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Intel says Android 4.0 ready for their phones, Medfield beats the competition hands down


Will 2012 finally be the year we see an Android phone powered by Intel? We have asked a similar question the last two years, but so far Intel has failed to crack the smartphone market. However, we have noticed a recent change in Intel’s tone and it looks like CES could be their official coming out party.

Before we dig too deep, let me just cut to the latest rumor. Several  [Read More…]

Paper Zombie slice and dices its way into the Android Market


Looking for something new to get addicted to? Yeah, we figured as much, and today the folks at Wildbit Studios have launched a new free game into the Android Market called Paper Zombie. Combining a first person shooter style, with an action filled adventure this game is sure to draw your interest, and create hours of entertainment. Check out the video above for a quick overview, and then be sure to hit the break for download links!

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Telstra’s Androidland overdoses on Android in unique store and tech playground

Australia has its own Android playground and retail experience at Androidland, a special store set-up dedicated to Android phones and tablets. Constructed by Google, Telstra, and several device manufacturers, Androidland is a “store-within-a-store” that plasters the Bugdroid from wall-to-wall and blankets Telstra’s flagship Bourke Street Melbourne shop in green and white.

Androidland has a lot in common with the Android display at Mobile World  [Read More…]

Free Friday Android game, Paper Zombie from Wildbit

Paper Zombie

Today the guys from Wildbit Studios released their popular iOS game Paper Zombie for free to the Android Market. We get dozens of these types of press releases every day, but I went ahead and downloaded Paper Zombie to my phone and found it was a lot more fun than I expected. The easiest way I can describe the game is sort of like Fruit Ninja, but with zombies.

Fernando Rada,  [Read More…]

BaconReader is a reddit Android app that makes everything better – as bacon always does [App Reviews]

Reddit went from being “that struggling site like Digg” to being that site that’s actually grew to be much larger and more popular (according to some traffic-monitoring sites). There’s an incredibly large and highly-engaged community around the link-and-photo-sharing site, as well as the topic-driven subreddits that keep people constantly checking back.

BaconReader has just arrived to become what’s arguably the best reddit Android app,  [Read More…]

Duck Duck Moose brings a slightly trippy ‘Itsy Bitsy Spider’ to Android

Itsy Bitsy Spider

The developer of one of our favorite Android kids apps is backing, bringing its version of the “Itsy Bitsy Spider” to Android smartphones and tablets. Like its previous title, Wheels on the Bus, your kid taps its way through the app, with plenty of creatures and characters to interact with while learning the song.

In this case, the Itsy Bitsy Spider’s working his way up the drain, in the rain, back  [Read More…]

Android version numbers as of Dec. 1 are out, Gingerbread sees a big boost

Android Versions

It’s the beginning of the month, so that means that the new numbers for just how many phones are running each version of Android have come out.  Following the past trends, Gingerbread has seen even more growth, running over 50 percent of all Android devices that visit the Android Market.  The legacy versions keep dropping as well, with Cupcake and Donut (Android 1.5 and 1.6 respectively) dropping to 2.1 percent of the  [Read More…]

Amazon Kindle Fire now the best selling Android tablet, tops iPad sales at BestBuy.com


Amazon told us the Kindle Fire was their best selling product on Black Friday and now some early Q4 numbers have arrived. A new report from iSuppli estimates that Amazon will ship 3.9 million units before the end of the year and Digitimes says that number could climb to as high as 5 million.

When we examine the global rankings for tablet  [Read More…]

Androidland – The world’s first Android store in Melbourne

YouTube link for mobile viewing

If you’ve ever looked at some of our past coverage of trade shows, you no doubt noticed that when Google is in attendance — they like to do things big. They bring lots of phones to put on display, have plenty of Android gear around and its always a very hands-on experience,

Telstra in Australia has now taken some of that tradeshow feeling and turned into a retail experience with the launch of  [Read More…]

Older phones running custom Android firmware from Moto, HTC, and Samsung have major security issues, say N.C. State researchers

Android security issues

Researchers at N.C. State University have performed a study of eight Android phones (HTC’s Legend, EVO 4G, and Wildfire S; Motorola’s Droid and Droid X; Samsung’s Epic 4G; and the Nexus One and Nexus S from Google) and found more potentially disturbing information.  While the Nexus phones and OG Droid (phones that run stock Android) had one minor security issue, namely a code bug in the pico app that would allow  [Read More…]