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CordCutters.com is giving away a Mohu Blade and AirTV!

Our friends at CordCutters.com are back with another giveaway, and this time you can win a Mohu Blade antenna and an AirTV!

Want a chance to win? You can hit up their contest page at this link, or just enter below. Good luck!

Enter to win!

THE PRIZE: One reader will receive a Mohu Blade and an AirTV

THE GIVEAWAY: Use the widget at the bottom of this page. There are multiple ways to enter, each with varying  [Read More…]

CordCutters.com reviews the new AirTV

AirTV takes an over-the-air broadcast and streams it to other devices on your network. ($ 119 at Amazon.)

If you’re way into Sling TV, you should be into this. But otherwise …

Local channels can fill a hole that many streaming services leave behind. And an interesting option is AirTV, which just released a new over-the-air streaming box.

The premise is simple: Plug an over-the-air antenna into AirTV. Hook AirTV into  [Read More…]

Latest AirTV is available today for $119

AirTV is a dual-tuner box for OTA antennas, and ties in directly with Sling TV, if you want.

It’s a tuner for OTA TV, with Sling TV users in mind.

Over-the-air TV is awesome, if for no other reason than it doesn’t cost anything more than the antenna hardware. But you can still do better than plugging straight in to a television tuner. In 2018 it’s all about sharing video across a  [Read More…]

Dish’s AirTV set-top box is now official with Sling TV, OTA, and 4K streaming

OTA and streaming TV mash it up.

After initially leaking on its website in December, Dish has made its first standalone set-top box is now official (via Engadget). Called AirTV Player, the box is based on Android TV and mashes up Sling TV’s streaming cable offering with apps available on Google Play and over-the-air (OTA) broadcasts.

AirTV comes packed with a Bluetooth remote that features convenient shortcut buttons to popular services like Netflix, YouTube, and, of course,  [Read More…]

Sling TV poised to launch ‘AirTV Player’ hardware to incorporate streaming, OTA signals

The streaming TV market just keeps improving.

One of the leading streaming services, Sling TV, seems poised to finally release a rumored standalone hardware device that integrates an over-the-air antenna to round out offerings from its own streaming service. Currently dubbed “AirTV Player,” it’s a small white-and-blue little box with its own remote and an integrated antenna for receiving signals from your local stations.

Though the Sling TV service is already available for streaming on  [Read More…]