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New Apple iPhone 4S availability, pricing creates fierce competition for Android

iPhone 4 4S

Apple has just announced their latest version of the iPhone–a reworked version of the iPhone 4 known as the iPhone 4S. Design wise, nothing has changed. Internally, Apple is finally catching up. And in pricing and availability? It looks like Android will finally face some stiff competition when it comes to who sells the iPhone and for how much.

For those of you who didn’t watch any  [Read More…]

Official Hotmail Android app is cooler than previous options

There have been hundreds of third-party apps that connect Android users to their Hotmail.com email accounts. However, it wasn’t until yesterday that an official app from Microsoft found its way into the Android Market. That’s right, there’s now an official Hotmail Android app ready to send and receive your emails.

Before you get snarky and say, “People still use Hotmail?” the answer is “Yes.”  [Read More…]

Flick Golf! for Android released

Android Central

Full Fat Games has announced that Flick Golf! is now available in the Android Market.  The unique style of gameplay is sure to be a hit.  Like the name implies all you do is flick.  It sounds easy, but mastering the technique is fun and challenging.

Unlike some other golf games you don’t see or use any clubs.  You flick your finger to do everything, inlcuding teeing off,  [Read More…]

Chromium web browser gets files that support a build for Android


Chromium, the open-source version of Google’s Chrome web browser, got an interesting bit of code checked in a few days ago — files and scripts that support a build for Android.  While normally we wouldn’t get too excited seeing an upstream check-in about Android in an open-source project, this time the submission is from a Google employee.  Google took extra time to let everyone at Google I/O 2011 know that Android and Chrome  [Read More…]

Official Hotmail app now available in the Android Market

Hotmail for Android

Microsoft has released its official Hotmail app for Android, available now (finally!) in the Android Market. For the Hotmail faithful, the native Android experience has been far from perfect, so an optimized app is welcome and overdue news. You’ll get push email, synced contacts and calendar, folder support, and even the ability to sync multiple Hotmail accounts.

Android Market web link


Official Washington Post app lands in the Android Market

washington post

The Washington Post has finally launched an official app for Android and is available for free from the Android Market. Fans of the popular paper can now read their favorite columnists on-the-go in a native app rather than being forced to go to the website.

Here are the main features:

Breaking news alerts A dedicated photo section that includes galleries and photo essays Metro, traffic and weather info for local users in  [Read More…]

Android App Review: BIG Launcher

Big Launcher

We have seen tons of replacement launchers surface, many of them bringing plenty of cool features, and added customization, but BIG Launcher is unlike any we have seen. BIG Launcher is geared toward users who may have a bit of trouble seeing the screen, finding the icon they are looking for, or accurately tapping the right places.

The launcher offers you a home screen which contains six large icons in addition to  [Read More…]

Editorial: Android is the new Linux — and that’s a great thing

Linux mascot

Recently, a popular website ran an editorial about how Android was turning into the new Linux, and just how awful a thing that was.  The author was half right — Android is turning out to be the new Linux.  If he had stopped there, he and I would see eye-to-eye, and this rebuttal would have never happened.  He also would have gotten far fewer pageviews.  He goes on to discuss patents and  [Read More…]

Android App Review: Smartr Contacts Beta

Smartr Contacts Beta

Sometimes your contact list just gets large. It happened to me and I’m still not quite sure how. You get an email here, exchange some business cards, and boom, before you know it, your contact list is overflowing with people. If you’re struggling to keep track of all your contacts and are interested in how you stay in touch with them, Xobni’s new Smartr Contacts is the app for you.

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Android App Review: ChannelCaster

ChannelCaster: Social News

Social media is all the rage these days. From Facebook rolling out their new layout, Google+ collecting members at a record rate, or Twitter doing whatever it does, seems like you can’t click on a link or sign up for Spotify venture onto any part of the without someone’s status, checkin, or tweet smacking you in the digital face.

ChannelCaster: Social News looks to further the concept of social  [Read More…]