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You can now send yourself a note or set an alarm from a Google desktop search

With some new commands you can now set alarms and send notes to your Android device, right from a Google desktop search.

Google recently added the ability to send directions to your phone right from a desktop search on your computer, and now they have added even more options. You can now set an alarm on your Android device as well as send notes to it, all right from a Google desktop search.

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Ask AC: Why won’t my alarm sound after the Lollipop update when on mute?

Here’s one from our forums that we’ve been hearing. A lot. And experiencing ourselves as well.

If your phone’s been updated to Android 5.0 Lollipop and it’s using Google’s new interruptions scheme — that is, All, Priority and None — you might find yourself selecting “None” and using it as a way to mute your phone. I’ve done it. I still do it. But there’s a big catch.

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Timely Alarm Clock updated with new features and Material Design touches

Timely, the alarm app that was acquired by Google just last year, has scored a significant update today. Coming in at version 1.3, new features include Google Now support for timers and alarms, upcoming alarm notifications, and some Material Design updates.

Weekly poll results: Is Android your alarm clock?

Earlier in the week we asked how many of us use their Android as their alarm clock. Over 9000 people answered, and just about everyone said “Yes.”

This week’s sidebar poll: Is Android your alarm clock?

Good morning!

I’ll admit — I hate getting out of bed. It’s warm and provides me protection against closet monsters and other horrible things that happen once you leave your snuggly nest of blankets and pillows. But it’s one of those things you have to do, every damn day.

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Apps of the Week: Waze, Timely Alarm Clock, Udacity – Learn Programming and more!

We just had to break out the original format for our Apps of the Week post. We missed it. Don’t worry — we’re still going to focus on best of categories and sort out the great new content as it hits Google Play, but not sharing our personal picks each week didn’t feel right.

So you’ll find our list of apps we love and think you should try each week on Sundays. Starting right now.

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Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock brings restful sleep to Android

Popular iOS app Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock is now debuting on Android to help you manage your sleep so you can awaken to the day feeling refreshed. Costing $ 1.99 in the Play Store, the app helps users track their sleep without the need for additional hardware and will wake you up in your lightest sleep phase so you can start your day feeling good and not groggy.

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Hale Dreamer Alarm Clock review


Up for review today we have the Dreamer Alarm Clock, by Hale. Billed as a “full-featured sleep system for your Android phone”, it’s a device that turns your smartphone into an alarm clock, charging it at the same time.

I am willing to bet that you plug your smartphone in at night and set it next to your bed before sleep. I am also guessing  [Read More…]

Nest halts sales of Nest Protect smoke alarm over safety issue

Nest has put a halt to sales of their connected Nest Protect smoke detector over concerns that the alarm could be unintentionally deactivated. Protect smoke alarms have a “Protect Wave” feature which allows users to deactivate the alarm when it’s activated under not dangerous conditions (say, smoke from cooking) by waving at the alarm. The Nest Wave feature has been found in Nest’s own testing to be possible to be deactivated under “a unique combination of  [Read More…]

Android App Review: Gentle Alarm

Gentle Alarm

So, I’ve got to be up pretty early every week day of the week. Some of you might find yourselves in the same predicament. Maybe you’ve got to commute to school. Maybe you need to get everyone’s lunches made before you head off to work. Whatever the reason, feeling refreshed when I wake up is a huge deal to me, because I don’t stumble around for the next half hour as  [Read More…]