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Ultimate Ears BOOM 2 and MEGABOOM speakers gain Alexa support

Logitech’s Ultimate Ears announced its BOOM 2 and MEGABOOM flagship speakers now come integrated with Alexa support. Users will need to download the latest UE Boom app from the Google Play Store in order to be able to start talking to Alexa. The update is currently available only for Android users, but owners of the […]

Two platforms, one house: Choosing between Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa

I have a Google Home and Amazon Dot in my house, and their core differences are making it difficult to choose between a connected ecosystem.

I live in a multi-platform household. It’s incredibly jarring at times, particularly when I find myself unable to choose between platforms. Do I stick to Google and its Assistant, because my devices are all Google-born and tied to the search engine’s services? Or do I finally decide to make full use of  [Read More…]

Anker announces Alexa speaker with one neat trick

Similar to the Echo Dot, but less expensive.

Anker is well known for providing quality accessories at a fair price, primarily through its Amazon storefront. That relationship with Amazon grows deeper today with Anker’s announcement of the Eufy Genie smart speaker. The Eufy Genie functions similarly to Amazon’s Echo Dot, but is $ 15 cheaper. The Eufy Genie includes the ability to listen for Alexa commands and outputting audio to larger speakers or playing back audio through its own  [Read More…]

This $50 Amazon Echo battery base from Mission Cables lets the original Alexa go mobile

The original Amazon Echo is still a great product. By making it mobile, though, it becomes even better.

Let’s say you’re one of those “normal” people who has only a single Amazon Echo. And the original one at that. It’s a good-enough speaker for music, but it’s shackled to the wall, because the thing still needs a power source.

Not exactly the sort of thing I’d want to drag outside onto the deck on a regular basis, especially with  [Read More…]

HTC U11 gets Alexa in the UK

App update brings Amazon’s virtual assistant to British U11 phones.

HTC has updated its Alexa app for the U11, bringing Amazon’s virtual assistant to UK models of the phone.

As we saw a week ago when the service launched in the U.S., the app effectively turns the HTC U11 into a portable Amazon echo, responding to voice commands, and living harmoniously alongside Google Assistant, which shipped on the phone at launch.

When it’s equipped with the HTC  [Read More…]

How to install and use Amazon Alexa on the HTC U11

Install an app for yet another bit of artificial intelligence.

Those who are already invested in the Amazon Echo ecosystem may be looking to continue that experience on their phone — and with the HTC U11, that’s now possible. Using Amazon Alexa on the U11 is nearly the same as using the voice control system on an Echo speaker, and that’s really cool. Here’s how to get it set up.

How to Install Alexa on the HTC  [Read More…]

HTC U11 adds Amazon Alexa support, turning it into a venerable portable Echo

HTC triples up on its artificial intelligence offering.

The HTC U11 launched in June with Google Assistant as its primary artificial intelligence service, though the promise was that at a later date we’d receive Amazon Alexa as a secondary choice. Now the time has come — with a new software update and an app install, you can use your U11 almost identically to the way you’d use an Amazon Echo sitting on your kitchen counter.

Alexa can  [Read More…]

Amazon Alexa will be coming to the HTC U11 on July 17th

HTC has confirmed that support for Amazon Alexa will be arriving on the HTC U11 on Monday, July 17th.

Amazon Alexa: Everything you need to know

Getting to know your Alexa.

Amazon’s Echo brings you an assistant in the form Alexa. She can help you with traffic, play you music, read books, and even help you get the shopping done. With so many features, it can get overwhelming, which is why we’ve collected everything you need to know in place. Welcome to your Amazon Alexa ultimate guide.

How to enable and disable Alexa skills

Alexa is the beating heart of the Amazon Echo  [Read More…]

Amazon Echo Show review: Alexa gets fancy

The quick take

Amazon adds a touchscreen and camera to a couple of decent speakers, giving us the best Echo yet for only $ 50 more than what the original Alexa device is selling for. Video calling is an easy-to-use (if still novel) feature, and Amazon’s paving the way for developers to make use of the 7-inch display. Now it just has to get them to update those thousands of skills to take advantage of it.

The Good  [Read More…]