabs. New update also brings customized store lisitng options for app developers.

The Google Play Store seems to go through a redesign about once or twice a year, but the new UI  [Read More…]

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ review: Our first impressions after 24 hours

Here’s where our heads are at after 24 hours with Samsung’s latest.

Our full Galaxy Note 10+ review is underway, but that doesn’t mean we need to hold back our thoughts as we go. We’ll have a complete and comprehensive Note 10+ review in due time, but until it’s finished, we want to give you a peek into what our thoughts are on the phone at various milestones.

To kick things off, here are our first impressions  [Read More…]

YouTube Originals released after September 24 will be free for everyone

Premium subscribers will be able to watch bonus footage and director’s cuts.

What you need to know YouTube Originals content released after September 24 will be available to non-YouTube Premium subscribers. Premium members will have early access to shows, along with bonus footage. Google first announced this shift back in May.

This past May, YouTube announced a big shift for its YouTube Originals content by saying it would soon be made available for free for everyone in  [Read More…]

Samsung’s Q2 2019 profit falls by a staggering 56% after weak memory demand

Analysts expect the memory chip market to recover only in the second half of 2020.

What you need to know Samsung’s Q2 2019 profit was 56% lower compared to the same period last year. Drop in demand of memory chips is a major reason behind the massive drop. The company plans to enhance its 5G lineup and introduce more A series phones in the second half of the year.

Samsung, which is currently the world’s largest maker  [Read More…]

T-Mobile and Sprint are set to merge after Justice Department approval

What you need to know Sprint and T-Mobile are finally merging after a year awaiting regulatory approval. Deal will see Sprint sell prepaid assets, including Boost and Virgin, to Dish for $ 1.4 billion. Dish will also pay over $ 3 billion for Sprint’s 800Mhz spectrum. Dish will have access to T-Mobile’s network for 7 years until it can build its own network. Combined company, also called T-Mobile, will have around 90 million customers.

After a year in  [Read More…]