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Xiaomi’s first Android Go phone is the $90 Redmi Go

Xiaomi’s first Android Go phone is coming to European markets in February.

Xiaomi’s Android One phones offer excellent value in the mid-tier segment, and the company is now looking to emulate that same formula in the entry-level segment. The Chinese manufacturer has released its first Android Go device, the Redmi Go.

The phone features a 5.0-inch 16:9 720p display, and is powered by a Snapdragon 425 chipset with four Cortex A53 cores at 1.4GHz. You also get  [Read More…]

How to install region restricted Android apps on your device

When I first heard about Spotify, I was really excited as it had all the features that I was looking for in a music streaming app and it was perfect. However, I was mildly infuriated when I came to know that the developers of Spotify have made it region restricted and it is not available for download in my country.

However, I didn’t give up. Instead, I found a workaround where you can manage to install any compatible app or  [Read More…]

After 10 years, Android apps are still worse than their iOS counterparts

Even with 80% or so of the smartphone market, Android is still behind iOS when it comes to the apps we use. Why?

You probably have a handful (or more) of apps installed on your phone. Apps are a big part of what makes a smartphone “smart,” and whether for business or pleasure, an app store is what keeps a platform alive. Every person who ever owned a Windows phone knows the sting and that it’s true.  [Read More…]

These are the best racing games for Android!

Speed your way past the competition in these outstanding racers for Android!

We’ve rounded up the best racing games found in the Google Play Store. With so many options to choose from, we’ve compiled a list that covers a whole slew of sub-genres — from stylized arcade racing to highly realistic racing sims — so no matter your preference, you should find an outstanding game that’s right for you. Let’s hit the road!

Asphalt 9: Legends  [Read More…]

Want an Android TV on the cheap? We have your list right here

Android TV may be in need of new life, with Sony being one of the only major brands shipping it as its standard smart TV platform. As such, there aren’t many options for Android TV out there for those on a budget. There are options, though, and we’ve surfaced the best of them to make your life just a little bit easier.

Little Wonder Sony Bravia X800E

It’s a bit on the small side, but the 43-inch Sony  [Read More…]

Verizon-backed Visible adds support for Android

Backed by Verizon, Visible bills itself as a digital carrier – not a prepaid one. Still, though, for your money each month you get a no-contract plan that provides unlimited talk, text, data, and hotspot.

After having launched as an iPhone-only service less than one year ago, Visible has officially expanded to begin supporting Android. Today sees the brand offering an Android app in beta so that you can bring your own compatible device.

The plan is straightforward; there’s just  [Read More…]

How to improve Android battery life — 8 essential tips to know

There is no denying that Android smartphones have come a long way in terms of performance. While most modern devices come with advanced processors and huge amount of RAM coupled and powerful cameras, sadly, there are drawbacks. Chief among them is limiting the capacity of battery without compromising on weight, thickness, or portability factor.

Fortunately, you don’t have to just rely on the hardware to improve the battery life of your Android device. With the freedom the OS offers and  [Read More…]

Microsoft To-Do beta adds file attachments on iOS, Android, and Windows

Your prayers have been answered.

Microsoft this week has pushed out an update for To-Do beta testers, bringing the highly requested ability to attach files to your tasks. The features is available with the latest updates to the Microsoft To-Do preview on iOS and Android, along with Insiders on Windows 10.

The highlight feature allows you to attach any file or photo to a task, up to 25MB in size. The only limitation, for now at least,  [Read More…]

Samsung’s Viewing Area in One UI needs to make its way to stock Android

We want this on stock Android. Like, right now.

Samsung has gotten a lot of flack for its various software interfaces throughout the years, but ever since the company announced its new project, One UI, there’s only one thing I’ve been able to think about. While One UI brings a lot of new features to the Galaxy S9, S9+, and Note 9, the most important one (at least, if you ask me) is the new Interaction Area  [Read More…]

Get geeky with these awesome Android board games

What are the best board games for Android?

Board games have been experiencing a renaissance in recent years, and it doesn’t take a lot of digging in the Google Play Store to see it reflected on Android as well. If you’re having trouble getting everybody together under one roof or just don’t have any more shelf space for another box, pick up your Android phone or tablet to grab these fantastic board games.

We’ve put together the  [Read More…]