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Amazon unveils free calling and messaging with Alexa Calling

Hands-free voice calls and messages are coming to Amazon Echo speakers.

Amazon continues to make big splashes this week, unveiling a game-changing new feature called Alexa Calling that will be made available across all its Amazon Echo devices, including smartphones running the Alexa app. Alexa Calling will allow Amazon’s Alexa-enable devices to send and receive hands-free calls and voice messages to anyone with an Echo speaker or the Alexa app installed on their phone, at no cost. Amazon has  [Read More…]

Amazon confirms Alexa Calling and Messaging Between Echo Devices

It’s been a big day for amazon, a full reboot of the Echo device and now confirming calling and messaging between all Echo Devices and the Alexa App: Let’s just say we’re excited! So, let me break this down for you. Amazon is bringing the update to all current Alexa devices: This was announced today […]

Put Amazon’s Alexa to work with an Echo for just $150

Our friends at Thrifter are back again, this time with an even more affordable way to get an Echo in your home!

If you’ve been considering picking up an Amazon Echo, now is the time. Currently, you can grab one for just $ 149.99, which is a savings of $ 30. It isn’t often that we see discounts on these, so when you see one you should act on it. The Echo allows you to use your voice to  [Read More…]

Hey Alexa, let’s save some money on a refurbished Echo!

Our friends at Thrifter are back again, this time with a great way to pick up a discounted Amazon Echo!

The Amazon Echo has been quite a hit since its release, but one of the stopping points for many was its price point. Amazon is now offering refurbished versions of the popular speaker for just $ 134.99, which is $ 45 cheaper than buying a new one. This is a certified refurb unit, which means it will look, act,  [Read More…]

Ecobee’s new smart thermostat has Alexa built in

Ecobee has unveiled its latest smart thermostat, and it boasts the intelligence of Alexa.

Ecobee, the company behind the popular ecobee3 smart thermostat that has, over the years, rivalled Nest, Honeywell and others for dominance in the home temperature control space, has unveiled its latest product, the ecobee4.

The new product looks very similar to its predecessor, featuring a 3.5-inch touchscreen with a squircle outer design, but adds super sensitive far-field microphones and Amazon Alexa support. Ecobee  [Read More…]

Six Awesome Amazon Alexa Skills You Might Not Know

Are you getting the most out of your Amazon Echo?

Amazon’s Alexa service has the most skills to enable and have fun with, but that doesn’t mean it is easy to find the good ones. There are a lot of duplicate skills from multiple developers all claiming to offer the same basic features, which makes finding the truly great skills difficult. It’s the kind of think you’d need to spend way too many hours talking to Alexa  [Read More…]

Learn to code for Amazon Alexa with zero experience, just $19

Ready or not, smart homes are the wave of the future. What started with Amazon and its voice service, Alexa, has evolved into a whole world of products and services that tie together. Pretty much any major appliance or electronic item you buy for the home these days can be connected to a network. What’s […]

It’s now more affordable to put Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant in your whole house

Our friends at Thrifter are back again, this time saving you on an Echo Dot!

Amazon’s Echo Dot is a must-have for anyone looking to make their home smarter, and right now you can save $ 20 when purchasing three of them using coupon code DOT3PACK. This drops the price of three of them down to just $ 129.97, which is $ 43.32 each. For those not familiar, the Echo Dot is a hands-free voice-controlled device that can play  [Read More…]

10 Best Alexa Skills you can use right now

Your Amazon Echo only gets smarter from here.

Once you’ve become familiar with all of the commands that come included with your Amazon Echo, it’s time to make this little bundle of microphones even smarter by adding some Skills. These are like apps you can add to your Echo and control entirely with your voice, and there are thousands of them to choose from. To help narrow things down a bit and help get you started, I’ve  [Read More…]

The Huawei Mate 9 now has Alexa built in

There’s a new feature on the Huawei Mate 9, and it may just push some people over the edge.

Huawei’s excellent Mate 9 is now capable of talking to Amazon’s Alexa assistant through an app that will be loaded after the phone receives an over-the-air update.

Hitting devices starting at noon ET on March 22, this will be the first (but likely not the last) Android phone in the U.S. to have direct access to Alexa through  [Read More…]