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Android 4.0 applications will have hardware acceleration turned on by default

Android 4.0 Lock

Which feature of Android 4.0 are you looking forward to the most? One of the biggest enhancements that should impress the average user is hardware acceleration for phones, which will improve the overall smoothness of apps and graphics. Earlier this year Android 3.0 added support for a 2D rendering pipeline designed to support hardware acceleration on tablets and now Android 4.0 will bring an improved version to phones.

Android  [Read More…]

Android 101: How to get notified once per email thread, or for each new message


Here’s one for all you gmail users. You have the option to be notified of only the first e-mail in a thread, or with each sequential message of the thread, depending on how often you like to be bugged I like to be notified of each email in the thread because generally they are important, and I don’t like to miss out on important stuff. With the recent updates to the GMail application  [Read More…]

UK Android faithful reportedly receiving Sky Go in the coming months

Android Central

Sky Go is a big deal in the UK mobile world. Allowing its customers to watch their favourite TV content on demand through their computers and mobile devices including premium content, it’s really a top grade service. At the moment, the mobile offering is exclusive to iOS. This though apparently may be about to change.

A spokesperson for the satellite TV company has told Techradar UK; “Sky Go on Android,  [Read More…]

Duke Nukem 3D for Android now available; we go hands-on

Duke Nukem 3D

He’s back, baby. Duke Nukem 3D, the classic first-person shooter, is finally available on Android. It’s everything you’d expect it to be, which is to say it’s an extremely faithful port. If you’ve ever played Duke Nukem, you’re right at home here. Same snide remarks, same point of view, same guns, same monsters.

Gameplay’s fast — almost too fast. The simple graphics don’t allow much room for lag, which is  [Read More…]

Blue Angels app for Android

Blue Angels App

Just in time for the final shows of the season, the Blue Angels — the U.S. Navy’s Flight Demonstraion Squadron — finally has its own official Android application.

First things first — the Blue Angels app is $ 1.99, with proceeds going to the National Naval Aviation Museum Foundation. With that out of the way, the apps’s a nice little portal into the Blue Angels, with show information (including maps), “news”  [Read More…]

Android Kids App: Scott’s Submarine

Youtube link for mobile viewing

Here’s a fun little Android kids app that takes things under the sea. Scott’s Submarine is an interactive book that tells the story of two children, Scott and Aiko, and Scott’s cat, Jazz, and their underwater adventures.

Each page has animation on it, but no so much that it’s distracting. Every few pages you search for items, which gets a little more difficult as you work your way thorugh the story. And there  [Read More…]

First Android phone cleared by Pentagon for government use? The Dell Streak 5

dude you're getting a dell streak

This is the kind of news you really can’t (or, should I say, don’t want to) make up. The Defense Information System Agency has just cleared the first ever Android device for use with secure unclassified communications. And it’s none other than the discontinued Dell Streak 5.

Armed with enhanced security features like remote wiping, device lockdown after too many incorrect  [Read More…]

Hailing a cab in London with your Android phone? About time!

Android Central

For anyone who ever lives in, or has ever visited London, you’ll know that hailing a cab can sometimes be tough. It’s never quite as easy as it looks on TV, and sometimes can be quite treacherous. Now though, a group of enterprising London cab drivers are ready to launch a new service which makes it as easy as two taps on your smartphone.

The service, known as “Hailo” goes  [Read More…]

Google+ app updated for Ice Cream Sandwich; Android 4.0 on the horizon


If you’re an avid user of Google+ and have yet to receive an update notification for the app on your Android device, you may want to check the Market now. A total redesign of the Google+ app for Android has just been released in the last day that features a new UI, bug fixes, battery life improvements and more.

According to the “what’s new” section in the Android Market listing, the  [Read More…]

Google+ for Android update now rolling out – UI changes and bug fixes aplenty


Google+ is getting some love tonight. The latest version has just been pushed to the Android Market and should be showing up for most folks. If not, you’ll just have to sit tight for a little while longer. This release — created during the Ice Cream Sandwich developement brings a few changes to the table.

Most notably the UI and styling of the app is more in tune with how Android 4.0 looks  [Read More…]