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Can I play Stadia on my Android phone?

Best answer: Google CEO Sundar Pichai specifically mentioned Pixel phones when speaking of Stadia’s supported platforms, but that doesn’t mean it won’t see a wider release on more Android phones.

Stream to your TV: Chromecast Ultra ($ 69 at Amazon) Google’s own: Pixel 3 (From $ 600 at Google) How do we know if it will come to all Android phones?

We don’t know for sure, but it’s a solid guess that it will come to a  [Read More…]

Opera Browser for Android now includes a free built-in VPN

Included with the version 51 update.

Back in 2016, Opera created a VPN app that allowed you to get unlimited private internet browsing for free. The app was shut down in 2017, and now as part of the version 51 update for the Opera Browser, that VPN functionality is built right into it.

Turning on the VPN is as easy as tapping the new VPN icon at the top left of the browser and toggling it on.  [Read More…]

Google will let European Android users choose a browser and search engine

Google changes its policies in the EU to avoid antitrust scrutiny.

Google will start prompting Android users in Europe to choose a browser and search engine they prefer to use on their device.

The European Commission levied a $ 5 billion fine on Google last year for requiring OEMs to pre-load its own search engine and browser on Android devices. In response, Google has mentioned that it will start charging a paid license to OEMs in Europe  [Read More…]

Xiaomi launches its first Android Go phone in India

Redmi Go runs Android Oreo (Go Edition) and costs just ₹4,499 ($ 65).

Xiaomi has released a few phones under the Android One initiative, and the Chinese manufacturer is now launching its first Android Go device. The Redmi Go is an entry-level device that runs Google’s lightweight OS, and like all other Xiaomi phones, it offers pretty great value at ₹4,499 ($ 65).

The Redmi Go features a 5.0-inch 720p display with a 16:9 form factor, and  [Read More…]

Android Q is (almost) here to remind us all about fragmentation

Another Android release means another essential privacy protection is here and that most users won’t see it for a while.

Android Q addresses one of my biggest gripes about Android when it comes to privacy: you can tell an app that it doesn’t get to track your location when you’re not actually using it.

We’ve all seen an app request access to our location and up to now, we’ve been able to say yes or no when  [Read More…]

How to make your Android phone look like a Windows phone

While many Microsoft services are available on Android and iOS, the look and feel of Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile is missed by many users. While there’s no way to make an exact replicate of the now-dead mobile operating system, you can make your Android phone look like a Windows Phone in a few different ways.

Products used in this guide Nova Launcher Prime ($ 5) Nova Launcher (Free) KLWP Pro ($ 5) KLWP Live Wallpaper Maker  [Read More…]

The best Android phones under $200

Smartphones that cost $ 1000 and upwards have quickly become commonplace in the market, and for anyone on a budget, those steep prices can quickly induce a headache. Thankfully, cheap smartphones are still plentiful with more great options to choose from than ever before. If you need a new handset but only have $ 200 to spend, these are your best options.

One of the best Moto G6

Staff Pick

Motorola’s Moto G6 may not be the  [Read More…]

Fubo TV now supports Android TV for 4K streaming

NVIDIA Shield is on the list, as are TVs with Android TV built in.

Fubo TV this week announced on its support pages that it now supports 4K streaming on Android TV devices. The 4K service actually still is in beta form (which means there are occasional hiccups), but it’s still one of the only places you’ll find live sports streamed in that resolution. The 4K streams also come at no extra cost.

Supported devices include (but  [Read More…]

Google makes Android Q developer beta available to Pixel phones

Google has released its first official preview of Android Q for developers, making it available in a beta version. This follows the pattern that has emerged with the last few builds of Android where an early look arrives in the first part of the year well ahead of general release.

In an interesting twist, the Android Q beta is being offered up to all three generations of the Pixel phones. Some had anticipated that Google might try to provide the  [Read More…]

Top 15 things you need to know about Android Q

The first dev preview of Android Q is here, and there’s plenty to like.

The first developer preview of Android Q is now available for the Pixels, serving up an early look at the new features and changes coming to Android later in the year. There’s little to no change on the UI front, but Google is rolling out a slew of new features, including granular options for location sharing, a theming engine, screen recording,

Better privacy  [Read More…]