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This flagship showdown pits the Galaxy S10 against the iPhone 11

The launch of the S20 series pushed the prices of the S10 down into the budget flagship range, and here it still shines.

Old reliable Samsung Galaxy S10

$ 750 at Samsung

Pros Dazzling AMOLED display In-display sonic fingerprint sensor 3.5mm headphone jack Expandable storage Cons Even at a discount, it’s more expensive than the iPhone 11 Fingerprint sensor is finicky

The Galaxy S10 was one of our favorite phones of 2019, and it’s still  [Read More…]

The Motorola RAZR is cool, but it doesn’t stand a chance against the Z Flip

Foldable done right Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

$ 1,380 at Samsung

Pros Display is made of ultra-thin glass More powerful specs Bigger battery with wireless charging Available with carriers and unlocked Lower price Cons Secondary screen is tiny Still a crease on the folding display

The Galaxy Z Flip is the newest folding phone to hit the market, and from what we can tell, it’s the better choice over the Motorola RAZR in virtually every single  [Read More…]

Here’s how to make sure you’re patched against the exploit for your Hue Hub

A Zigbee vulnerability can let a hacker use Hue bulbs to wreck your smart home, but it was patched before it was released. Check and make sure you’re up to date!

Researchers from Check Point Software have released the details of a particularly nasty vulnerability in the Zigbee smart home protocol that has the potential to take over your Wi-Fi network and inject malware into the things connected to it. This is notable because many smart home  [Read More…]

How do the Nokia 6.2 and the Moto G7 stack up against each other?

Our pick Nokia 6.2

$ 249 at Amazon

Pros Excellent hardware Triple rear cameras Clean Android One software Google Assistant button NFC for Google Pay Cons Only works on GSM networks

The Nokia 6.2 stands out as one of the best smartphone values on the market. It gets the basics right, featuring a fantastic design, excellent battery life, and top-notch software support. It also offers some premium goodies we don’t usually see at this price, such  [Read More…]

How does the Galaxy Tab S6 stack up against the iPad Pro?

We use almost every product from the big names in tech every day and we know what each does well. We can help you decide which ones work best for you!

Galaxy Tab S6

Best of Android

$ 650 at Amazon

Pros Latest Qualcomm processor built-in S Pen support Up to 8GB of RAM DeX mode support Cons Android tablet apps can be lacking Less accessory options compared to iPad

The Galaxy Tab S6  [Read More…]

Tello’s cell phone plans works for you, not against you

If you own a smartphone, there’s a high likelihood that you’ve signed an agreement with one of the major carrier brands. While these companies have earned solid reputations for their reliable service and pervasive network, they are also notorious for the old “nickel and dime” approach that siphons money from you, sometimes even your consent.

Try as you might, these big players often find a way to tie you up with a long-term commitment. Maybe it’s a two-year contract, maybe  [Read More…]

This is what the DOJ will look for in its antitrust claims against Google

The DOJ will be investigating exclusivity, coordination, and privacy concerns.

What you need to know Makan Delrahim detailed some ways that the DOJ will look into tech giants at an antitrust conference. The investigation will cover several aspects, including buying up competition to stifle innovation and his “no economic sense” test. Stock prices have taken a dip for the tech companies following the news of the antitrust probe.

Not too long ago, we covered how the U.S.  [Read More…]

YouTube announces new policies against hate speech and conspiracy theories

The changes go into effect on June 5.

What you need to know YouTube is prohibiting videos that discriminate groups of people. It’s removing content that denies well-documented events. YouTube plans on expanding tools that limit recommendations of misinformative videos.

YouTube often finds itself changing policies in the event of a controversy, and that’s exactly what’s happening once again. Following an ongoing dispute over hate speech, YouTube published a blog post on June 5 titled, “Our ongoing  [Read More…]

Go up against real intelligence with these multiplayer PlayStation VR games

PSVR’s library of games keeps growing, and it continues to attract some gems. One thing about virtual reality, mostly due to the physical nature of the headset, is that it can be a bit of a solitary experience. If you’d like your gaming experience to entail meeting some new friends or duking it out against human intelligence, we’ve rounded up the best multiplayer games for PlayStation VR.

★ Featured favorite Werewolves Within

A game based on  [Read More…]

How does the new Pixel 3a XL hold up against the Pixel 3 XL?

Here at Android Central we use dozens of phones every year across various price points. We’ve used every single Pixel device Google has released, and are here to help you make the right choice when picking up your next phone.

Google Pixel 3a XL

Nexus reborn

$ 480 at Google Store

Pros Outstanding value Excellent camera Headphone jack Pure Android with Google customizations Three years of software updates Cons No unlimited original photo uploads No water  [Read More…]