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Kodi or Plex: Which media server is best for Android users?

Kodi and Plex may seem similar at a glance, but they offer entirely unique experiences and services.

Feature-rich media centers, like Kodi and Plex, are making it easier for more people to make the decision to cut cable out of their lives. The benefits are clear and plentiful: you get full control to watch what you want to watch, on whichever device you choose, with no ads or interruptions.

Android users are in an especially good position,  [Read More…]

Jump-start your career in app development with the Ultimate Android N bundle (Deal of the Day)

As Android approaches its 10th anniversary this year, there’s no sign that the platform is slowing. In fact, given that it’s spreading deeper into wearables and connected devices, things look rosy for Google’s beloved OS. In that time, we’ve found that many have gone from being casual gamers or users to push things to new […]

Learn how to make Android apps faster with these 5 tools

Have you ever thought about building a mobile app for your business, product, blog or service? If you’ve had no experience, you’ll likely want to make it quick and light, meaning pre-made solutions to do it in a matter of hours, not months. Can it be done? It’s absolutely possible; you can quickly invade the mobile market and get your […]

Remix OS for Mobile transforms your Android smartphone into a PC

Back at CES 2015, a little-known device maker called Jide launched a 2-in-1 Android tablet called Remix, which looked very much like Microsoft’s Surface hybrid. The device actually ran a custom version of Android called Remix OS which bundled features such a taskbar and support for running apps in re-sizable windows. What Jide was trying […]

New Futurama game for Android promises to bring authentic experience for fans

Good news, everyone! Futurama may finally be getting a mobile game worthy of the show expansive universe of comedy.

Futurama is coming back! …as a mobile game. Yes, despite the animated series final finale airing back in 2013, the show is getting a brand new game for 2017 in a partnership between FOX Interactive and game developers TinyCo. Unfortunately, we don’t know any specifics related to gameplay or what sort of hi-jinx Fry, Leela, and Bender will  [Read More…]

Using an Android watch with multiple Google Accounts

People with multiple accounts have some extra steps in Android Wear now.

Where previous versions of Android Wear acted as an extension of your phone, anything running Wear 2.0 is designed to work like it’s a standalone Android device. A big part of setting up this experience is moving your Google Account over to the watch from your phone.

This is a fairly trivial thing to do with a single account, but if you use multiple Google  [Read More…]

Best Microsoft apps for Android

Microsoft apps have come a long way on Android.

Microsoft essentially shunned Android and iOS for several years, but with Satya Nadella taking the helm in 2014 and adopting a mobile-first stance, the company has turned its attention to bringing its apps and services to rival platforms. From heavy-hitters like Office to side projects developed by employees in their free time under the Microsoft Garage label, Microsoft has a lot to offer on Android.

Microsoft Office  [Read More…]

The stunning Kecil icon pack is coming to Android soon

If you love playing around with your Android phone, adjusting wallpapers, widgets and changing themes as often as you can, then you’ll be happy to know that a very popular iOS icon pack will soon make its way to Android soon enough. The Kecil icons were originally developed for jailbroken iOS devices, but become quite […]

Jaybird X3 may be the perfect sport buds for Android

Wherein ye olde Modern Dad discovers the Jaybird X3 are a great companion for the gym, a quick jog, or really for whatever …

There are three kinds of people at the gym: Those wearing huge over-the-air headphones, folks with wired earbuds — and then there are those with proper wireless buds. I’ve long been one of those people who don’t mind plugging in at the gym. But it’s 2017, and time for some proper wireless headphones while  [Read More…]

Best fighting games for Android

Bring the classic arcade action you remember to your phone with these great fighting games!

Fighting games have kind of fallen to the wayside on the latest consoles, and the less said about the state of arcades the better.

But for a long while, fighting games reigned supreme in the video game world, and were often the battleground where gamers showed off their skills in arcade tournaments or huddled around a TV with your best pals. Fortunately,  [Read More…]