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Google’s Clock app updated with handy new alarm settings and more

It’s certainly not the most exciting app in the world, but Google’s stock Clock app is getting an update that brings along some handy new features. Included in the latest update is a setting for gradually increasing volume for alarms and timers, interactive alarm notifications on Android Wear, and more.

Stay on schedule using Alarm for Android Wear

Not all of us have what you’d call ‘great time management’ skills, and everybody has lost track of time here and there. Still, it’s generally a frustrating experience, and one that can be helped. Alarm for Android Wear brings a well designed alarm to your Smartwatch. With multiple alarms, the ability to add, modify, and delete alarms, and all from your Android Wear device.

Alarm for Android Wear is definitely a handy app, and it does decently  [Read More…]

Android M Developer Preview 2 fixes snoozing alarm clock bug

You’ll have already heard that the Android M Developer Preview 2 was released this week and amongst its various performance enhancements and bug fixes was a patch to solve a rather frustrating issue with the internal alarm clock.

Most people rely on their alarm clock on their smartphone to wake up for work, attend job interviews, or remind them of a stop on the train, but a bug in the first Preview of Android M was an issue that caused  [Read More…]

Amazon Echo gains support for alarm and timer functionality thanks to IFTTT

The Amazon Echo has been receiving a ton of new features lately, and the newest to come to the device are triggers for alarms and timers through IFTTT. With this, you can have your Echo do a specific task when an alarm goes off, or a timer ends.

You can now send yourself a note or set an alarm from a Google desktop search

With some new commands you can now set alarms and send notes to your Android device, right from a Google desktop search.

Google recently added the ability to send directions to your phone right from a desktop search on your computer, and now they have added even more options. You can now set an alarm on your Android device as well as send notes to it, all right from a Google desktop search.

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Ask AC: Why won’t my alarm sound after the Lollipop update when on mute?

Here’s one from our forums that we’ve been hearing. A lot. And experiencing ourselves as well.

If your phone’s been updated to Android 5.0 Lollipop and it’s using Google’s new interruptions scheme — that is, All, Priority and None — you might find yourself selecting “None” and using it as a way to mute your phone. I’ve done it. I still do it. But there’s a big catch.

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Timely Alarm Clock updated with new features and Material Design touches

Timely, the alarm app that was acquired by Google just last year, has scored a significant update today. Coming in at version 1.3, new features include Google Now support for timers and alarms, upcoming alarm notifications, and some Material Design updates.

Weekly poll results: Is Android your alarm clock?

Earlier in the week we asked how many of us use their Android as their alarm clock. Over 9000 people answered, and just about everyone said “Yes.”

This week’s sidebar poll: Is Android your alarm clock?

Good morning!

I’ll admit — I hate getting out of bed. It’s warm and provides me protection against closet monsters and other horrible things that happen once you leave your snuggly nest of blankets and pillows. But it’s one of those things you have to do, every damn day.

Since I’m not one of those folks who can automagically wake up at the right time every day, I need to set an alarm. I use my  [Read More…]

Apps of the Week: Waze, Timely Alarm Clock, Udacity – Learn Programming and more!

We just had to break out the original format for our Apps of the Week post. We missed it. Don’t worry — we’re still going to focus on best of categories and sort out the great new content as it hits Google Play, but not sharing our personal picks each week didn’t feel right.

So you’ll find our list of apps we love and think you should try each week on Sundays. Starting right now.

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