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Pre-order the Amazon Fire Phone direct from Amazon, starting at $199

Of course Amazon — the king of online retailers — is where you can buy a new Amazon Fire Phone. They have a pre-order page up and ready for you so that you can have the Fire Phone in your hands the very day it’s released.

The pricing is as follows:

32GB — $ 199 with an individual or family plan contract or $ 649 if purchased outright 64GB — $ 299 with an individual or  [Read More…]

Amazon Fire Phone hands-on

To the surprise of few, Amazon finally unveiled its first smartphone — dubbed the Fire Phone — today at an event in Seattle. What was surprising, though, are the specifics that surround this latest Amazon Fire-branded device. The long-rumored 3D interface is a reality, but it’s done in an interesting way with specialized hardware and being implemented in tasteful portions, not just as a gimmicky feature.

It also sports a good number of user-friendly features that  [Read More…]

Watch the entire Amazon press conference

Busy with work or school earlier today and missed the Amazon unveiling of the Fire Phone? You could do the smart thing and check out our topic page for the Amazon Fire Phone to get all the info in one place. Or you can hit up YouTube and relieve the entire unveiling.

Win a 64GB Amazon Fire Phone from Android Central!

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Amazon is officially now in the smartphone game with their announcement of the Amazon Fire Phone. It will be available next month as an exclusive from AT&T and if you know you want one you can pre-order the Fire Phone now from Amazon’s website. For those who are a little more on  [Read More…]

Amazon makes the Fire smartphone a reality; due July 25


Amazon on Wednesday finally revealed the long-anticipated Fire phone. Making its debut at an event in Seattle, the smartphone teeters on the the balance of mid-range and top-tier hardware.

Specifications include a quad-core 2.2GHz processor with Adreno 330 GPU, 2GB RAM, and a 13-megapixel rear camera with optical image stabilization and f/2.0 five element lens. The display, as we’ve come to expect, is a 4.7-inch screen  [Read More…]

Amazon officially unveils the Fire Phone

We’re here at Amazon’s “device unveiling” event where the retail giant has just announced its long-awaited entrant into the phone market.

Keep an eye on Android Central as we update this story with the latest news

BlackBerry turns to Amazon for apps


BlackBerry on Wednesday announced a new licensing agreement with Amazon which sees the hardware maker employing the Appstore for its handsets. Once realized, smartphones which run the forthcoming BBOS 10.3 will be able to tap into the Amazon Appstore and its more than 200,000 applications. Yes, this means the same Android apps available to Kindle Fire, Fire TV, and Android devices already running the Appstore. Due in  [Read More…]

Amazon licensing Android Appstore to BlackBerry

Deal opens up official access to Amazon’s app catalog for BlackBerry users

The BlackBerry love affair with Android apps opens a new chapter today with the news of a licensing deal with Amazon for its Appstore. With the launch of BlackBerry 10.3 this fall, BlackBerry 10 device owners will be able to download all the Android apps Amazon has to offer while BlackBerry is left “to focus on enterprise application development.”

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Amazon smartphone reportedly exclusive to AT&T

Citing anonymous industry sources, The Wall Street Journal reports that Amazon’s first smartphone, which is scheduled to be officially unveiled in an event in Seattle tomorrow, will be exclusive to AT&T.

Amazon touts nearly 250,000 apps and games ahead of presumed smartphone launch


In what can only be a matter of sheer coincidence (hardly), Amazon is touting some incredible figures surrounding its Appstore. Nearly tripling in the last year alone, the selection now figures to more than 240,000 apps and games. What’s more, it’s widely available (nearly 200 countries) and continues to build steam.  Developers seem to be more than pleased with the services and tools available and  [Read More…]