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The Nexus power button double-press camera launch should be a standard Android feature

One of the more functional features Google rolled out this year isn’t likely to leave the Nexus lineup.

Being able to quickly launch the camera on your phone is the best. Watching people unlock their phone and tap the camera icon on their home screen while you sit there already recording or snapping away because a gesture or button combo let you launch the camera as soon as the phone left your pocket is amazing. Any  [Read More…]

Five awesome new Android Wear watch faces

When it comes to watch faces on Android Wear there are more than you could possibly go through in a day. Even more (and even better) new watch faces are added on a daily basis, along with updates to the watch faces that were already available. We went ahead and rounded up five fantastic watch faces to take a look at, instead of spending your time scrolling through the Google Play Store. Whether you want something simple,  [Read More…]

Android Central 274: Please direct complaints to …

We’re expecting Mobile World Congress to be so crazy this year that we’re starting our official preview a week early. This week we take a look at the latest Samsung Galaxy S7 leakage, take a look at what LG itself is already putting out about LG G5, and we answer more of your emails and voicemails live on air. (And we’re happy to announce that we managed to not cause any divorces last week!)

Our thanks to this week’s sponsor: 

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JBL Legend CP100 with Android Auto support is now available for pre-order

The JBL Legend CP100 is now available for pre-order at $ 399.95 with availability expected by February 19. The in-car receiver supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, offering support for both major platforms. Available directly through JBL, you can place an order now for immediate delivery when stock is released next week.

The unit itself sports a 6.75-inch touchscreen, Bluetooth, steering wheel controls, rear camera input and more, enabling you to maintain fixed eyes on the  [Read More…]

Chrome for Android getting support for Bluetooth beacon interactions

Google has announced that Chrome 49 for Android will include support for Physical Web-enabled beacons, allowing users to receive notifications on their smartphones from physical beacons placed nearby. The feature leverages Google’s Project Eddystone, which was introduced in mid-2015 as the company’s new open Bluetooth Low Energy beacon standard. And the way it works is pretty simple:

Physical Web developers can reach Chrome for Android users as well, starting with the Beta channel and rolling out more  [Read More…]

Why aren’t more manufacturers using Intel in their Android phones?

Is Intel ready to take on Qualcomm for mobile processor dominance?

Two years ago, seeing the Intel Inside branding on a smartphone would have made a lot of people laugh. Qualcomm owned the mobile world, and Intel wasn’t ready to compete. This past year, we saw something very different. Qualcomm stumbled with the Snapdragon 810 in a mostly-pointless rush to support 64-bit architectures, and the handful of phones we saw Intel processors in seemed to close  [Read More…]

Acer to pre-install Microsoft apps on select Android phones and tablets

Acer will begin pre-installing Microsoft productivity apps on its Android smartphones and tablets, thanks to a new deal between the two companies. Microsoft made the announcement, noting that Acer tablets and smartphones will come with Microsoft productivity tools on board starting in the second half of 2016.

As for what you can expect to see pre-installed, Microsoft names seven apps, including those from its Office suite: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, OneDrive and Skype. The announcement  [Read More…]

Android 6.0 Marshmallow is rolling out now for the LG G4 on AT&T

If you happen to own the AT&T variant of the LG G4, model H810, you’ll definitely want to check for available updates as Marshmallow is now rolling out to the handset. It’s available over-the-air so it should simply be a case of checking for updates in the Settings and fetching a beverage.

AT&T has a support page published for the update, noting that the rollout commenced on February 8. Already have the update applied to your  [Read More…]

Audible picks up Android Auto support for road trip-worthy audiobooks

Audible has been updated for Android with the inclusion of Android Auto support. This will enable the app to run through audiobooks while you focus on the road ahead of your vehicle. We took a look at the app in beta back in November, praising Audible for the experience that simply works.

As well as the highlighted support for Android Auto, the latest version of Audible also implements playback speed manipulation, enabling you to fine-tune the  [Read More…]

Join Android Central and Timyo as we work to fix email once and for all!

We want to make email better. Much better. Keep reading to learn how you can help.

Howdy, folks, James Falconer here. I’m the Community & Developer Program Manager around these parts. If you’re active in our forums or have answered one of our surveys, you’ve probably heard from me!

Early last year a startup called Timyo approached our newly minted developer program. They felt “email was broken” and had developed an app that would “fix email for  [Read More…]