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These AirPod alternatives are just $20 right now

Apple’s famed AirPods are undeniably awesome. They’re also undeniably expensive, and purchasing a new pair can oftentimes feel like you’re putting a down payment on a small (but very real) new car.

These Avanca i11 True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds deliver the same sonics, style, and functionality as the Apple AirPods at a tiny fraction of the cost, and they’re currently available for over 65% off at just $ 19.99 for a limited time.

Perfect for on-the-go listeners who don’t want  [Read More…]

No iPhone, no problem: These are the best Apple Card alternatives

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Apple Card is bringing iPhone users credit card benefits like Daily Cash, money management tools built into the OS, a physical card made out of titanium, and security and privacy as a main feature of the card. One thing that it doesn’t bring, however, is the ability for  [Read More…]

Back Bay Duet 50 review: $45 AirPods alternatives that don’t suck

Cheap earbuds keep getting better and better.

Following the release of Apple’s AirPods in 2016, there’s been a rush from all sorts of companies to create their version of truly wireless Bluetooth earbuds. Some of them, like Samsung’s Galaxy Buds and the Jabra Elite 65t, have been great, whereas options targeted at budget-conscious consumers have left a lot to the imagination.

As such, when Back Bay reached out to me about reviewing its Duet 50 earbuds, I  [Read More…]

Five photo backup alternatives to Google Drive

Google Photos has dropped its automatic syncing of your pictures to Google Drive. While the Photos app will continue to backup your photos, it will no longer save them in your network storage with Drive.

I don’t personally see this as an issue, but many will want an integrated app for both. Fortunately, with Android choice is king and there are some solid apps that offer this functionality. We’ve compiled a short list of some favorites that are available on  [Read More…]

No need to spend $200 on a Nest cam with these affordable alternatives

Nest makes great Wi-Fi-connected security cameras, but they can get expensive, starting at $ 200 for the Nest Cam Indoor and reaching all the way up to $ 350 for the Cam IQ. The Logitech Circle 2 is a great security camera for a little less than a Nest Cam, but there are cheaper options out there as well. Here are some of our favaorite alternatives.

Best overall Logitech Circle 2

Staff favorite

The Circle 2 is  [Read More…]

Samsung adds Galaxy A70 to its budget-friendly flagship alternatives

For the last few years Samsung has attacked the premium smartphone market with the Galaxy line, but that’s not the only phones it has available. The company has a more budget-friendly A-series for those who don’t want to drop $ 1,000 on a smartphone.

The Galaxy A line is where you look when you don’t want to dole out a chunk of money. The rub? You don’t get all the fancy bells and whistles in the Galaxy S family. However, that doesn’t  [Read More…]

The best alternatives to Sony’s WH1000XM3

Sony’s recent WH1000XM3 headphones have become the de-facto choice for active noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones, offering a nearly perfect blend of sound quality, battery life, and of course, noise canceling. But they’re far from your only option in this increasingly popular field, and whether you’re after better comfort or just don’t like the capacitive controls, some of the alternatives may be a better fit for you.

Superior audio B&O Beoplay H9i

Bang & Olufsen delivers some of  [Read More…]

Canceling YouTube TV? These are some great alternatives

If it’s time to get rid of Google’s live TV service, you’ve got a number of options.

There’s a lot to love about YouTube TV. The simple single plan. The multiple accounts that you can share with your family. The unlimited DVR.

But YouTube TV also doesn’t have as many channels as some of the other services. And if it doesn’t have something you’ve decided you just have to have, then it’s time to cancel YouTube TV.

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Instead of buying an Eero mesh router, check out these six alternatives

Eero is one of the biggest names when it comes to consumer mesh routers. The company’s routers are easy to set-up, connect, and maintain, but Eeero is far from the only brand in this space. If you’re looking for an alternative to the Eero craze, these are your best bets.

So easy to use Google Wifi

In addition to its Pixel phones and Home smart speakers, Google also makes a mesh router system called Google Wifi! Available in  [Read More…]

Canceling Sling TV? These are some great alternatives

If Sling TV just isn’t doing it for you anymore, then it’s time to go. Here are some of the myriad options.

Sling TV remains (for now, anyway) the most popular streaming TV service, with somewhere in the neighborhood of 1.5 million subscribers, at last count. But the thing about streaming services is that it’s super easy to cancel and try a new one. But you’ll need a replacement streaming service, right? If you’re getting rid of  [Read More…]