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What are some of the best Samsung Galaxy S9 alternatives?

Not sure if you want to buy the Samsung’s latest flagship this year? Check out these worthy Galaxy S9 alternatives instead.

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ASUS’ new ZenFone 5 lineup includes two iPhone X alternatives

Your next flagship might come from ASUS. The company just unveiled unveiled a new premium phone called the ZenFone 5Z with a Snapdragon 845 and a Notch design. Prices start at $ 499.

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Seven Chrome alternatives for browsing on Android

If you’re an Android device owner, chances are you’re using Google’s Chrome for your most of your web browsing activities. After all, the app comes pre-installed on the majority of Android devices. Chrome is great and all, but at some point, you might find yourself wanting to try something else. Fortunately, there are dozens of […]

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Tired of how bloated the Facebook app is? Try these five alternatives

Oh Facebook, the app everyone loves to hate. Yet it has one billion installations only in Android. With Facebook being so ubiquitous and recognized throughout the world, many figure that it is a necessary evil. However, it is notorious in the Android world for being bloated, slow, data-intensive, and battery-hungry. It is the prime example […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 too expensive? Check out these alternatives instead

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is one gorgeous phone boasting a stunning design, incredible 6.3-inch display, great software and a stylus. But while there are many things that get us excited about the Galaxy Note 8 we can’t really ignore one aspect – the phablet’s sky high price tag. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the […]

Best Philips Hue Alternatives

What’s the best alternative to Philips Hue? Here are our favorites!

Philips Hue smart lights are some of the coolest on the market and they’re definitely some of the most popular, but they can be quite expensive, especially once you get into colored bulbs. If you’re looking for a less expensive alternative or just something other than what’s popular, then check out these other awesome options.

GE Link Starter Kit LIFX A19 Wi-Fi Smart Bulb Lucero  [Read More…]

The best alternatives to T-Mobile

If you like T-Mobile’s coverage, check out these alternatives that use T-Mobile’s coverage.

]T-Mobile](/t-mobile), like the rest of the Big Four U.S. carriers, is keen on selling access to MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators). This is great: it benefits T-Mobile (income without any investment), the MVNO (no need to build its own network), and us (more choices at different prices).

And a lot of MVNOs use T-Mobile’s network, either exclusively or in combination with other carriers. They  [Read More…]

Best alternatives to Project Fi

Project Fi is unique, but if for some reason you can’t or don’t want to subscribe to it, here are some awesome alternatives.

There is nothing else like Project Fi in the U.S. Google’s alternative carrier is a unique combination of flexible, powerful and intuitive. With one SIM card, it dynamically switches between three carriers in the U.S. and provides effortless worldwide roaming while abroad. With its app, it’s easy to top up on data or share  [Read More…]

These 2016 flagships are great Galaxy S8 alternatives

Many of last year’s high-end Android phones have stood the test of time.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are phenomenal phones — two of the best out there right now. But they’re also expensive phones, especially if you’re buying outright.

So if you’re looking to save some cash, you might look at some of the previous year’s flagships, many of which are speedy, well-built and have been upgraded to Android Nougat. Most importantly, some of  [Read More…]

Don’t want to pay extra for Oculus movies? Use these awesome alternatives instead!

There is no reason to overpay for your movies when you have options.

The Gear VR is comfortable enough that you can easily lay back and check out your favorite movies. Now Oculus Movies, is built right in so that you can purchase and watch the movies that you are really hankering for. However there is a bit of a catch here. That’s because purchasing a movie through Oculus Movies is actually a bit more expensive than  [Read More…]