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How to set up a 5.1 home theater system with Sonos for Android

Get BIG home theater sound with Sonos!

Sonos speakers are smart. “How smart?” you ask.

So smart that, when you combine a Sonos Playbar, Sub, and either two Play:1s, two Play:3s, or two Play:5s (gen 2), you can turn all the individual components into a bumpin’ home theater system!

Note: Your rear surround speakers must both be the same model or this just won’t work.

There are a couple different ways to do this, especially if  [Read More…]

10 Android smartphones that cost less than $100!

2016 has been an incredible year for unlocked Android smartphones. We’ve seen a wide variety of small and large unlocked Android phones this year, with some ranging into the $ 800 price range. Halfway throughout the year, you can argue the phones that have been making the most waves are the ones that spare your wallets.

The best Android launchers

There are tons of launchers available for Android — these are some of the best!

Launchers are the way Android users customize their smartphone and tablet experience. There’s superficial stuff, like changing screen transitions, icons, and fonts, but the best Android launchers out there enable users to tweak the device’s behavior to suit their daily usage, so long as you’re willing to put the time into defining those customizations. Some launchers act very similarly to the  [Read More…]

Android Central 298: It’s dead, Jim

Three weeks of Moto Z in a row? It’s almost as if someone was dragging out the release of this phone for more coverage. But we go where the news takes us. And this week we’ve got our official review of the Moto Z and Moto Z Force (plus more on when it’s actually available), the end of PokeCivilization as we know it, and we tackle more of your emails and voicemails. 

Podcast MP3 URL:  http://traffic.libsyn.com/androidcentral/androidcentral298.mp3

The Superbook turns your Android phone into a laptop, now available for $99

If you have dreams of running Android on a laptop, a product that’s in the works called Superbook is worth a look. Similar to some implementations we’ve seen from Microsoft’s Continuum feature on Windows 10, the Superbook will allow you to power a laptop shell using your connected Android smartphone for the horsepower.

The Superbook packs an 11.6-inch display running at a resolution of 1366 x 768, along with a keyboard and trackpad. Simply attach your Android  [Read More…]

Android Auto rolls into 8 additional Kia models

Android Auto

Kia has announced that it will roll out Android Auto to select 2014 to 2017 model year vehicles via a software update. Specifically, Kia says the free update will be available for “eligible vehicles when equipped with a compatible navigation system4 or UVO35.” There are a number of vehicles from Kia that already support Android Auto, but it is great to see the company bring it to even more models.

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Watch Phil talk Moto Z, Android N Preview 5 and more on All About Android 275

If you happened to miss the live recording, you can now check out the replay of All About Android 275. In this episode, our own Phil Nickinson joins Florence Ion and Ron Richards to talk Moto Z, the fifth Android N Developer Preview, the VR set that Google has apparently killed (or not) and more.

The discussion gets pretty interesting, so if you like listening to Android-related conversation, you won’t want to miss this. As always,  [Read More…]

Win this HTC 10 from Android Central!

We had so much fun with our last giveaway, we decided to do it again! The HTC 10 is unquestionably HTC’s best phone ever. It’s also a great Android phone in its own right, with an attractive metal unibody, top-notch audio credentials, fast and uncluttered software, speedy fingerprint security and a camera capable of taking great photos. We’ve gotten our hands on a second HTC 10 for one of you, so head on down and get yourself  [Read More…]

Android Auto is heading to Koenigsegg, Lada, and Borgward

Upcoming Koenigsegg, Lada, and Borgward cars will feature Android Auto in-car infotainment systems. Koenigsegg is the most notable addition in the list, with the luxury manufacturer joining the likes of Lamborghini and Maserati in supporting the platform.

As spotted on Reddit, the latest addition brings the total number of manufacturers that have committed to Android Auto to over 50. Borgward is an interesting vendor in the list, as the company shut down in 1961. The brand  [Read More…]