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Amazon Appstore birthday deals continue with 14 paid apps for free

Amazon is still celebrating its Appstore’s third birthday, and the next wave of deals are now available. Right now you’ll find 14 paid apps completely free through the Amazon Appstore, worth over $ 50. A subset of apps are also available in the UK from the Amazon Appstore, totaling £25 in savings.


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Amazon offering $50 in free apps for Appstore’s third birthday

Good Guy Amazon is giving away $ 50 worth of free Android apps and games today and into tomorrow. Why? Because the Amazon Appstore is celebrating its third birthday already! Indeed, there’s more than a dozen different titles to choose from and all of them are free for the limited time period.

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The week’s best Android rumors: Nexus 8.9, Moto 360, Amazon smartphone, and more

gray_leather_600_0002Moto 360

Motorola’s first foray into the smartwatch space could employ wireless charging and a Sapphire glass face, says G for Games. Whereas everyone else seems to go the route of Gorilla Glass, this one would would separate itself from the pack. As far as the wireless charging is concerned, we’re still betting on something akin to the Qualcomm Toq.

Amazon Smartphone

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The Bard’s Tale free today on Amazon Appstore

bard1One of the most iconic games that made the jump from last generation consoles to mobile, The Bard’s Tale, is available free today in the Amazon Appstore.

If you’re haven’t had the chance to play it or have never heard of it, the game is an action RPG starring Cary Elwes as “The Bard” that packs absurd humor, catchy drinking songs and adventure, of course.

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Amazon celebrates Appstore’s 3rd birthday with 60% off popular titles, discounts on in-app purchases

As the digital confetti sprinkling down the Amazon Appstore website might suggest, Amazon is celebrating the Appstore’s third birthday — and that means deals on apps. For the next two weeks, you’ll see various deals on apps and games through the Appstore, including up to 60% off titles like Wheel of Fortune, Terraria, Batman: Arkham City Lockdown and many more.

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Amazon celebrates 3 years of Appstore with gifts and discounts

Amazon has started celebrating the third anniversary of its U.S. Appstore with discounts, deals, and gifts. While the official birthday doesn’t happen until the 22nd, you can get in on the promotion effective immediately.

According to Amazon, the following apps and games are included in the savings and can reach as high as 60% off!

Wheel of Fortune from Sony Pictures Terraria from 505 Games Warner Bros.’ Batman: Arkham City Lockdown

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Amazon game controller appears in leaked images

A new image leaking out today shows what appears to be an Amazon branded game controller. The image obtained by Zatznotfunny shows a pretty regular looking game controller with the addition of Android styled back, home and menu buttons as well as those for media control.


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Poll: Are you keeping Amazon Prime?

Amazon today announced a $ 20 increase to its Amazon Prime service, which offers up “free” two-day shipping along with the tens of thousands of movies and TV shows you can stream for free, and half-million books available for borrowing. The fee increase means you’ll be paying $ 99 a year for the privilege — all of $ 5 more than what you’d pay Netflix for its basic streaming service. 

So will you be renewing?

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Amazon Prime’s annual fee will increase to $99 this summer

Amazon this morning in an email to its customers announced that starting July 30, its annual fee will increase to $ 99. In the email, Amazon notes the increase in fuel and transportation costs, along with the increase in the number of items available for free two-day shipping. It also mentions the more than 40,000 movies and TV shows available for streaming. Not mentioned: Any hope of getting a video player for Android.

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Amazon Prime music service rumors continue to gather momentum

The rumors of an Amazon Prime music streaming service continue to grow. The latest report out of the Wall Street Journal suggests that Amazon plans to introduce the service along with an increased rate Prime subscription, with the end goal being to get folks buying more music from its MP3 store.


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