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Google’s URL shortener gets a slick new Android app

Google URL Shortener

Google’s long had an excellent option for shortening URLs — goo.gl. Now it has a slick Android app to go along with it. Thomas Devaux rolled out the aptly named “Google URL Shortener” this morning that’s as easy to use as it is functional.

The app syncs into your Google account, so you have access to any short URLs you’ve previously created (and you can get analytics on other goo.gl URLs as  [Read More…]

Top 10 Android app updates for the week ending February 10


When I got my first Android phone a little over three years ago, one of my favorite things was to browse the Android Market and watch which apps were being pushed to the Android Market. Developers soon began to exploit the Just In section of the Android Market with fake updates to get their app to the top of the list, so Google eventually removed that feature.

Now when I want  [Read More…]

Bell Samsung Galaxy Nexus receiving Android 4.0.2 OTA update

Galaxy Nexus

The interesting saga of Samsung Galaxy Nexus OTA’s has now spread to Canada. Users of Bell Mobility in the Great White North are now reporting Android 4.0.2 is now setting off update notifications on their devices. This version is still a bit behind as some have since moved on to Android 4.0.3 but if nothing else it’s interesting how the updates have been rolling out. If you’re on Bell and have a  [Read More…]

Foursquare updated with NFC support for Android 4.0 devices


It looks like the Near Field Communications revolution is finally getting underway. After over a year of NFC chips being available in several different models of Android devices, major third-party developers are finally starting to incorporate the technology into their apps. Scanning tags is fun and all, but using NFC to share information in popular apps between devices is where NFC really shines. An update to the Foursquare app allows you to  [Read More…]

Score Real Soccer 2012 for free from the Android Market


Do you love watching soccer, I mean football? I’ve never been a huge fan, but I’ll always tune into the World Cup. Earlier today I said that Gameloft had not release an Android game in awhile, but I was quickly corrected when someone told me that Real Soccer 2012 just launched.

The game is available for free and Gameloft is supporting a wide variety of devices, including the new Galaxy Nexus. Real Soccer  [Read More…]

Sega discounts three Android games for Valentine’s Day

Sega discounts three Android games for Valentine’s Day

If you are still undecided what to get your significant other this Valentine’s, we don’t exactly have the ideal solution today, but you can start off by following our advice. And our advice would be to go for  [Read More…]

Verizon Android buyer’s guide: February 2012


Welcome to a new weekly column where we break down each carrier to let you know the best devices and current promotions. Verizon Wireless was voted the top carrier in our Android Bowl (and it’s my personal carrier), so we thought that would be a good place to start. Each week we will rotate between the big four US carriers, so that each buyer’s guide gets refreshed every month. Read on  [Read More…]

Where Is My Google Chrome for Android? The Wait Continues for Non-ICS…

Where Is My Google Chrome for Android? The Wait Continues for Non-ICS…

As you’ve probably heard by now, Google Chrome (beta) has finally come to Android. The wait is over! At least it is if you’re one of the lucky ones already  [Read More…]

HTC announces on Facebook which Android smartphones will receive Android 4.0

HTC announces on Facebook which Android smartphones will receive Android 4.0

HTC has sold many different kinds of Android smartphones all around the world and Android consumers are hoping their device made the list of HTC smartphones to be upgraded to Android 4.0.  [Read More…]

Mystery HTC handset running Android 4.0 and LTE could be replacement for the Incredible S


A mysterious HTC handset has made an appearance today running Android 4.0.1 with HTC Sense 4.0. While we typically have handset names to associate with leaked images, there’s nothing really to go off of this time around. The front of the phone could easily be mistaken for a half dozen other HTC devices, but when you flip it over, the contoured plastic panel bears the signature design aesthetics of HTC’s Incredible line.

Phone  [Read More…]