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Android Q’s ‘Adaptive Sleep’ could keep your screen awake while using it

It’s only showing up in Beta 3 for some users.

If you’ve ever been frustrated by your phone going to sleep on you while in the middle of reading an article, Android Q might just have a new feature for you.

Some users are reporting seeing an option called Adaptive Sleep in the new Android Q Beta 3 update. According to the description, “Your screen would not dim and go to sleep if the device detects your  [Read More…]

What do you think about Android Q Beta 3’s new gestures?

Google’s round two for gesture navigation is here.

Android Q Beta 3 is full of new features, but perhaps the most important is the overhauled gesture navigation system.

In addition to being able to use Pie’s gestures and the traditional three-button setup, Beta 3 introduces a new method of doing things where you swipe up from the bottom of your screen to go home, swipe from the left or right to go back, and do a swipe up  [Read More…]

Android Q beta 3 review: Great dark theme, controversial gesture nav

Our first real look at what Q has in store for us.

We’ve been using “Android Q” since early March, and Google even released a beta update in early April. But what’s been clear from Day 1, as is the case with previous beta programs, is that this isn’t really Android Q. It’s mostly Android 9 Pie with some work-in-progress interface elements and lots of under-the-hood API changes for developers to start testing their apps against the new  [Read More…]

No, Android TV is not dead

It’s just taking a bit of a backseat at this year’s Google I/O.

You might be tempted, having watched Tuesday’s Google I/O keynote, to declare Android TV a dead operating system. After all, it’s quite a long time since it’s seen any new hardware for which we can be excited, and the scant bit of Android TV news to come out Shoreline was decidedly developer focused.

But, no. Android TV is not dead. It’s just that the  [Read More…]

Google just quietly announced a massive change to how Android updates work

We got the dirt on Project Mainline, and it’s going to change Android forever.

The Android portion of the two-hour Google I/O keynote was brief compared to previous years, but it included a massive change to the way Google is going to push updated to our favorite OS when Android Q arrives. It’s called Project Mainline, and the goal is to update core components of Android through the Play Store entirely in the background without needing to  [Read More…]

How are you liking Android Q Beta 3?

Dark theme and new gestures make this the best beta yet.

Google I/O 2019’s opening keynote was jam-packed with announcement after announcement. In addition to a much more powerful Google Assistant, the new Nest Hub Max smart display, and Pixel 3a unveiling, Google also launched Beta 3 for Android Q.

Beta 3 is full of goodies we haven’t seen in previous iterations, including an overhauled gesture navigation system and a fully-functioning dark mode.

Some of our AC  [Read More…]

Android Q Beta 3 is heading to 21 phones — here’s the full list

Google is once again expanding its beta program, with phones from 13 OEMs now on the list.

Google expanded the Android beta program last year, and with Android Q that list is getting bigger. Google has announced that Android Q beta builds — starting with Beta 3 — will be available on a total of 21 phones from 13 OEMs, with the likes of ASUS and Realme joining the list.

In addition to the Pixel phones, the  [Read More…]

What’s new in Android Q beta 3: Dark mode, new gestures, better privacy

Dark theme is finally here, the back button is going away, and we have our first look at Focus mode.

The Android Q Beta 3 is going live today, and the build will be making its way to 21 phones from 13 OEMs. We already got a look at some of the new features in Android Q, and with Beta 3 Google is introducing a few new features. Here’s what you need to know about the latest  [Read More…]

Pie is now on over 10% of Android devices

The Android Distribution Dashboard has been quiet since October of last year, but Google’s announcing today that it’s bringing it back — with a few caveats.

First, the good news: thanks to Treble, the enterprise that makes it easier and faster for manufacturers to update their phones, Android Pie is on 10.4% of Android devices in the same time it took Oreo to reach just 4.5%. While 10% of users may not seem like a lot nine months  [Read More…]

Win an exclusive piece of Google and Android history!

Every year at Mobile World Congress, the Android Garden is where Google presents its best products and services, from Android (obviously) to Google Assistant, Maps, and Photos. However, Google and its partners also provide one of the biggest challenges for all attendees who want to participate in something super fun: the Android Partner Walk. Specifically, the challenge to collect two exclusive pins per company, which are only available on certain days.

These pins have become the unofficial trade  [Read More…]