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Orb Live Launches as First Service to Stream Free, Ad-Support Hulu to Android

Looking for a way to get Hulu on your Android device? No, not Hulu Plus, but the ad-supported stuff that you’ve been using for years. You’ll want to check out Orb Live for Android. This media application runs a one-time $ 9.99 and provides access to a number of streaming services (Hulu, Daily Motion, YouTube, etc).

Should you have subscriptions to premium services such as Hulu Plus, Amazon Video  [Read More…]

Android App Review: WP7Lock Pro

 WP7Lock Pro

I’ve recently stumbled across Seven+ Android, which is an initiative to create apps that can replace default Android UI’s and stuff to give your phone a more WP7 feel. The whole thing is pretty intriguing and ambitious, so I decided to give their lockscreen replacement a shot.

WP7Lock Pro is a full blown lockscreen replacement that, as its name implies, gives your phone a nice Windows Phone 7 aesthetic. It’s  [Read More…]

Android App Review: Seven+ Calculator

 Seven+ Calculator

Continuing our line of Windows Phone-inspired apps, we find ourselves looking at Seven+ Calculator. A calculator is a funny thing, because it’s one of those apps we never think to download, it comes preinstalled on our phones, and at one point or another, we’re going to need it.

While the typical calculator apps are basic in function (and Seven+ Calculator doesn’t deviate from this model), Seven+ at least has a  [Read More…]

30+ Must Have Android Apps for Football Fans

The College and Pro football season is officially underway, having kicked off (pun #1) over the last week.  As we head into a new season of following our favorite teams and athletes, we thought it would be a good idea to share our favorite football-related Android apps as well.  The AndroidGuys team huddled (pun #2) together and came up with a list of more than 30 apps  [Read More…]

50cent’s Uber50 theme for UberSocial now available on Android


Odds are that you have at some point in time heard of UberSocial, a rather large cross-platform Twitter client that is extremely popular amongst the celebrity variety. And if you know anything about the application, it is probably that 50cent is a huge supporter. With an existing theme available for the BlackBerry and iOS versions of UberSocial, today they announced that Android users can download the theme for their devices The theme is available  [Read More…]

Netflix now available for all devices running Android 2.2 and 2.3

 Netflix Android

Back in May Netflix, finally launched its long-waited Android app, initially only for a few devices. That list grew over time and eventually supported a large number of phones. The .apk was quickly discovered, however, and owners of devices, both phone and tablet, who hadn’t received official support yet could install the app just fine. That’s no longer necessary (and it’s about time), at least for most phones, as Netflix has updated the  [Read More…]

Barnes & Noble Steps Up Push for Android Developer

Barnes & Noble, growing increasingly serious about their Android efforts, has begun touting the benefits of their NOOK App Developer program.  I recently spent some time speaking with Claudia Romanini, Director of Developer Relations and learned that NOOK Apps has been an all-around success.  App downloads are already in the millions and developers are making money.  According to Romanini, there are now more than 500 apps to choose from with  [Read More…]

Android 101: Favoriting (and un-favoriting) contacts

Favorite contacts

Android phones are inherently connected.  Google allows for excellent contact management, syncing across devices and platforms, and chock full ‘o options.  Sometimes, the easy ones can get lost in the shuffle — like marking a contact as a favorite, and adding it to your “Favorites” (or starred in Android) group for easy access.  Here’s a quick tip that can alleviate a lot of searching for someone’s email address or phone number.

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Android “Jelly Bean” to be next version after Ice Cream Sandwich? (Update)


Google has a tradition of naming Android versions after desserts. Ice Cream Sandwich is currently one of the hottest topics, as it’s the version we are all waiting for at the moment. It’s the Android version that will democratically unite tablet and smartphone software into one.

Due to the fact that ICS will be such a huge jump, we’ve not stopped to think about what Google will name the next Android  [Read More…]

Android App Review: SlideIT Keyboard

  YouTube link for mobile viewing

SlideIT is currently in its fourth iteration, and with that comes the introduction of skins. Scoff as you might, customization and aesthetic appeal are important to lots of people out there, so I’ve got to tip my hat to the SlideIT developers for making that so easy to do.

How does SlideIT function as a line-tracing keyboard, though? On its own, alright. If there’s one thing SlideIT has going for it,  [Read More…]