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Android 3.2 update for US WiFi and 3G HTC Flyer now available


The US HTC Flyer is finally getting its Android 3.2 update from HTC. According to several different reports, the Honeycomb update for the WiFi and 3G HTC Flyers started rolling out late last night. The upgrade from Android 2.3 should bring US HTC Flyer owners in line with what European Flyer users have been enjoying for quite some time. The HTC Flyer Android 3.2 brings with it better support for HTC  [Read More…]

Asus may launch a 7 inch Android powered tablet at CES 2012

Asus may launch a 7 inch Android powered tablet at CES 2012

Asus’ recent 10.1 inch Eee Pad Transformer Prime tablet is definitely gaining a lot of attention for its unique ability to transform into a portable netbook by docking with a  [Read More…]

Going to CES? Don’t forget the CES Android app

CES Android App

We’re about a week away from the insanity that is the 2012 International CES in Las Vegas. That’s the little show with 120,000 or so of our closest friends in the desert oasis. Like we said — insanity. And even for the most seasoned attendee, finding your way through the Las Vegas Convention Center can be a bit daunting. (We never did find last year’s intern.)

That’s where the  [Read More…]

Google wants to know where your Android has been

Android Central

We aren’t saying that Google got the idea on this one from our picture contest to win the Verizon HTC Merge, but it is pretty similar, except for the fact that it’s lacking the sweet prize we gave away.

Anywho, Google took to its +Android account on Google + asking the coolest place you have taken your Android. Think you have taken your Android to the coolest place? Does the coolest place even exist  [Read More…]

The Best Android devices and trends of 2011

The Best Android devices and trends of 2011

Today is the last of 2011, and it was quite a year for Android. Looking back at where Android was 365 days ago and where it is now, it’s pretty incredible. Most of the things that we asked for in  [Read More…]

Steam for Android shows when gamer friends are online, lists specials from store

Steam for Android shows when gamer friends are online, lists specials from store

Valve has sold and distributed plenty of titles through its Steam store, allowing gamers to have a central place to grab online games, access them from any compatible computer, connect  [Read More…]

CrackBerry tells how to install Android Market, apps to the PlayBook tablet

BlackBerry Playbook Android Market

We really do have a hard time without using the word “BlackBerry” in a sentence without also using the words “dying,” “obsolete” or “time to switch.” But we’re also intrigued by how hard both RIM and enterprising hackers have been in running full-fledged Android apps — including the Android Market — on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.

Our cousins at CrackBerry.com have done up a great walkthrough of how  [Read More…]

Report puts LG-Intel relationship on track with Android at CES

Android Central

Back in October we got word that in 2012 we’ll be seeing versions of Android optimized to run on Intel chipsets. Word out of Korea is that the first smartphones running on them, will be made by LG and on show for the world to see at CES.

An article in the Korea Times claims that officials from both companies have confirmed the news despite official spokespeople remaining quiet on  [Read More…]

Android Apps Alert #85: Winter Wake Up, Star Wars: Republic, and more

Android Apps Alert #85: Winter Wake Up, Star Wars: Republic, and more

Happy New Year, everybody! This will be the last edition of Android Apps Alert published in the year 2011. It was a prolific year for the Android Market, which underwent more changes  [Read More…]

The typical Android user is a nerd in t-shirt and jeans, but at least we have girlfriends

mr android featured

Ever wondered what the typical Android user looks like? There’s no doubt we have our stereotypes for followers of specific operating systems, and Android is no exception. The guys from BlueStacks have just compiled information from Nielsen and a Facebook poll they conducted. The result is Mr. Android 2011.

It’s not so much a “look”; it’s a very fragmented image. Instead, this is an infographic that represents  [Read More…]