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This $15 accessory will transform the look of your Amazon Dot

Accessorize your Echo Dot to fit the decor of every room in your house!

The Amazon Echo Dot allows you to access the power of Amazon’s voice-controlled A.I. assistant Alexa from wherever you are in the room, with all that tech crammed into a package about the size of a hockey puck. And if you end up opting for the black color option, it’ll really look like there’s a hockey puck sitting on your end table.  [Read More…]

Get your mini NES Classic Edition today on Amazon at 5 p.m. ET

You can order the NES Classic Edition from Amazon today at 5PM ET, but it is expected to sell out in a flash, so get ready!

Nintendo is selling an adorable throwback console game system NES Classic Edition for a measly $ 60. Talk about the perfect holiday gift! It comes with 30 original titles in all of their 8-bit glory. It’s only been on sale for a few hours and it is already sold out  [Read More…]

Four new tech gadgets to tone your abs, feed your pet, stream Hi-Fi music to wired headphones, and a portable Amazon Alexa speaker

There are hundreds of new headphones, speakers, cell phone cases and other new tech to write about, but very few people would actually take the time to read about each product. I do my best to filter through what I think is worth your attention especially for products you may never hear about. After sorting through

Amazon teases its device sales ahead of Black Friday

Amazon just dropped us a line to let us know what sort of device sales it will be running later this month. It’s not a full, be-all-end-all Black Friday list of products, but it does signal plans for its key devices. If you’ve been thinking of snagging a Fire, Echo, or Kindle product, you might

Thursday’s deals and discount codes: Mechanical gaming keyboard, Bose earbuds, and the full-size Amazon Echo

Amazon is not letting Google off the hook when it comes to battling for the home. It is running a fantastic sale on the Echo Dots where you can get three for the price of a Google Home ($ 129). You can also get a certified refurbished full-sized Echo for just $ 120 and it comes with

Wednesday’s deals and discount codes: Buy three Amazon Echo Dots for the price of one Google Home (sale)

Finally, Election Day is over. No matter which side of the fence you’re on, let’s do our best to work together going forward while respecting each other’s differences and beliefs. The election couldn’t have been more divisive and now it is time to repair the bridges that have been torn down. Are you ready for

Google Home vs. Amazon Echo: Video head-to-head!

How do you choose between Google Home and Amazon Echo? Start by listening.

Now that Google Home has been presented to the world as a genuinely good, but still kind of basic, alternative to Amazon Echo, there’s a lot of folks out there wondering which of these systems is the one they should be setting up in their homes or giving as gifts this year.

There’s no easy answer here, for a couple of reasons.  [Read More…]

OK Google, where’s your Amazon Echo Dot competitor?

For some reason, Google is still playing catch up to Amazon.

While undoubtedly immature and arguably not ready for prime time just yet, Google Assistant is easily the best of the virtual assistant platforms you can get today. The natural language processing is amazing, handling accents is beyond compare, and when Google Home launches this will be the first assistant that actually works as a whole life platform. Being great on the go and being good  [Read More…]

Amazon turns Black Friday into Black November with month long discounts

November is historically the best month of the year for retailers, as they go from the red to the black, and make a massive amount of sales for the holidays. The world’s largest retailer, Amazon, kicked off its month long promotion of sales as we build up to Black Friday. In the past retailers have limited

Don’t miss out on this VR headset for just $10 at Amazon

Update: This deal is back, with an even lower price. Be sure to check it out with the new coupon code!

Habor is offering the newest version of its virtual reality headset for just $ 10 at Amazon with coupon code CDYAH6NZ. Whether you are looking to try out VR for the first time or grab a headset for your kids, this deal is the perfect opportunity to do so without breaking the bank. The headset is compatible with  [Read More…]