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Android Central Editors’ app picks for Jan 21, 2012

Android Central

Looking for some new apps for your beloved Android device, well you are in luck today. Hit the break with us and let’s check out some of the teams favorite applications from this week.

Anndrew Vacca – My Tax Refund by TurboTax (Free)

Android Central


As if the cold wind and blowing snow wasn’t enough to make this time of year miserable, here’s a  Taxes[Read More…]

Google: 250 million Android devices out there, 700,000 activations per day


Google has just released their 4th Quarter 2011 earnings report, missing Wall Street targets on total net revenue. Google came in at a non-GAAP net revenue total of $ 8.13B, short of the $ 8.40B projections from Wall Street. This move sent Google’s after-trading stock price down a whopping 10%.

There is some good news coming out of Google’s earnings call, however, as Google announced several new statistics that suggest improvements  [Read More…]

Could Instagram land on Windows Phone before Android?


We all really love unfounded rumors about things, right? (OK, not all of us.)  Well, Fastcompany seems to believe that Instagram, the ever-popular photo application for iOS devices, could actually land on Windows Phone before Android, eventhough Instagram has already confirmed that they are working on the Android application. Fastcompany is claiming that Microsoft may have worked out a deal with Instagram to bring the application to Windows Phone, but we are left wondering  [Read More…]

Share and receive opinions on the go with Thumb for Android


Thumbs up, or thumbs down. It’s that simple. The folks at Opinionaided, Inc. have developed an application called Thumb, and what Thumb does is allow you to either seek opinions of others, or share your own opion with them about their image.

Once you launch the application you are given the option to either ask for opinions or to share your opinions, in addition you can also see results  [Read More…]

Airbnb for Android is your personal unique travel guide


Airbnb is one of the most original, creative travel services online today. By serving as a middle man for those travelling and those looking to host travelers, Airbnb has created the most in-depth collection of unique places to stay from all over the world. Today, the absolutely gorgeous Airbnb app is finally available on Android, bringing their entire portfolio of one-of-a-kind retreats right to your mobile device.

[Read More…]

Roller Ball for Android lets you bring the skee ball table on the go

Roller Ball  Android Central

Oh, how I miss the arcade. One of my personal favorite games was always skee ball — there was just some sort of weird joy about trying to beat the previous high score, and then seeing the tickets spew out at the end was always great. Fortunately those memories can be relived while on the go with Roller Ball, an Android game that puts the skee  [Read More…]

Android continues to lead among all smartphone users, according to latest Nielsen statistics


The Nielsen Company has released their latest set of numbers and things are looking great for Android once again. According to the figures as of Q42011 46.3 percent of all smartphone owners surveyed were making use of Android while Apple was close behind with 30 percent.

Feature phones were the biggest losers here though, 46 percent of US mobile consumers using a smartphone over a feature phone and 60 percent of those having  [Read More…]

Open NFC stack now available for Android 4.0, makes NFC hardware easy to use for OEMs


The good people at Inside Secure have ported over their Open NFC stack to Ice Cream Sandwich, giving OEM’s one less hurdle to jump when getting devices ready for upgrading.  The new 4.3.3 release allows almost any NFC hardware to become Android compliant by using a Hardware Abstraction Layer and special kernel module to communicate via a set of consistent APIs.  What this means to you and I is that hardware developers  [Read More…]

Samsung rumored to buy RIM to make Android better, not BlackBerry


According to a new rumor from Jonathan Geller at BGR, Research In Motion may be looking beyond licensing parts of its BlackBerry operating system and moving on to selling entire divisions or more. According to Geller’s sources, Samsung is very interested in the company. But it wouldn’t be to make BlackBerry devices with Samsung hardware, it would be to make Android devices with BlackBerry software.

When you look at why manufacturers decide  [Read More…]

Sony’s 2012 launch schedule leaks: 12 Android smartphones coming this year!

Sony’s 2012 launch schedule leaks: 12 Android smartphones coming this year!

After it finally split up with Ericsson and started announcing and unveiling exclusive Sony branded gadgets, the Japanese multinational electronics giant seems to have big plans for 2012.

Sony is preparing the  [Read More…]