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Editorial: Adult Android apps aren’t really for adults, and boobs will get you hacked [NSFW]


Recently, I was given the (what I thought would be) amazing task of doing an Android adult app roundup.  I prepared myself with a pre-paid debit card, a clear mind, a 12-pack of Milwaukee’s finest and a dark room — and went on a download spree.  What was supposed to be informative and fun turned out to be a $ 10 pain in the ass and time spent on the phone with T-Mobile  [Read More…]

Android 101: Change how quickly your phone locks

Android lock settings

Note: This example is from a phone with HTC Sense. Yours may vary.

So you want to use Android’s built-in security — either the pattern, pin or password lock. Good for you. We highly recommend it. But maybe you don’t want it to lock every time you hit the power button. (Can’t blame you there.)

Go to Settings>Security>Lock phone after and you’ll have options as for how much time you want  [Read More…]

Android App Review: Campyre


This might seem like a niche app (and it probably is), but because there aren’t so many apps in the Market for this, Campyre is worth a mention. If you’ve ever needed to hop into a Campfire chat by 37signals, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Campyre is a third-party Android client that lets you log in, read, and post in a Campfire chat. It’s ideal for those times you’re out  [Read More…]

Microsoft now cashing in on half of all Android ODMs


It’s no secret that Apple and Microsoft have very different views on how to handle patent infringement. Apple chooses to take everyone to court instead of licensing patents. The Cupertino-based company recently went on the record saying that, even if they win their current court cases with manufacturer Samsung, they will still only license certain low-level patents. Microsoft has taken the opposite approach, inking licensing deals everywhere they can. Over the  [Read More…]

Android App Review: SiMi Folder Widget Pro

SiMi Folder Pro

I never really got behind folders on Android. They’re ugly, clunky, remind me of using Windows (and if I wanted Windows on my phone, I’d be using Windows Phone), and they add an extra screen press to access what you want. In my time as an Android user, never used ’em.

Widgets, on the other hand, I love. They drain my battery really quickly show me information without forcing  [Read More…]

Android Theme Review: Arctic Green

Arctic Green

Ed. note: This theme requires use of the Theme Chooser.

With the temperature rapidly dropping round these parts, I figured a new theme to match the cold would work out real nice. I’ve been absolutely wowed by these Sonny Sekhon themes lately, so I settled on the appropriately-named Arctic Green to set the mood for the impending cold.

I know what you’re probably thinking. Arctic Green? Shouldn’t something arctic be  [Read More…]

3rd quarter Verizon smartphone sales are Android dominant – Will the iPhone 4S change that?


In the midst of a smartphone explosion, Android has quickly grown to be the largest mobile OS on the planet. Its open nature allows for the plethora of devices that now exist, with an option for every person out there. When looking at Verizon’s third quarter sales, we can almost assume that most smartphone sales will continue to be mostly Android devices.

Verizon has reported that it sold 5.6 million smartphones  [Read More…]

Opinionaided makes mobile Q&A instant on new Android and iPhone app

People often rely on the judgment of others when making decisions, but your friends aren’t always there to offer advice. Opinionaided organizes feedback from your friends – or a larger, public audience if you so choose – gathered through a new Android app.

Opinionaided is a like a mobile election tracker for questions and answers. While Quora seeks expert opinions, Opinionaided wants to know  [Read More…]

Flick Soccer for Android now available in the Android Market

Flick Soccer

Full Fat Games is back after having launched the popular Flick Golf. They’ve taken up a different sport this time around — Soccer. Flick Soccer has been released for Android and is now available worldwide on the Android Market bringing one of the most feature rich soccer games to the platform.


Full Fat Flick Controls mean everyone can play Shoot for insane scores in Quickshot mode, it’s you vs the keeper  [Read More…]

Google Movies starting to appear in UK Android Market

Android Central

If like me, you’re a UK based Android user we have some good news to get you started. As of this morning you may be seeing this shot in your Market application – that’s right folks, Google Movies has landed in the UK.

Up until now the service has been exclusive to the US and Canada, but hot on the heels of Google Books, the UK is gradually receiving more  [Read More…]