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Alcatel A30 and Moto G5 Plus are the latest Amazon Prime Exclusive Phones

Today Amazon announced two new additions to its unlocked Prime Exclusive Phones program – the Alcatel A30 and Moto G5 Plus. The two new handsets will join Amazon Prime’s previous lineup which includes the BLU R1 HD, Moto G4 and Moto G4 Play. The Alcatel A30 will be available for purchase for only $ 59.99 ($ 40 […]

Moto G5 Plus is now up for pre-order on Amazon, Alcatel A30 on sale for $59

Amazon is offering a $ 45 discount on the G5 Plus if you’re willing to put up with lock screen ads.

The moment you’ve all been waiting for is finally here. After getting announced at the end of last month, the Moto G5 Plus is now up for pre-order as an Amazon Prime exclusive for $ 184.99. That’s for the ad-subsidized version with lock screen ads, much like last year’s G4 Plus.

The standard version is also  [Read More…]

Xiaomi’s $90 Redmi 4A is going up for sale on Amazon India

The first Redmi 4A sale kicks off at 12 p.m. IST on Amazon India.

The Redmi 4A is Xiaomi’s most affordable phone to date in India, offering decent specs for ₹5,999 ($ 90). The phone will be going up for sale for the first time later today, March 23 at 12 p.m. IST, on Amazon India.

To recount, the Redmi 4A offers a 5-inch 720p display, Snapdragon 425 SoC, 13 MP camera, 5MP front camera, 2GB  [Read More…]

Amazon Echo vs Google Home: Which works best with Philips Hue

Making the lights dim when you proclaim “It’s movie time” to everyone in your house is kinda awesome.

There are a lot of fantastic things you can do with smart lighting, from subtle adjustments to mood and awareness to crazy color raves when you want to freak the dog out. It’s a convenience for most, but it’s becoming less expensive to set up in your home every day and well-worth checking out if you can.

A big  [Read More…]

Take your pick of 3 popular iOttie car mounts for $13 today only at Amazon

Our friends at Thrifter are back again, this time scoring you big discounts on popular iOttie car mounts!

It’s no secret that you shouldn’t be driving and using your phone in your hand, but people still do it. Instead of putting your life at risk to view an incoming email or driving directions, head over to Amazon and buy an iOttie smartphone car mount for less than $ 13. There are 3 different styles to choose from so you’re  [Read More…]

The Best Speakers To Use With Your Amazon Echo Dot

You may want to add a speaker to that Echo Dot.

Amazon knows that Alexa is more useful when you don’t really have to think about where an Echo cylinder is when you call out to ask a question, which is why the Echo Dot exists. It’s considerably less expensive than the bigger Amazon Echo, due in no small part to the big speaker missing from the body.

It’s a small sacrifice given the significant drop in  [Read More…]

Turn your Amazon Echo Dot into a cordless, enhanced speaker with the Vaux

The Amazon Echo Dot is a hands-free, voice-controlled little device that uses Alexa to lay music, control smart devices around the house, provide users with relevant information, set alarms and much more. It includes a Bluetooth speaker, but it can also connect to speakers or headphones through Bluetooth or 3.5mm stereo cable. But because the […]

Next-gen Amazon Alexa-enabled devices will be able to make phone calls, act as intercoms

Amazon’s Echo connected speaker proved to be surprisingly popular with consumers across the globe. To such an extent that Echo alternatives soon started popping up, the Google Home being among the most notable. While companies like Samsung are only now entertaining the idea of a connected speaker complete with a virtual assistant, Amazon is apparently […]

Amazon has an International Women’s Day surprise for Echo owners

The hardest working artificial woman on the planet has some things to teach you.

Everyone has a fairly decent understanding of the relationship between a human being and Amazon’s Alexa, even if only be watching the commercials that seem to air on every channel now. You wake Alexa up, ask a question about a particular topic, and Amazon’s massive network of data resources works to provide and answer. It seems simple now that we’ve had it for a while,  [Read More…]

Motorola launching an Alexa-powered speaker Moto Mod with Amazon

Amazon Alexa is expanding into phones, and Motorola’s implementation is definitely the most interesting.

Motorola is set to launch a new Moto Mod for its Moto Z line that sits on a bedside table or at an office, providing Amazon Alexa connectivity through a Harman-branded speaker while docked.

Announced at the company’s press conference for the Moto G5, Motorola says that its Moto Mods will take three forms in the future: first-party, collaborations, and full third-party creations.  [Read More…]