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Best Android apps for your Chromebook

An injection of over 1,000,000 Android apps does a great job filling in the holes in Chrome.

A few Chromebooks already have Android apps through Google Play. More are scheduled to get them, and most new Chromebooks will ship with the Play store working from day one. Android app support has also been announced for several Chromeboxes and the Chromebit. It’s a slow process, but it is happening.

Android apps will change how you use your Chromebook.  [Read More…]

The problem with Android permissions is too much information and not enough information all at once

People freaking out over an Android app’s permissions again was overdue.

It’s a regular happening in the tech press. An app has questionable permissions and people freak out about it. Sometimes it’s warranted, but most of the time it’s because the people freaking out don’t understand the Android permission model or haven’t taken the time to see what reasons an app might have to need those seemingly sketchy permissions. And it’s Google’s fault. Sorry, Google, we love  [Read More…]

The Best Android Apps

Looking for the absolute best Android apps, utilities, and games, the Play Store has to offer? You’ve come to the right place!

There are a lot of Android apps out there, and we’ve rounded up the very best across each of the Play Store’s major categories. Keep in mind that these are our subjective choices, and are always welcome to hear about what you’re digging in the comments, so don’t be shy!

Best book & reference app  [Read More…]

Android Central 321: U, Mi and Huawei

This week, Jerry, Russell and Daniel catch up on everything that happened after CES 2017 (plus a bit that happened during CES), including the HTC U Ultra and U Play announcements, the Huawei Mate 9, Daydream, and the NVIDIA Shield update!

Plus, Nintendo! How does the Switch fit into a mobile-first gaming world? And does Nintendo’s next Android game, Fire Emblem Heroes, hold the same influence as Super Mario Run?

Show notes Huawei Mate 9 review HTC U Ultra &  [Read More…]

Google aims to make Android the safest mobile platform in the world

Safer apps make for a safer phone.

Google’s new Security for Android Developers page has a pretty bold statement as it’s tagline:

Our goal is to make Android the safest mobile platform in the world. That’s why we consistently invest in technologies that bolster the security of the platform, its applications, and the global Android ecosystem.

Google is pretty transparent when it comes to Android security, and the past year or so has seen media outlets pick  [Read More…]

We have a free NVIDIA Shield Android TV for an Android Central reader!

The new NVIDIA Shield Android TV is awesome, so why not enter to win one to satisfy all of your entertainment needs?

The second iteration of the Shield Android TV is a proper successor that shows NVIDIA knows just how to iterate on this platform. In an Android TV space that still lacks a robust number of choices — and even fewer good choices — the Shield Android TV stands as the box to get if you  [Read More…]

Best Wall Chargers for Android Phones

The best charger for your Android depends on which phone you have.

Real talk: Android phone quick-charging standards are kind of a mess. Sure, just about anything which can supply power over USB will juice up your phone to full power, given enough time. But identifying the thing that’ll let you charge your phone as fast as possible — even if it’s packaged with your phone in the box — isn’t always easy. Sometimes you need a  [Read More…]

New Tag Heuer smartwatch with Android Wear 2.0 due out in May

The smartwatch market is going down the drain, but maybe there’s a way to save it from drowning. Lots of people have been saying smartwatches aren’t stylish enough, but that’s not exactly true. Huawei designed a pretty sleek intelligent timepiece and designer Michael Kors is tempting fashionistas with a few models. So what’s the next

TAG Heuer CEO hints at new high-end Android Wear piece for 2017

TAG Heuer CEO says the company will release a new smartwatch in May.

If the smartwatch is supposedly a dying product, someone forgot to tell TAG Heuer CEO Jean-Claude Biver. In an interview with Swiss paper Neue Zürcher Zeitung (brought to our attention from TechCrunch), Biver shares his positive outlook on the future for smartwatches and says the Swiss timepiece manufacturer plans to release a follow up to the $ 1,500 TAG Connected, announcing they hope to release the  [Read More…]

Best Android Phones Under $300

Equip yourself with a solid set of specs for the bare minimum.

Best overall ZTE Axon 7 Mini

See at Amazon

The ZTE Axon 7 Mini‘s price tag has finally dipped below $ 300. This stylish aluminum device is essentially a mini-me of its regularly-sized flagship, the Axon 7, but don’t expect to move mountains with its mid-range hardware.

At the very least, the Axon 7 Mini’s 16-megapixel camera is capable enough to capture the  [Read More…]