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What’s new on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu and HBO in September 2019

Wherein we learn that Wu-Tang Clan still ain’t nothing to eff with, Chelsea Handler can teach us a thing or three, and Amazon Prime Video can melt your mind.

Welp, that’s it for Summer, boys and girls. It’s time to back up the beach toys, send the kids back to school — and maybe figure out exactly what we’re going to be watching on our favorite streaming services in the meantime. (What does one of those things have  [Read More…]

How to kid-proof your Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo and the Alexa smart assistant can provide virtually unlimited utility and fun for the whole family. However, there are certainly times when parents want to be able to control what their kids can and cannot do with these connected devices. We’ll show you how you can kid-proof your Amazon Echos and protect your youngsters from potential pitfalls.

Products used in this guide Kid-Friendly Echo: All-New Echo Dot Kids Edition ($ 70 at Amazon) Parental Controls:  [Read More…]

Build a passive income powerhouse with this Amazon FBA training

It’s safe to say most of us are familiar with Amazon, the eCommerce giant that empowers us to order virtually anything online and expect it on our doorsteps in just two days. But, there’s a facet of Amazon only a handful of us are familiar with: Amazon FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon).

For the uninitiated, Amazon FBA lets you store the products you sell in Amazon’s fulfillment centers. When you make a sale on Amazon, Amazon then picks, packs,  [Read More…]

Amazon leak reveals the Motorola One Action will be priced at $335

Motorola is rumored to launch three phones at IFA this year: One Action, One Macro, and One Pro.

What you need to know The Motorola One Action was briefly listed on Amazon Germany, revealing its pricing and availability information. As per the listing, Motorola One Action will go on sale on September 13 for €299 ($ 335). The smartphone is expected to debut at IFA 2019 in Berlin next month.

Motorola’s upcoming Android One smartphone, the One  [Read More…]

This $1 Amazon Music Unlimited deal will have students streaming all year

Let Amazon Music Unlimited supply the soundtrack to your year.

School is almost back in session, and Amazon is lending college students a hand this year with a new offer on Amazon Music Unlimited. Now, Prime Student members can add Amazon Music Unlimited onto their Prime membership for just $ 0.99 per month! This isn’t a limited time deal either; you’ll score that discounted price on the service for as long as your Prime Student membership remains active, and  [Read More…]

Here are the steps to cancelling your Amazon Prime membership

A lot of good things come from having an Amazon Prime membership whether it be the free two-day shipping, including access to Prime Video, or additional discounts members get on select products. But if you’re not using enough of the perks that come with the membership or you simply want out, you can easily cancel. We’ll walk you through each step so you can end your Prime membership right away.

Products used in this guide Ding dong delivery:  [Read More…]

Make any Amazon Echo more kid-friendly with one setting

The Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition is a nifty little bundle, but if you have an old Echo speaker you’d like to give your child — or a spare Echo Dot 3rd gen you picked up in an Amazon bundle — then you can make it act just like a Kids Edition. It doesn’t require any extra hardware, and it’ll take you mere minutes to complete.

Products used in this guide Affordable Echo speaker: Echo Dot (3rd Gen)  [Read More…]

Is the Amazon Echo Show 5 better than the Lenovo Smart Clock?

Choosing the right smart home display can be difficult since there are so many options to choose from. We’ve compared the Lenovo Smart Clock against the Echo Show 5 to see which is the better buy. We’ve discovered that the latter is definitely better.

Echo Show 5

Prime choice

$ 90 at Amazon

Pros Inexpensive Plays videos HD camera with camera cover Works with more smart devices Sunrise alarm Larger screen Cons Doesn’t look as nice  [Read More…]

Amazon is terminating the Dash button on August 31

Amazon stopped selling the Dash button back in February.

What you need to know Dash buttons will cease to function after August 31. Amazon stopped selling Dash buttons back in February. Alternatives to the Dash button include Subscribe and Save, ordering with Alexa, the Dash Replenishment Service, and the virtual Dash button on Amazon’s website.

If you’re one of the very few people still using the Amazon Dash button, it’s time to say goodbye. The company has  [Read More…]

Take control of your privacy with Alexa and the Amazon Echo

It seems that every day we learn about a new privacy scandal or data security lapse, and Amazon has certainly not been immune to such mishaps. One way that the company is trying to address these types of issues and allay public concern is through its Privacy Hub. Following is a brief description of what the Privacy Hub is, and how to use it.

How does Amazon address user privacy?

Amazon’s Privacy Hub website focuses on five areas  [Read More…]