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Google’s ‘Android Garden’ at MWC: A place to hang out, have a smoothie and Androidify yourself

Google’s recent advertising strategy is a soft sell, and this is a great example of it.

Trade shows like MWC are hard on people. They involve miles upon miles of walking every day, big crowds, questionable food, little rest and lots of monotony on the show floor. At the same time, by design, you’re constantly being sold on something everywhere you turn. Trade shows are work, for sure. And while we love covering  [Read More…]

Google adds Pride parade accessories to Androidify, starts #andproud campaign to celebrate

Google is pulling out all the stops for a global online Pride parade this year, with hashtags and celebrities and colorful Androids everywhere.

There are few companies out there as vocal and supportive of marriage equality as Google. The company has a long history of offering internal support for fellow LGBT Googlers to socialize, and externally we’ve seen everything from Android shirts with rainbow flags to uniquely public statements from the company in support of marriage  [Read More…]

Google updates Androidify with new interface and items for your creations

Google has released an update for Androidify. The app enables you to create and share Android characters based on anything or anyone, including yourself. Google has added a bunch of new things to Androidify with this latest release. One of the highlights is the ability to send these characters in SMS conversations, or even share them as animated GIF images.

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Androidify Me Kickstarter prints stickers and posters with your personal Android avatar


One of my favorite memories of Mobile World Congress 2011 was the Android Zone that featured plenty of demos and a cool Android experience. Of all those attractions, the Androidify Me booth that allowed users to create their own Android mascot and then print it as a sticker was the most intriguing. Not everyone could make it  [Read More…]