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This $100 UE Blast Bluetooth speaker lets you bring Alexa along everywhere

A rare discount you won’t want to miss.

As part of its Gold Box deals of the day, Amazon has the UE Blast marked down to just $ 99.99 in a variety of colors. It’s available in black, blue, red, and white, and this is by far the best price we have ever seen on this powerful speaker.

The Blast has 360-degree sound with up to 12 hours of battery life. It has the Alexa voice assistant  [Read More…]

LG G7 makes an appearance at MWC 2018 along with V35, new watch, and more

LG’s could-have-been flagship for 2018.

LG’s appearance at this year’s MWC was, timid, to say the least.

The company’s new LG V30S is essentially just a spec bump over the regular V30 with a couple small software tweaks, but apparently, LG had more exciting things to show off behind closed doors.

According to Ynet, LG had a working unit of the G7 (codenamed “Neo”) to show off to select attendees of the trade show. This is  [Read More…]

Bluetooth 5 and the HTC U11: You had it all along

Support for Bluetooth 5 requires hardware and software. We’ve had the hardware support since day one.

You may have heard that Bluetooth 5.0 is coming to the HTC U11 with the Android O update. Of course, there is more to the story because updates and new technology are never that simple. Because Bluetooth 5 is new (the standard itself was only recently finalized) there’s a bit of confusion about what it is and what it can do.  [Read More…]

Ad-subsidized Nokia 6 goes up on Amazon for $179 along with $99 Moto E4

Amazon’s lineup of ad-subsidized phones now include the Nokia 6 and Motorola’s latest entry-level phone.

Ahead of its availability in early July, the Nokia 6 is now up for pre-order on Amazon for just $ 179. Like the Moto G5 Plus, Amazon is offering a Prime Exclusive edition of the Nokia 6 with lock screen ads, knocking $ 50 off the retail price of the device. Amazon is also kicking off sales of an ad-subsidized version of the Moto  [Read More…]

Movado getting into the Android Wear game, bringing along Tommy Hilfiger and Hugo Boss

2017’s Android Wear lineup is getting altogether new faces.

Movado Group, a well-recognized fashion brand in watches, is joining the Android Wear family this month with the launch of a “smartwatch collection” that will be branded as Movado Connect. The watches, which will start with five men’s styles, will hit the market this fall starting at $ 495.

Unfortunately, Movado is holding off on specific details — and even pictures — of the watch to unveil it  [Read More…]

ZenFone 3 series lands in India, along with Snapdragon 821-toting ZenFone 3 Deluxe

At a media event in New Delhi, ASUS has launched the ZenFone 3 series in India. All three models in the series — the ZenFone 3, ZenFone 3 Deluxe, and ZenFone 3 Ultra — will be going up for sale shortly. The highlight in the series is the ZenFone 3 Deluxe, which is the first phone to ship with the Snapdragon 821 SoC and 256GB internal storage.

ASUS has had remarkable success with the ZenFone line  [Read More…]

HTC 10 now available from T-Mobile, along with Galaxy J7 and LG K10

T-Mobile announced today that HTC’s premium ’10’ flagship device is now available for purchase from the carrier. It will set you back $ 28.34 over 24 months with a $ 0 down payment. Granted that you get the 10 before the 24th May, T-Mobile will also throw in a free HTC Rapid Charger and Ice View case.

LG G5 unboxing: Bringing some ‘Friends’ along for the ride

All things must be unboxed. And occasionally they must be filmed at the same time.

Said it before, and we’ll say it again. We’re generally not huge fans of the pomp and circumstance that tends to come with taking phones we’ve already seen out of boxes. But sometimes things are special. There was the LG Optimus Black “Unbooking” way back in 2011. Only a few months later we had the bizarre alien head that was part  [Read More…]

Uber tries to get along with black cab drivers in London by letting them use the app for free

Uber has published a new blog post on the company website detailing how both Uber and black cab drivers in London can coexist and get along just fine. Said drivers will now be able to fire up the Uber app and utilize the Taxi option to connect to paying customers, without paying out a service fee for the first year of use.

It’s billed as a means for black cab drivers to reach new customers and  [Read More…]

Weekly poll: How are you getting along with your Note 5 or Galaxy S6 edge+?

The latest (and arguably greatest) Samsung Android phones have been available for a while now, and we know plenty of people have one in their hands. We’re talking about the Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 edge+, of course.

Now that everyone who is interested has had some time to use them, we wanted to know just how much (or how little) you are liking them. While they’re not perfect — and nothing ever is, really  [Read More…]