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FiiO X7 Android-powered digital audio player review

The growing desire for higher audio quality means that Android is showing more presence in the digital audio player (DAP) world. Folks may see it silly to carry around an additional device when our smartphones can play audio, but unfortunately, the quality isn’t great on phones yet. LG has recently shown an effort to remedy

ZTE’s Spro Plus is a smart projector with an 8.4-inch Android-powered touchscreen

The latest addition to ZTE’s smart projector family is the Spro Plus, which features a larger Android-powered touchscreen and more. Following in the footsteps of the Spro 2, the Spro Plus builds upon the previous success and makes it even better. ZTE has bumped the touchscreen up to 8.4-inches with a 2K display, and it now comes with a 12100mAh battery inside.

Video output has been improved as well thanks to vertical and  [Read More…]

Panasonic announces the Android-powered DMC-CM10 camera, headed to Japan

Panasonic is back again with another Android-powered camera, this time the DMC-CM10 which is destined for Japan. The design here may look rather familiar, as it is actually the same as Panasonic’s CM1, which was both a camera and a phone in one. This time around, however, Panasonic has not included a phone inside. This 20.1MP camera comes with Android 5.0 Lollipop pre-installed, giving you access to tons of apps in Google Play.

In addition, you’ll have  [Read More…]

Vodafone’s Tab speed 6 Android-powered tablet is now available

Vodafone has announced that the company’s newest Android-powered tablet, the Tab speed 6, is now available for purchase. This affordable tablet offers a 4G experience at a low price point, enabling you to pick one up for free on a £16 a month plan with 2GB of data, or just £125 on Pay As You Go if you do not wish to be locked into a contract.

Running Android Lollipop 5.1, the speed 6 features a  [Read More…]

The ORA-X Android-powered smart headphones look to combine audio and augmented reality

Crowdfunding campaigns are a place for people to present some off-the-wall ideas in an effort to get people to fund them. A new product is looking to combine the best audio and augmented reality experience in a single unit, and its called the ORA-X.

Google introduces the Android-powered Pixel C [with hands-on]

So looks like the leak yesterday turned out true.  Today, along with a handful of other exciting devices, Google announced the Pixel C – an Android-powered Pixel-branded tablet.


So what’s so special about it?  Well, a lot actually.  Firstly, being a “Pixel” device, we have superb build quality.  It’s wrapped with an all-metal aluminum chassis.

google-pixel-c-1200 - Copy

From certain angles, the  [Read More…]

Google to launch an Android-powered Pixel tablet, report claims

Google’s event tomorrow is shaping up to be action-packed.  We’re expecting a duo of Nexus smartphones to launch (debuting Android Marshmallow), new Chromecast devices, and now we have word of a new tablet – the Pixel C.

The report comes via Android Police and they’re fairly confident on the details they’ve managed to dig up.  But of course, take this leak with a grain of salt.  Fortunately, we only have to wait a day’s time to find out the deal.

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BlackBerry officially announces plans to launch the Android-powered BlackBerry Priv

As part of their Q2 Fiscal 2016 results, BlackBerry also took the time today make their plans to launch the BlackBerry Priv, which will run Android with BlackBerry security, official. Although the information lacks specifics surrounding the actual launch of the device, the confirmation of its existence was needed given all the leaks recently.

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BlackBerry’s Android-powered Venice caught in hands-on video

Now that the BlackBerry Venice has seemingly made its way out of Waterloo in a larger way, the leaks have been coming rather quickly. A few days ago, the device was snapped up in several new images but now, the device has been caught in a hands-on video, oddly enough from a Bell Mobility retailer. Although the video doesn’t go very deep into the device, we get a pretty good look at some of the basics such as BlackBerry  [Read More…]

New photos offer up a look at the Android-powered BlackBerry Venice slider

While the rumors surrounding the BlackBerry ‘Venice’ slider continue to swirl, the device has now appeared once again in some new, clearer images which are pretty on par with everything we’ve seen thus far. As mentioned previously, there’s still a lot of things up in the air surrounding this device and BlackBerry has yet to announce anything officially but judging from these images, the Venice is as was expected, running a customized version of Android Lollipop that  [Read More…]