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ZTE may lose its Android license

China-based ZTE hit a roadblock recently when the United States government blocked American companies from selling their products to ZTE. That’s not good news for ZTE, but it looks like the snowball is turning into an avalanche.

Based on a new report from Reuters, which cites an unnamed source, ZTE may lose its license to use Google’s Android operating system in its mobile devices. The report states that both companies are currently in talks about the future, but as of Tuesday morning, a decision has  [Read More…]

Mobvoi’s TicPods Free could be the true AirPods replacement for Android

Ever since Apple’s Airpods were released, the Android market has been on the hunt for a proper competitor. Over the last year, we have seen quite a few different options arrive. But none may be more intriguing than the new TicPods Free. The TicPods Free come from Mobvoi, the company behind the TicWatch. As for what these […]

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Android distribution numbers: Everything you need to know!

Your (usually) monthly fix on the current state of Android.

About once a month, Google releases distribution numbers that outline the various Android versions and the percentage of current devices they’re running on. This data is meant for developers so they can create and update their apps according to which Android versions are the most popular, but they also give enthusiasts like us a glimpse into how quickly OEMs are adopting the latest and greatest the platform has to  [Read More…]

TicPods Free aim to be a $129 AirPods alternative for Android

Answer calls, talk to Google Assistant, and more.

Ever since Apple released its AirPods in 2016, there’s been a constant hunt for a comparable alternative for Android phones. Many have tried and failed, and now Mobvoi’s taking a stab at this niche with the TicPods Free.

Mobvoi is the same company behind the TicHome Mini and TicWatch series, and at first glance, the TicPods Free look like a solid AirPods competitor. You’ll find two separate earbuds that  [Read More…]

7 Best OBD2 Car Readers for Android

What’s the best OBD II reader for Android? Here’s a few to get you started!

Car repair can be costly (duh!) and that Check Engine light could mean myriad issues with your car. Or, it could be a simple fix that you could do yourself — so why take it to your dealer or mechanic without knowing the problem first? Some places will charge you $ 100 or more just for the scan.

Don’t get swindled again.  [Read More…]

How to transfer Android photos to PC or back them up in the cloud

A picture is worth a thousand words. If you lose that picture, those thousand words turn into one giant NOOOOOOOOOOO.

Our phones can do so many great things, but one of the most important is that our Android phones take pictures, capturing the life and the insanity around us as we traverse this kooky world of ours. But those photos don’t do much good just living on your phone; we need to get them off our phones  [Read More…]

Best ways to watch the Stanley Cup Playoffs on Android

The first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs is underway and the action is just starting to heat up. With 16 teams still in contention to raise Lord Stanley’s cup, there’s no better time to be sure you’ll be able to follow your team through the playoffs on your phone so you’ll never miss a moment of the action.

With the games being broadcast by NBC Sports in the U.S. and on Rogers Sportsnet up in Canada, you  [Read More…]

Android Oreo on 4% of all devices, April 2018 distribution numbers show

Android Oreo is the latest system update to Google’s OS, but its trickle-down effect is slow. New April 2018 distribution numbers place Oreo on 4.6% of all Android-powered devices.

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Best features of Android P

Everyone loves new features, and Android gets new ones every year when it’s time for a new version.

In 2018, that means Android P and there are a handful of new great things to check out on top of the changes that make Android more efficient and easier for developers to build applications. We’ve picked out the best of these new features that you can look forward to having once your phone gets updated or you buy  [Read More…]

Nokia 1 review: Android Go has a lot of potential

HMD’s most affordable Android phone to date has plenty to offer.

HMD Global set its sights on the budget segment last year, and heading into 2018 the Finnish manufacturer is doubling down with phones targeted at all price points. The Nokia 1 is particularly interesting as it is the first Android Go device from the manufacturer, with the phone featuring Google’s lightweight operating system optimized for low-powered hardware.

The Nokia 1 retails for under $ 100, and  [Read More…]