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AT&T DriveMode now available for Android

We heard a lot about safe driving initiatives during the CTIA keynote and now AT&T has launched their DriveMode service. What started life as an idea submitted to them, AT&T DriveMode was voted one of the top ideas and as such became a reality thanks to the AT&T Innovation Center. So what exactly is DriveMode?

AT&T DriveMode when enabled provides the option to send calls directly to voicemail, and to send an auto-reply to incoming emails. When the  [Read More…]

Duke Nukem 3D Coming to Android “Very Soon”

We might have waited years (and years, and years)  for Duke Nukem 3D to arrive on PC and consoles, but us Android fans should see our little version of the popular title.  Don’t hold your breath but we’ll be getting an official release of our own, and “very soon”.  (Yeah, we can hear your collective eyes rolling).  Tapjoy and MachineWorks Northwest recently teamed up to port Duke  [Read More…]

Tapjoy and MachineWorks NorthWest bring Duke Nukem 3D to Android

Duke Nukem 3D

Hail to the king, baby! Tapjoy and MachineWorks NorthWest have teamed up to bring the classic first-person shooter Duke Nukem 3D to the Android platform and we’ll soon all be able to kick some alien ass:

“Duke Nukem is a legend in his own time, and he’d be the first person to tell you that,” said Rob Carroll, Tapjoy’s Director of Publishing for Tapjoy. “MachineWorks NorthWest has done a great  [Read More…]

BlueStacks now available, brings Android apps to your PC in style

Android Central

It seems forever ago that BlueStacks was announced as coming soon but no — it’s finally here. In case you don’t remember, BlueStacks is for now, a Windows application that allows you to run Android apps directly on your computer and easily switch between say Windows and Android.

The BlueStacks Android Player was released in Alpha form last night and to go along with that came of course, the Android app syncer  [Read More…]

Marvel Comics Android app available now

Marvel Comics

Here she be, folks — the official Marvel Comics Android app! You can now get all of your favorite superheroes and villans — more than 1,400 issues in all, in the safety and comfort of your Android smartphone or tablet.

Your downloads are backed up on Marvel’s website, so switching devices won’t make you lose what you’ve purchased. There are free previews available as well. We’ve got your download links after the  [Read More…]

Sprint Android users get TeleNav GPS Navigator updated to 7.1

Great news for you Sprint TeleNav users out there, the navigation service has just released information that its GPS Navigator app for Android phones is getting a major update soon. This 7.1 update brings in some nice additions like favorite and recent destinations, local reviews, gas prices, commute times and traffic all at your disposal. Other newly implemented features includes the following:

New Home Screen – TeleNav  [Read More…]

Marvel Comics Android app makes your phone or tablet a superhero [App Reviews]

Comic books have been a popular pastime for generations of young people. They have also continued to be a source of pleasure – and feverish criticism for plotline breaks and quality – well into adulthood. Marvel Comics, one of the most storied publishing houses in the genre, has brought its library to Android through an official app just released to the Android Market.

If  [Read More…]

Qualcomm demos 28nm Krait, expects to dominate Android devices in 2012

Qualcomm MSM8960

Pop quiz. Would you rather have a dual-core or quad-core processor inside your next Android device? Common sense might lead you to believe that more cores are better, but it’s actually a lot more complex than that.

Last week Qualcomm invited me to their headquarters for a briefing on their upcoming Krait architecture and I got a hands-on preview with an actual Snapdragon S4 device. What I witnessed was the world’s  [Read More…]

AT&T announces 5 new Android devices to its portfolio

Whoa, AT&T. Slowdown! Just as we were getting ready to write about two new Android phones from Samsung, AT&T Wireless hit our inbox with news of an additional 3 devices! The 5 new phones announced make good on the company’s promise earlier this year to offer 12 Android phone devices, and represent a “something for everyone” line of products.

Yes, the ink on your  [Read More…]

Android Game Review: Minecraft – Pocket Edition

YouTube link for mobile viewing

When Minecraft: Pocket Edition was announced as an exclusive for the Xperia Play, block-builders the world round collectively wept. How long would it be before we could all run from Creepers, beat up sheep for their wool, or build giant structures to worship your favorite Android mascot?

It might have felt like forever, but Minecraft: Pocket Edition is finally available for all Android devices, and it’s actually pretty cool (despite how  [Read More…]