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Here’s why Google Play Music needs an alarm feature

Recently, Google Play Music added a sleep timer to its popular app at long last. If you fall asleep to music, congratulations — our phone doesn’t have to run your lullaby all night! It’s a wonderful addition to the app, one that brings two questions to my mind: where’s a Material Dark theme so we aren’t blinded listening before bed, and where’s an alarm feature so we can wake up to music, too?

They’re designed to  [Read More…]

The Rock’s new motivational alarm app will help you crush your day

Have you ever wished you could wake up to the smell of whatever The Rock is cookin’? Well, while it doesn’t contain any smells, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s new alarm app can bring you one step closer to that dream.

Called The Rock Clock, the free alarm app is billed as a “motivational alarm clock from Project Rock.” To help you cut down on excuses and stay motivated, the app lets you set goals  [Read More…]

Amazon Echo gets new alarm tones from Alec Baldwin and Missy Elliott

Amazon has once again updated its Echo connected speaker with some new features, this time with some new alarm tones and more. To coincide with Amazon’s Super Bowl advertising push featuring Alec Baldwin and Miss Elliott, the Echo now sports two new alarm tones from the actor and performer.

Next up, Amazon has made browsing Alexa’s massive number of skills a tad easier. Not only can users search the list of skills, but they can now easily  [Read More…]

Microsoft’s Mimicker Alarm for Android helps to wake you up with games

Microsoft wants to help people who have issues waking up in the morning with a new app called Mimicker Alarm. The Android-exclusive app includes three games that users can complete after they hear their alarm go off on their smartphone so they can be more active in the morning.

Microsoft says:

In “Express Yourself,” your task is to take a selfie that best matches the emotion the game chooses. In “Color Capture,” you  [Read More…]

Olixar Qi-Tone Alarm Clock Bluetooth speaker (Review)

Clock. Wireless charger. Speaker. Thermometer. Alarm. Check.

The Olixar Qi-Tone, from Gearzap.com, is all of those rolled into one minimalist package with built-in NFC and Bluetooth for wireless connection. It is all too common to have everything broken out into their individual components, because it makes for better portability and better pricing. But when you’re home, all you want is a minimalist design to keep wires minimized down to one, and you don’t want to have to reach for your  [Read More…]

GoGroove BlueSYNC RST Alarm Clock Speaker review [with coupon code for our readers!]

I love when products evolve to keep up with the times. With the success of the smartphone came the death of some dedicated devices for many people, such as the compact camera, mp3 player, and home phone system. Also, remember the days you had a dedicated alarm clock by your bedside? Where you could satisfyingly slam on the snooze button whenever that dreadful sound started up?

Well, GoGroove is trying to see if that dedicated alarm clock could make a comeback, packed  [Read More…]

Google’s Clock app updated with handy new alarm settings and more

It’s certainly not the most exciting app in the world, but Google’s stock Clock app is getting an update that brings along some handy new features. Included in the latest update is a setting for gradually increasing volume for alarms and timers, interactive alarm notifications on Android Wear, and more.

Stay on schedule using Alarm for Android Wear

Not all of us have what you’d call ‘great time management’ skills, and everybody has lost track of time here and there. Still, it’s generally a frustrating experience, and one that can be helped. Alarm for Android Wear brings a well designed alarm to your Smartwatch. With multiple alarms, the ability to add, modify, and delete alarms, and all from your Android Wear device.

Alarm for Android Wear is definitely a handy app, and it does decently  [Read More…]

Android M Developer Preview 2 fixes snoozing alarm clock bug

You’ll have already heard that the Android M Developer Preview 2 was released this week and amongst its various performance enhancements and bug fixes was a patch to solve a rather frustrating issue with the internal alarm clock.

Most people rely on their alarm clock on their smartphone to wake up for work, attend job interviews, or remind them of a stop on the train, but a bug in the first Preview of Android M was an issue that caused  [Read More…]

Amazon Echo gains support for alarm and timer functionality thanks to IFTTT

The Amazon Echo has been receiving a ton of new features lately, and the newest to come to the device are triggers for alarms and timers through IFTTT. With this, you can have your Echo do a specific task when an alarm goes off, or a timer ends.